August 18, 2019
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Comments for: Caucus fracas fractures GOP

When it comes to elections, my faith in GOP Chairman Charlie Webster is limited. Looks like some Republicans might agree. Last year, he and Secretary of State Charlie Summers did their very best to reshape Maine elections by eliminating the 38-year-old practice of same-day… Read More
  • Anonymous

    Karma swung round quickly this time!

    • Anonymous

      So true!


    Voter fraud in Maine to deliberately deny the RP vote. 

    Demand open vote counts in your counties/municipalities before sending the results through to head office.

  • Is it really suitable to have such crappy systems in place in MANY states ??????   Reminds me of my computer club full of a**holes……  only  this is much more important

  • Guest

    Who carea, one is a crook, and one is a coward
    One will take away your guns, force a government healthcare mandate on you, and bankrupt us
    And the other one seems to be afraid of Quimby

    I wont vote for any candidate that isnt willing to “directly” address the Obama supported Quiimby National Park

    • Anonymous

      yep, that is really the pressing issue of the day for all of Maine, maybe all the nation!

      • Guest

        It “is” a national issue, and one that Obama has his fingers all over.

        • Anonymous

           You’re getting weirder and weirder with each passing day.

    • Rome is burning and you’re worried about a national park…

      • Guest

        The down fall of Rome came from a number of corrupt interior events. This topic has Obama’s fingerprints all over it, and outside of how it would destroy the woods industry in Maine, it also highlights a misuse of a sitting president.

        • Anonymous

           So now Republican Chairman Charlie Webster, and those Republicans who will hold their caucuses after the GOP’s announced deadline, are all working for President Obama?  You guys can’t take responsibility for your own mess!  What a bunch of whiners.

          • Guest

            Just imagine if the GOP was unified behind one candidate— Obama wouldnt have a chance at another four years

          • Anonymous

             There will eventually be a general election.  We’ll see when the time comes.  “The reason the future is so hard to predict is because it hasn’t happened yet” — Yogi Berra.

  • Anonymous

    Call it the great Maine Caucus Snow Job of 2012. Corruption on parade.

    • Matthew Montgomery

      I would omit the ‘of.’  Otherwise, my friend, I think you have crafted a book title gem.  I am glad you folks up there are causing a stir over this as any snag is drawing severe attention to the overall facade of politics du jour.  Even my 70-year old parents are starting to ask some good questions.   Thanks for all your reporting and calls to accuracy.

  • Really, Quiimby National Park is your biggest concern??  Unending, unsustainable war, the unConstitutional healthcare bill, the economy, the Fed, the TSA, and unemployment are all second at best to the Quiimby National Park issue??  WOW

  • Anonymous

    Nicely written, Mr. Farmer. I am not really a Ron Paul supporter, but I will definitely be “remembering the Maine” caucus when I attend the convention in May.

  • ” view establishment Republicans wearily”

    Do you mean “warily”??

    • Probably wearily because they are tired of this crap.  :)

  • The difference between Paul & Romney right now is about 196 votes, about 4%.  A few counties Paul had a strong presence in, were excluded, and the results were announced when the caucus was only 80% complete… with Romney as the winner.  Maine’s GOP has a history of rigging these conventions, so this is not an isolated incident, but voter fraud, out in the open for all to see.

    I think we all know which ideologically-pure constitutionalist 12-term congressman REALLY won Maine’s caucus.

    • Anonymous

      The Republican caucus states have been a mess this year.  We can’t really be sure who won the Maine Caucus (or Iowa, either).  Matthew Gagnon’s column today may be right — it may be time to end the Maine Caucus, and go to a primary that lets more people participate.  On the other hand, the Democrats and Republicans did their Maine caucuses four years ago without a hitch.  Maybe the problem is that this year the Republicans scattered their caucuses out over a couple of weeks across the state, and some localities refused to hold them before the deadline passed.

  • This weekend in the Washington County caucus – two colleges will now be on break.  Too bad for the students, I guess.

  • Anonymous

    In the end, it’s all about who gets the most delegates on the floor at the convention.  And from what I hear, Ron Paul will have more delegates from Maine than any of the others!

