November 18, 2019
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Comments for: Pressure mounting for GOP caucus reconsideration

  • Anonymous

    Charlie Webster needs to be ousted as GOP chairman. He is crooked, dishonest and selfish – not to mention that he is incompetent when it comes to issues and elections. I have never heard him make a coherent statement or an argument based on facts. If he doesn’t like the opinion of another voter, he disenfranchises the voter’s right to be heard. I expected these tactics to be used against Democrats, but using them against your own party is just wrong. Hopefully he will resign and we can get someone with a brain in as GOP Chairman!

    • Anonymous

      Agreed…Webster represents all that is reprehensible in the GOP and is part of the on-going problem when it comes to bringing in younger voters to the party.

      Do what’s best for your party Mr. Webster, RESIGN!

    • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      It was really an embarrassment to Mainers when he was giving the statement on national television for the results. He could barely read and could not speak in fluent sentences. Unfortunately he just perpetuated how some people outside Maine think of us.

      • Anonymous

        I am not defending Webster, but it is pretty sad that you judge peoples’ ability to perform a job like this based on their public speaking ability.  The last thing we need is more smooth-talking, fork-tongued politicians.

        • I’d say that the last thing we need is a party official who steps on democracy. This is something you would expect from Russia, Iran, or Egypt. In America the most fundamental expectation we have is that elections must be fair, If you lose that it puts the modern world back 300 years and spits in the face of everyone who has made sacrifices for our rights.

          • Anonymous

            As I said, I wasn’t defending him.  Just pointing out the ridiculousness of the argument about his speaking abilities.

        • Anonymous

          If you are going to be a public official representing the state,you need to be coherent and focused.That’s part of the job.Show me any R debate participant who hasn’t had coaching.

      • Anonymous

        Charlie was on the Howie Carr show yesterday trying to explain what happened on Saturday.  He was so confused and Howie did all could to keep from laughing.  What an embarrassment this guy is to the Republican party and to the State of Maine.  For all the talking he was doing about voter fraud, there are many Republicans who believe that their votes were robbed.  Yet Charlie hasn’t made his way to the microphone to declare the need for an investigation.  He should really give up and go home for good.

      • That’s exactly how Sarah Palin makes us Alaskans feel. It’s astounding how many complete fools obtain public office.

      • Anonymous

        And ME,which got zero attention before the caucauses,is getting much more unwanted attention now.Nice job,Charlie.

    • nunyabizness71

       ” expected these tactics to be used against Democrats, but using them against your own party is just wrong.”  To be honest, It’s wrong period.  this whole Democrat/Republican divide needs to end.  We are Americans.

  • Anonymous

    un effing believable.
    was it Lenin who said that it doesn’t matter who the people vote for… what matters is who counts the votes.

    how long has this been going on the USA?

    • Anonymous

      The quote you reference is most commonly attributed to Josef Stalin but this is not confirmed as an actual statement by him. The point, however, is clear, especially in a case like this where election outcomes are determined by people who have a stake in the outcome. State election laws try to overcome this by assuring that those that count the votes are disinterested or at least have maintained a public appearance of neutrality. These Maine caucuses, on the other hand, are scheduled and run by people who are in it up to their gills. Then they count the votes and the same people report them to the media. This time they got caught.

  • Anonymous

    The Town of Pembroke in Washington County managed to hold its caucus and report the results despite the directive to reschedule.
    Interestingly, half of the votes went to Ron Paul and NONE to Romney. What does this tell us about Republican sentiment in Washington County?See for yourself. Here are the town by town results: Chris Gardner and Kevin Raye are both Romney supporters. Their anguished cries for fairness at this point are intended more to save their own rear ends from local blowback after having scuttled a vote that would have looked bad for the candidate they are both supporting.

    • Anonymous

      I think you hit the nail on the head.

      Gardner, Raye and Webster were cooperating with each other

      to get the voting results that they wanted.

      All three are an embarrassment to the state of Maine.

      • It only goes to prove that even Conservatives cant trust Republicans!

        • Oh how true that is.

        • StillRelaxin

          Hmm…sure looks like Charlie Webster has put the screws to his own people here.  Oh well, at least they now know how it feels when he lies and tries to put the screws to Democrats.  People like him need to be without any power in making important decisions of any kind.  He’s about as trustworthy as his ethics are questionable.  Really, really BAD!

          • Anonymous

            I wonder if “Crazy” Charlie Webster is as good at fixing oil burners as he is at fixing elections?

          • Charlie Webster? Good man, honest, decent, good businessman, good at pulling out an all-electric baseboard system and putting in a new oil furnace and baseboard system from scratch, annual check-outs and cleanings, etc., and chatting politics while he works, if you’re into that. Don’t know if I’d always agree with his political ideas, but I’d never question his intentions. Pretty sure he doesn’t know anybody who ever bombed the Pentagon, or went to church where the “minister” outrageously bad-mouthed America for 20 years, hides his college transcripts from the American people, paid out $500,000 taxpayer dollars each for 1,100 temporary jobs at Solyndra (where one of his “bundlers” was an investor), had a Communist activist working for him in the White House, or etc. Most of the Webster detractors on this site support the guy who did.

          • Anonymous

            I know you.

            You’re the guy in the tin foil hat they always talk about.

          • And I know YOU! You’re the guy who took a d-mp in his hat and pulled it down over his ears!

          • Anonymous

            Ah, out come the talk radio talking points. Webster may be a good man to you, but you really should use your own words and do your own research and not just parrot what Sean Hannity says. It sort of makes people think you haven’t any original thoughts. Plus, WTF does Obama have to do with Maine GOP officials rigging an election?

             These are unrelated topics and by trying to link them you show your inability to argue rationally and your reliance on liberal bashing over convincinglysaying why conservatism is the best. William F. Buckley never had to resort to this sort of thing to argue for conservatism. Those days are obviously over. I can find people who thought Jack Abromov or Oliver North or any other convicted right winger was a stand up guy who loved his family and was nice to his dog. You gotta admit, this doesn’t look good no matter how one spins it. So far 88% of BDN Poll participants agree.

          • 85% of those are Yellow Dogs. Facts aren’t votable.

          • Anonymous

            It was an Irish setter… a red dog, sick on on the roof. 
            That is a fact. 

          • What does liberal vs Conservative have to do with Obama’s history? I think you have a very exaggerated opinion of your “debating” ability. Whatever was done/not done by the Republican leadership re this caucus is nothing compared to the monstrosity of the Obama “Presidency”. He will go down in history as the WPE, replacing Carter, and his supporters will be dismissed by the American people, as Carter’s have been, likely more so.

          • As to your knee-jerk Fox remark, I don’t care to hear partisan remarks by Limbaugh, Beck, or MSNBC, Blitzer, Dionne, Krugman, or etc. The remarks of partisan commentators are of no real or lasting value to anyone. They’re just there to get extremists to watch the commercials, too. Hardly ever watch Fox, though I like and respect Chris Wallace and Britt Hume, Krauthammer, too. CNN’s good for breaking news, but not politics. Hard to respect you, as you seem to think insulting people is debating.

          • Anonymous

            Your references to the “pentagon bomber”, Rev. Wright, etc. comes directly from Sean Hannity, does it not? Don’t tell me you saw it fit to raise these points independent from hearing them referenced hundreds of times by right wing talkers. You admit this, right? “Knee jerk”? Criticizing Fox and folks who parrot their talking points isn’t knee jerk, it is sane, rational and obvious to anyone not blindly partisan and who genuinely cares about their destructive and deleterious effect on American politics and society.

            What is your problem with Krugman, Dionne, etc?. Can you disprove a single thing they say and prove that they aren’t just as patriotic and America loving as Krauthammer, Hume, et. el.? I have heard all three of your favorite commentators say some incredibly stupid things. They are smart men, but blatantly partisan and biased. Bill Clinton tore your Chris Wallace to pieces in a famous interview and the guy ended up looking like an utter fool.

            Your love of Fox and distaste for MSNBC or CNN proves nothing. It is a preference and a bias, not an indicator of validity. To successfully argue a point you need to back up your opinions, conclusions and assertions with facts, evidence, and valid premises. Which TV station you prefer doesn’t do jack to prove you aren’t wrong. As a matter of fact, it speaks volumes about how close minded you are to any ideas which aren’t from your favorite guys on the right. I call that pretty closed minded.

          • Lame. Of no value.

          • Anonymous

            In other words you ain’t got jack. Thought so.  You may now resume your Obama bashing.

          • Do you really think that if you have the last word it means you won? It doesn’t.

          • i think you need to respond with arguments instead of just saying something is lame and has no value. are you a paul supporter trying to make the other candidates supporters look bad?

          • Yeah, yeah, I’m a big Paul supporter, you got me. We’re going to get all the Kucinich and Governor Moonbeam votes, thus diminishing Obummer’s vote and guaranteeing that Romney wins! The Republicans are paying us BIG to do this. It’s Webster’s idea! He’s a GENIUS!

          • Anonymous

            But we know Romney wasn’t nice to HIS dog!

          • dennisfisher

            Is this article about Obama? I thought it was about possible GOP vote counting shenanigans stage managed by GOP leadership. You seem to embrace logical fallacies more than you like democratic elections. 

          • Why waste time obsessing about local trivia when there are urgent, immensely more important matters which concern the future of the whole country? November’s coming. Perhaps you’d rather not talk about that.