  • Iva

    How much did you make off this one Webster?  I hope RP supporters bug the crap out of you.  If  you really had death threats there would have been arrests.  Another lie.   The corrupt GOP is just getting started.  Prepare for blowback criminal shysters. 

  • Hanz Driver

    Ron Paul 2012

    • Anonymous

       Maybe as an independent?

  • Dan Lakeman

    Webster should make every effort to right this mess or he should step down from his position.  Maine Republican voters and the State practices are starting to look ridiculous before the eyes of the rest of the country.  Unseating Emperor Obama will need much more integrity and unity than what has been demonstrated thus far by early primaries and caucuses.  Shame and dismay.  “We have seen the enemy, and he is us.”

  • Anonymous

    Mr Farmer:
    You demonstrate your own prejudice when you make statements like “Paul’s supporters are the most likely to be drawn into conspiracy theories” or when you suggest it’s acceptable to ignore a candidate’s unfair treatment because his opponent’s cronies have  labeled him “fringe”. Please discard the stereotypes and show others the same respect you would expect for yourself.

  • In two towns, the real vote totals gave Ron Paul 34 votes, and Romney 8.  I’ve seen totals from other places, such as one were 92 of Ron Paul’s votes disappeared.   Some of Santorum’s went poof also.

    I do want to say that it is a misnomer to claim that Ron Paul’s supporters are conspiracy minded.   What they are is honest and ethical.   People who live their lives with principles see through the BS, because the corruption and lies stick out like sore thumbs.  These are some of the same people who warned about the economic collapse coming, the housing bubble & who was involved, the banking and Wall Street corruption, the military industrial complex – it’s connections to the MSM.  I could go on, but the point is that for years Ron Paul and his supporters have been alerting fellow citizens.  Instead of being taken seriously, we were ridiculed.   
    I’m guessing that the vast majority of Americans aren’t laughing anymore.  We were right.  Ron Paul was right.   As it turns out, the best informed supporters of any candidate are Ron Paul voters. 

  •  Webster moved the caucus in Washington to this weekend so the students who overwhelmingly support Ron Paul would not be there to caucus.   Election tampering and voter suppression.

    I hope that when the Washington caucus take place, that someone makes a motion to count the votes in public.    Then vote to do it.   This is how Belfast caught the fudged vote totals by the GOP.

  • Anonymous

    This circus just keeps getting better. God really does have a wicked sense of humor.

    • Anonymous

      I know they are not, but it almost seems like the Republicans are working for the Obama campaign. Talk about a comedy of errors. It would make a great Three Stooges episode.

  • Boy!

    That Ron Paul can really kick the $&^! outta them ballons!

  • Anonymous

    The theft of this election from the demands of overburdened taxpayers,
    by the power elite is only overshadowed by the even more brazen theft of
    our National Assets by these robber barons in business suits. May there
    be a true justice for them for the misery that they have foisted upon
    this once prosperous and free society. There is soon coming a time when these political reprobates will be systematically hunted down like the dogs that they are and eliminated.  Damn them to hell.

  • Anonymous

    Joseph Stalin would be proud of Maine GOP Chairman Charlie Webster.  In what’s supposed to be an open democratic process who is this Webster reprobate that he can decide who’s voice is heard and who’s isn’t?  Tar, feathers and a rail!

  • Anonymous

    I have to admit it is schadenfreude, but I literally laughed myself to sleep last night over this.  Here is one progressive who REALLY wants Charlie Webster to stay on.  In fact, I would love to have him out on the campaign trail as much as possible this coming year.  The best thing about this story is how it really demonstrates that the entire business of voting rights issues taken up by the GOP is no more than a ploy to disenfranchise poor voters.  The argument that it is about electoral purity can no longer be taken seriously.

    On that theme, I think now would be a great time to take up the issue of Voter IDs…….

  • Anonymous

    Hate to admit it Farmboy, but you are right here. Turner and Merletti are both extremists-their way or else.

  • Anonymous

    The GOP is not just fractured they are completely broken.

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