          • Anonymous

            This is important and relevant to the Nov. elections because Mitt Romney is sort of an “Obama-light” if you will. He originated the idea of government mandated health care etc. The list goes on… so if Mitt gets elected or any of the others (except for Ron Paul) for that matter we’ll have more of the same. Increases in the national debt, increases of the size of  government and more printing of money till the dollar becomes worthless. Check this video out 

          • Hopefully when Paul has faded from the political scene, hopefully sooner rather than later, you will realize, as I do, that whatever faults Republicans find with Romney are insignificant compared to Obama’s faults, and we will vote for the good of the country. I care nothing about the Republican Party, but greatly about our country and those who will inherit it (and its debts) after we’re gone. I doubt we will ever see a candidate that we can all agree is perfect. We have to select from the choices we have at the time. Probably the best we can do is to elect the one with the least serious flaws. Paul has never been, and will never be, the choice of a majority of Republicans, much less all Americans. Admit it, accept it, and move on. Don’t hurt what should be our common cause.

          • Anonymous

            I look forward to voting for a third party candidate over R0mney or Santorum.  I will do it because of attitudes of people like you.  

          • Then you must care very little about your country.

          • Anonymous

            On the contrary, I realize there is only a slight difference between either of them and Obama.  Spending will continue; debt will increase.  We will continue to be bogged down abroad as we borrow from the Chinese to pay for a third of what we spend.  Enough is enough.  If Republicans want a viable party then they need to start putting forth candidates who will actually cut spending.  I voted for Bush twice and McCain.  I will take a break from that this election and laugh at the neocons when Obama wins.

          • See my previous comment.

          • alright… so i read your previous comment and i still believe you were eviscerated by bdawk. make a follow up argument, please. as a santorum supporter, i need a response from you which actually addresses the points bdawk just made or else i will become a paul supporter.

          • Will you hold your breath and stamp your little feet, too?

          • Anonymous

            Attacking one’s patriotism and love of country is low. Very low. Right wingers have never looked more despicable.

          • Voting for a trivial candidate in an important election because of somebody else’s attitudes rather than for what’s good for the country is petty and selfish. Your insults say nothing about me or other right-wingers, only about you.

          • nunyabizness71

             You realize the same people giving Obama his marching orders are also heavily investing in Mitt Newt and Rick?  But not Ron, because he can’t be bought.  That is really all the info you need.

          • It took a lot of earmarks to get that halo!

          • nunyabizness71

            You understand that the money gets spent even if it isn’t earmarked right? No need to respond as I refuse engage in the childish bickering you seem to enjoy.

          • wow. i just watched you say this:
            “Then you must care very little about your country.”
            from what i gather, you said this because a voter is choosing to exercise a constitutional right.
            im starting to understand the appeal to paul now. there is quite a bit of ignorance, and it seems to be coupled with the little difference between obama, gingrich, santorum and romney.
            i was a santorum supporter, but i have to say, i dont think there is any doubt in my mind i will be voting for paul. something actually needs to change in this country, and its people like Arnold P. who are destroying it.

          • You’re absolutely right about people like me, we disagree with people like you, so it’s obvious that we are the ones who are destroying the country!

          • Anonymous

            If idiocy is a have the chronic version..

          • What an astute comment! Your mommy must be so proud.

          • Harvey Sachs

             Then why would you vote Republicon?

            They want to make Bush tax cut permanent which would mean permanent deficits for the US.

          • Also, if I may, Romney can hardly be worse than Obama, and if he doesn’t do a good job, we can kick HIM out in 4 years in favor of somebody who looks better. We wouldn’t be electing him Emperor-for-Life. But we need to stop the Obamanation NOW! We need somebody who can WIN!

          •  It isn’t up to you to decide who will be our next president, or Charlie Webster either.

          • Yes, it is.

          • nunyabizness71

            you do NOT decide who can win.

          • Yes, I do.

          • nunyabizness71

            Uh, NO you don’t.

          • Yes, I do, I do.

          • nunyabizness71

            Are you 3? I only ask because you sound like my 3 year old daughter.

          • I AM your 3 year old daughter, and I’ve never liked you!

          • nunyabizness71

            Or maybe you’re just “slow”.

          • Ooh! You’re supposed to pretend that you LIKE “slow” people! Your bad!

          • Anonymous

             I think the GOP in Maine is just showing us how the republcians hold elections. If they think they can get away with it the CHEAT BIG TIME.

          • Anonymous

            All politics are local!

          • I find it amusing that you are basically defending voting fraud. 

          • My! So you already have him tried and convicted! That’s amusing! Get back to me when anyone is actually convicted, or even tried, ok? And keep taking your meds.

          • Anonymous

            Hey thanks Arnold. So what you are telling me is that “Crazy” Charlie can fix oil burners a lot better then he can elections right?

          • No, I’m not telling you anything.

          • OldWench

            Good grief…histrionic much?

            Obama isn’t the problem in Washington.  The problem is the GOP and the way they have allowed the Tea Party radicals to hijack the Republican Party.  These tools are so hell bent on trying to make Obama look bad that they almost allowed the world economy to come crashing down and caused America’s credit rating to go down for the first time in history.

            In the meantime Obama tracked down and killed Osama bin Laden, ended the war in Iraq (that is the main cause of the bleeding of US tax dollars over the last almost decade) and made progress in Afghanistan.  The GOP is all bent out of shape over the health care reform but overall it’s pretty good with the one exception of what is missing and necessary to make it work…a public option.  FAIR competition is the only thing that will drive down to cost of health care in this country.  The government runs insurance programs for the poor, the elderly, the disabled, the military and government employees.  Each and every one of those groups have better coverage than anyone who is paying out the nose for crap coverage with high deductibles and co-pays.  Let people buy into Medicaid or Champus on a sliding scale based on what they can afford.  That won’t kill the insurance industry but it WILL force them to be more fair and competitive.  I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of paying millions in salaries and bonuses for all these insurance executives.

            Obama will be re-elected because the GOP is a hot mess who have turned off so many moderates and swing voters that a steaming pile of dog plop would win against any of the lame ducks running for the GOP nomination…and that includes Ron Paul.  He won’t get the nomination and he’ll run as an Independent.  None of the GOP candidates are electable and while the GOP is divided the Democrats and moderate swing voters will all re-elect Obama.

          • Anonymous

            You forgot to mention that Obama also executed a couple American’s overseas without benefit of any sort of trial for their crimes.

          • Despite your tingle up the leg comment, independents oppose Obama. Do the electoral vote calculations, see which states Obama leads and trails in. When Republicans fall in behind one candidate and stop their infighting, and the country remembers it’s a referendum on Obama because of his failures and mis-steps you prefer not to mention, he’ll be defeated, and America will once again have a chance to recover. 

          • OldWench

            I’m an Independent who is pretty conservative on everything other than social justice.  I’m so disgusted by the way the GOP has bent over and cracked a smile for the Tea Party radicals that I am going to vote 100% for democrats until every last Tea Party association is severed from the GOP.  Radical kooks don’t represent me and hell will freeze over before I vote for a party that embraces such ignorance.

            Aside from that…the guy who always correctly predicts who wins the presidential election has already said Obama will easily win re-election.

          • Surely when the Republicans hear this they’ll tell the Tea Party to take a hike. Where will you be in case they all want  to come on bended knee to beg your forgiveness? Sounds like we should dispense with messy, expensive elections and just go with whatever your favorite prognosticator says.

          • nice response!
            see!? you don’t always have to be a dismissive dummy who avoids arguing points with your responses. good little boy!!!

          • Still rude, huh?

          • Obama did not “end” the war in Iraq. It was a predefined date set prior to him taking office. He actually made a request to Iraq to maintain our presence, twice, and was turned down. He made a promise while running, that he would have us out of Iraq in his first 30 days in office. When he was quizzed on why nothing was done, he said he couldn’t, because of that predefined date. That’s a lie. He’s the Commander in Chief and could have started withdrawal the day he took office. He tripled our presence in Afghanistan. We now spend $2 Billion a day there to maintain military presence.

            He also had to have his arm twisted to okay the take-out of Bin Laden. He was indecisive about it. He’s more than happy to take personal credit for it, since it went off without a hitch.

          • Anonymous

             Nope, some of his detractors support Ron Paul, as opposed to the job destroying, 10,000 betting, corporation loving, flip flopping, animal cruelty expert Mitt Romney. It isn’t ALWAYS about Obama!

          •  LOL, you MUST be Charlie if you think that.  How can anyone listen to this interview with Charlie and actually think he is a good, honest man?

          • You got me! I’m Charlie! I am, I am, I am! Well, anyway, I dream that someday I COULD be if I work hard and help people!

        •  Slight correction: Conservatives can’t trust neocon Rhino Republicans.

        • Anonymous

          Or is it R’s can’t trust Conservatives?

          • I dont trust either!

          • Anonymous

            And well you shouldn’t.There is no more evil group than the TP’ers.

        •  Lol…nobody can….

      • Last I heard both Gardner and Raye were both advocating FOR votes being counted in Washington county. Your gripe may be with Webster, but not those guys.

        • Anonymous

          I’m not buying it.

          There’s no way that Kevin Raye didn’t know EXACTLY what was
          transpiring  within the Republican Party hierarchy.

          Both Gardner and Raye would be happy to have the whole issue disappear,and declare Romney the winner, voters be damned.

          Their advocacy for a complete vote comes only after they took stock of the political wind and had to backtrack to cover their butts.

          My opinion only.

          • Anonymous

            Yours,  and apparently thousands of others.    The Republicans can’t seem to get a feel good moment out of their own caucus.    

            Kevin Raye has got plenty to be worried about, he doesn’t need Charlie Webster’s help.

          • Anonymous

            Oh to be an investigative reporter in Washington County.

          • Anonymous

            I had a very favorable opinion of Kevin Raye until this past weekend. I also had a very favorable opinion of Susan G. Komen foundation until their recent unveiling. Some of these people seem to have no idea that the truth is coming out because we have been sound asleep at the wheel and now we’re awake and looking around, like it or not.

          • Anonymous

            Well you need to have worked with Kevin Raye to know just how much a game player he can be. Just ask some of Senator Olympia Snowe’s staff that he worked with in and out of Bangor if you want the real story. It’s like someone coming up and introducing themselves as a CPA, my first observation is….Oh! you know how to hide things….Kevin’s even better than that….resorting to anything, lying, bullying, intimidation, and yes even going as far as to try to steal an election, but when the bottom starts to fall out, he will scramble to save face even if he has to destroy his friends and family to get there….

      • Anonymous

        They weren’t just cooperating. They were conspiring.

    • Anonymous

      All I know is that the retired veteran military commander who spoke after Kevin Raye at the Androscoggin Caucus and is running against Mike Michaud in the 2nd district is the one who will be getting my vote this fall.  Mr. Raye has proven to be an establishment republican who is satisfied with the failed status quo and is evidently doing all he can to keep things the same, as they work to his advantage.  This needs to stop and voters are the ones who stop them. 

      Say no to the status quo.  Say NO to Kevin Raye!!  

    • Joe

      Thanks for the link!  I see a lot of zeros in there.  This Republican and his entire Republican family are unenrolling if they don’t get this right.  Do the right thing, Mr. Webster

    • Anonymous

      Kevin Raye is part of the gang. Like the rest of the Tea Party Republicans he gets his marching orders directly from “The Grand Wizard and the rest of his clan of highly paid political operatives at the Maine Heritage Policy Center. Does anyone truly believe that “Crazy” Charlie Webster is bright enough to do all of this stuff by himself? All of these sanctimonious Tea Party Republican (insert expletive for children of unmarried parents) are the first to gather for prayer when they know that there will be news coverage and are also the first to try to shove the proverbial telephone pole up Maine Citizens’ anal orifice and they do it without a jar of Vaseline in sight. They claim to be for God, Honor and Country. They dress themselves in pajamas made from American Flags and declare themselves to be REAL PATRIOTS. They have proven that they will resort to anything, lying, bullying, intimidation, and yes even going as far as to try to steal an election,  to accomplish their ideological goals. They have divided Mainers for no other reason then to get their own way. They do not care who they hurt in order to get their agenda passed. They pass tax cuts designed to benefit only a few of Maine’s wealthiest and pay for them on the backs of the poor, disabled and elderly. They pass special interest legislation under the guise of “Insurance Reform” that benefits only the insurance industry and will end up seeing the majority of Mainers paying more for health insurance. These same Tea Party Republicans passed a law to stop same day voter registration in our State that the Maine Citizens saw for exactly what it was, an attempt to limit access to the polls, and defeated it by a landslide vote. They promised us JOBS, JOBS, JOBS only to see our State named number one in the Nation for per capita JOB LOSS. Now they have been caught trying to steal an election and are all scattering like the cockroaches they are when exposed to the light. 

      • You may be interested in  This!

        From Grover Babe!

        {All we have to do is replace Obama. …  We are not auditioning for fearless leader. We don’t need a president to tell us in what direction to go. We know what direction to go. We want the Ryan budget. … We just need a president to sign this stuff. We don’t need someone to think it up or design it. The leadership now for the modern conservative movement for the next 20 years will be coming out of the House and the Senate.[…]Pick a Republican with enough working digits to handle a pen to become president of the United States. This is a change for Republicans: the House and Senate doing the work with the president signing bills. His job is to be captain of the team, to sign the legislation that has already been prepared.}

        How’s that for in-your-face honesty?

        • Anonymous

          Let’s see a Republican who is not a leader, is directionless, can’t think for himself, can handle a pen and will do whatever he is told to do by special interest. I think I know where they can find just the man. Does anyone have the Blaine House telephone number? Grover needs it.

      • Anonymous

        God, I wish I’d written this!  It has the ring of truth written all over it.  I might suggest as well that as much as it appears to be political maneuvering, plain old incompetence must be considered as well.  A moment of publicity should be able to pass the straight face test when faced head on.  This one failed because furnace repairman Charlie Webster couldn’t possibly plan his way out of a paper bag.  I took smug delight when former Senate Majority Leader Mary Najarian responded sarcastically to Webster’s request to be heard on the floor of the Maine Senate, “Yes, Charlie, all of us cannot possibly wait any longer to find out what pearls of wisdom will pass your lips today.”  It was all many of us in attendance could do to stifle a guffaw.  She was spot on.

        • Apparently your delight lies in smugness, sarcasm, rudeness, and insults, hardly the sort of things that delight decent people.

          • That’s one thing about commenting, lots of people applaud such behavior when they can do it anonymously. Most of them in the same party, I suspect. Happy to be one who was brought up differently.

          • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            “…smugness, sarcasm, rudeness, and insults…”   Is that repubispeak for ‘truth’?

          • Passadumkeagah

            Sorry,  Arnold – these people are here to argue points, present
            information, are idealistic and have strong principles supporting a set
            of founding documents that has and is being disregarded by those in
            office (and many of those who seek office). As a body they are tremendously
            informed and resolute in putting forth their arguments for those same
            principles. I believe they represent the only positive future possible for our
            once-great country. I just hope there are enough of them, and that they
            haven’t been awoken from their collective slumber too late to stop what
            may be an inevitable tragedy like history has never seen…but good
            luck with your generalizations.

          • Sounds like you have a tingle up your leg, too. Apparently many of these people have little in the way of manners. I was responding specifically to the “smugness, sarcasm, rudeness, and insults,” that delight Starset, again, hardly the sort of things that delight decent people. Is it the possibly skewed Maine caucus that you believe is “an inevitable tragedy like history has never seen”, or do you just like the sound of air passing through your lips? Sounds like the latter. 

          • Passadumkeagah

            Oh. You’re a troll. Not interested in content, just gross comments and baseless insults. Ok. Enjoy yourself.

          • I see your manners have not improved.

          • Anonymous

            Whas wrong with just wanting the truth to be known? Wake Up.

          • Unworthy of a real response.

          • Anonymous

            Got it. Go back to sleep.

          • How can I possibly win against a clever debater like you? Your logic and knowledge are overwhelming! I grovel at your feet!

          • this is hilarious coming from you, though i haven’t seen you post anything racist yet. become a paul supporter and bask in the white supremacist glory!!!

          • I was waiting politely for someone else to start the racism thread, us white supremacist Paul supporters keep it hidden until the moment is right. Are we there yet?

      • Anonymous

        Can I give 100 likes and vote for you when you run for office?Thanks for a perfect comment!

    • Anonymous

      Since LePage’s “health insurance reform” premiums have skyrocketed in Washington County.  Raye and the rest of the local establishment went right along with it.

      • Anonymous

        Also true in Aroostook Cty which went heavily for LePage.Nice payback!

    • Anonymous

      Ron Paul voters are full of sour grapes. I bet if you look at the IP addresses of who voted in the poll above you will find most of the respondents were from “away”.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah but if you investigate the sour grapes make the best wine, and if you or anyone else has any good sense at all, you’ll vote for Ron Paul and at least make an honest attempt to get the USA back to where it should be.

      • Another neocon who is either clueless or a shill but thats allright coutboy2010 keep drinking the coolaid as those repuklacans would never cheat the people LOL.
        In LIberty Dan

        Ron Paul 2012

    • Please watch this interview with Charlie Webster from 2/13/2012

      Then, encourage him to take his ignorance elsewhere and RESIGN, NOW!!!

    • Anonymous

      50% of Pembroke went to Paul in 2008, when he got only 7% of Washington County, so it doesn’t tell much.

    • None of it matters anyway…Republican party doesn’t stand a chance….

  • Anonymous
  • I definitely agree at a minimum the totals need to be UPDATED to include the towns such as Waterville and most of Waldo County that caucused in time for February 11th announcement, but were not included. I took this picture while taking part in the Feb 4th Waldo County caucus- imagine if I went to the podium and told all those voters their votes would be “lost” and not counted- 

    I would also support having the Washington County results from this upcoming being included as well, but don’t go so far as to say Ron Paul will get a huge swing out the downeast vote. Washington County is the type of county that should also be strong for Rick Santorum. 
    Either way, Maine should be like Iowa and emphasize counting all votes even after they rushed to declare a winner.

  • Iva

    How would Romney supporter Webster react if the tables were turned?  This shows how corrupt the GOP is.  Iowa, Nevada and now Maine.  Why even vote at all?  Just let the GOP appoint the Dictator candidate and save money and time?  They will in the end anyway.

    • Again the Republicans can’t avoid stepping into the most obvious cow pies on the road.

      Further proof,nobody ever lost money betting on the reliability of Republicans to do the stupid thing repeatedly in an election year.

  • Anonymous

    Charlie Webster and his Republican cronies are an embarrassment to the state of Maine.

    The Republicans are constantly accusing the opposition of voting irregularities,

    and here they are caught in the act of fixing election results.

    I guess the Republicans are into “change” also.

    If you don’t like the election results just change them.

    • Anonymous

      You do know this is not an election result right?
      It has no bearing on anything at all as far as I know.

      • Anonymous

        The fact that it has no bearing is irrelevant. This whole process demonstrates that motivation and mindset of the Maine Republican Party and the GOP as a whole.

        • Anonymous

          The whole process from either side is a rigged circus and if you believe other wise you are nothing but one of the fools going to the show.

          • Grover is Undermineing Democracy!

            He is supporting the Manchurian Candidate!

            From Grover Babe!{All we have to do is replace Obama. …  We are not auditioning for fearless leader. We don’t need a president to tell us in what direction to go. We know what direction to go. We want the Ryan budget. … We just need a president to sign this stuff. We don’t need someone to think it up or design it. The leadership now for the modern conservative movement for the next 20 years will be coming out of the House and the Senate.[…]Pick a Republican with enough working digits to handle a pen to become president of the United States. This is a change for Republicans: the House and Senate doing the work with the president signing bills. His job is to be captain of the team, to sign the legislation that has already been prepared.}

          • I Found him!
            The Conservative Mystery Man they are looking for!

      • Anonymous

        Correct, this is not an election, but do not discount the weight it carries with public opinion, which is tied to fundraising and the level of media coverage for the candidates involved. It’s also disenfranchising the opinions of registered republican voters in those areas that have either not yet held their caucus, or those whose straw poll votes were not included in the results that were announced by the GOP to national media. Now do you understand why this is relevant?

        • Anonymous

          It was a good explanation liberty but no I still don’t find it relevant.
          Straw polls are useless to all concerned and neither I not my neighbors under this system get a reasonable verifiable chance to choose the hypocrite I want in the office.
          In this election it is even more irrelevant since all of the people who want the job are themselves irrelevant.
          The only thing any of these people have going for them is they are not Obama.  For me that will be just barely enough to get me out on election day but I do want so much better than that. 

          • Leo Baoighill

            don’t discount the power of public opinion.

      • Anonymous

        You are 100 percent correct. This election has no bearing on anything. But by cheating in an election that doesn’t mean anything the Republicans have shown themselves to be corrupt. If they will try to steal an election that doesn’t mean anything imagine what lengths they will go to in one that does. 

        • Anonymous

          This wasn’t an election of any sort, let alone one that is expected not to be rigged.  These are Republicans with some sort of connection in the establishment and with an agenda.  That much is a known.  It isn’t the rank and file voter like myself and that is why a primary system is the only one worth a crap and thus the only one that you could rig.  The others are all rigged by default. 

      • Than you don’t understand how politics work.  Romney “wins” Maine is the headline…That’s good for Romney.   Wouldn’t have made a difference in Maine, but public perception is what is driving this race.  It’s what drives donation dollars.  It’s what drives media coverage.  Right now Romney just won a state…the other story could have been, Romney loses 4 in a row.  
        Look back at Iowa.  8 votes, but Romney won and he had the momentum going into New Hampshire…2 weeks later, Santorum ends up winning Iowa…Did it change the race?  Probably, how much money did Santorum lose out on those first few days following Iowa? Probably millions, all because he wasn’t labeled Winner.Now how does that affect Ron Paul?  We may never know.  But every time he gets asked “when will you win your first state”  it could be a directly related to these “results” that have no bearing.

        • Anonymous

          I understand how politics works and I understand how perception works.  The whole thing is irrelevant though from the moment you allow and take seriously anything like a straw poll.  I place no more confidence in one of these than I do any other random opinion poll and neither will any other serious voter.
          Romney will only win and can only win as a Republican when he has been crowned by people in the smokey back rooms.  We real Republicans have never wanted him and we have repeatedly told those people we do not want him and that is why, eventually, we are going to either recreate this party or leave it.
          They are the same people who gave us Dole both Bushs and McCain.  Find us the new blood with the political backbone to do what is right or lose us.
          Ron Paul’s only problem is he is a lunatic, other than that some of his ideas sound OK.

          • Ron Paul represents the ideology and policy of 200 years of American presidents. The only argument used against this is that ” remember ww2? we can’t keep minding our own business because there might be an actual lunatic out there and without controlling the entire world we can’t sleep well enough at night!” 
            Lets be clear on something here. Ron Paul does not advocate a single policy that has not been used, and worked, in the past. He isn’t s lunatic simply because the news papers don’t like him.

          • Anonymous

            I’ve heard him speak and I like and agree with many of his ideas and proposals but after you listen long enough you realize that he is not working with all of the pistons firing.
            Sorry but if he is the best we can do this time around we are hosed.

          • Leo Baoighill

            In the Presidential paradigm, it’s his message that counts. Ron Paul is only as strong as his support. It’s dbags like you that can’t seem to pull their heads out of their asses that keep him down.

            If you are looking for a dictator to manipulate the government and do the “right” thing, well we already got that guy in office.

          • Anonymous

            So anyone who recognizes he isn’t all there is discounted as a Dbag by your people?
            You do remember what sort of people your sort of cultist have elected in other countries in the past right?

          • Passadumkeagah

            ea6bmarine: I’m kind of on the fence about this “Ron Paul” guy. Where exactly do you see that “he is not working with all of the pistons firing”? It seems that people here are either 100% pro – or against him. I am aware of most of his positions, so where do you disagree with him? (And thanks!)

          • Anonymous

            The funny thing is I don’t disagree with him on much at all.
            I believe we should bring all of our troops home and protect our own country first.
            I believe we should stop intervening in every little flare up in the world.
            I believe we should return to a gold standard even…..
            I could probably only list the things we don’t agree on with the fingers of one hand.
            So since I do agree with much of what the guy has said I’ve been listening to him for years and I find he is like a singer who sings off key.  The song itself is not the problem.
            His followers are close enough to be like those who followed Jim Jones to be extremely creepy and if you don’t wish to drink the kool-aid there are many of them like the ones who have posted here who are more than willing to help you.  For your own good of course.
            If he wasn’t so rabid and his followers weren’t such a cult I could vote for the guy but things are what they are.

          • nunyabizness71

             So you’re not going to vote the guy you almost 100% agree with because of a few over zealous bloggers? 

          • Anonymous

            I don’t blame the cultist for the cult leader and I don’t blame the crazies in the tent for the evangelist they listen to.  I will allow any fool to follow any crazy person or shyster they wish to follow.  That doesn’t mean I have to.
            I’m guessing Jim Jones must have had a lot of good things to say to get so many nut jobs to follow him too but that doesn’t mean you should just ignore that crazy part of him.

          • nunyabizness71

            You keep mentioning crazy. Just to satisfy my curiosity, please tell me what you find crazy about him.

      • Bob in Boston

        No bearing?  CNN, Fox and MSNBC all spent over an hour talking about how Romney broke his 3-contest losing streak.  People who only watch TV and don’t get their news from the internet heard two things last Saturday:
        1) Romney is now a “winner” again
        2) Ron Paul lost Maine and still hasn’t won a single state

        If both of those are true, it *completely* changes the narrative.  So no bearing?  You are completely wrong.

        • Anonymous

          You are right and the previous poster is wrong. The TRUTH always has a bearing.

        • Anonymous

          The only people this will have any effect on are the ones who’s votes can be swayed with a fart.  If the media is how a person chooses a president then that is not going to change for those people and you can sway them any number of ways.
          Straw polls will have no less of an effect than these silly opinion polls that are always being run.
          The way we choose who represents our party is a joke and it is evident here.

          • Bob in Boston

            Just because it’s wrong that people don’t do research and pick the best candidate for the country doesn’t mean it’s any less important to “play the game”. The reality is that there is a large block of (mostly) older voters who do NOT get their political information from the internet, and only know what the talking heads on TV tell them. That means in order for certain candidates to get the attention of that voting block, they absolutely need to get the PR associated with a “win”, even if it’s a non-binding straw poll. The only reason people think 11-time congressman Ron Paul is “unelectable” despite winning office 11 times and polling nationally as high as Romney in a direct contest against Obama is because the news keeps repeating it over and over. This despite Ron Paul winning office far more times than any other candidate in the election.

            Marginalizing the effect that news coverage has on the election is just not reasonable.

          • Anonymous

            If your intent is too fix the dumb people who vote and how easily they can be swayed I wish you much luck because you will not fix the system.  It is rigged and you have no control over the house.  Your only hope would be to convince the people to join with you but that becomes a circular argument since we have already shown you can’t control the spin that is fed them.
            Do you like chasing your tail?
            I don’t.
            You could make a better case and use your time more wisely just working towards getting rid of this stupid poll.

          • Bob in Boston

            You’re proven wrong by virtue of the performance of Ron Paul in this campaign cycle. He’s doubled or tripled his percentages in every contest so far. Now pretty much everyone in the country at least has some idea what “the Fed” is. What you’re seeing is what some motivated grass-roots people interested in Liberty can accomplish. Lots of people who have never been the least bit political are coming out of the woodwork because they sense there’s something wrong with the country. I know because I’m one of those people – I never voted before 2008 and I’m 41. Ron Paul cured my apathy, and he does that for a majority of people once they hear his true platform. and since the mainstream media goes out of their way to distort his platform or suppress it, it’s up to grass roots people to spread it. And it’s working. So you can say it’s a lost cause all you want – I’m seeing actual results. If nothing else, we’ve already gotten 2 state GOP chairmen to resign due to them getting caught manipulating the elections in their states – that’s progress too.
            Sorry man, but the “you’ll never make a difference” talk is exactly what got us here in the first place. It’s not too late, but it’s close…

          • Anonymous

            Why don’t people see the truth? They say Ron Paul is hurting the Repub’s by splitting the vote. The are so wrong, you see when it is all said and done, it will be a 3 way race and the dem’s an repub’s will get very little and Ron will get all those people with good sense from both sides and win. It is never mentioned how many dem’s that are fed up with Obama’s ways will cross to Ron if given the chance and if Newt and Santorum get out of the way thier repub’s will jump on the band wagon too.
            Then we just have to give Ron a decent congress and house to work with by getting rid of all he imcumbents and putting the right kind of people in thier place. We can do it and we can do it peacefully and legally. Finally the American system working the way it should.

            And anyone caught tampering wih the election results anywhere in any way needs to spend the rest of their lives in Syria to realize how important having the right to vote is.

          • Anonymous

            You can’t honestly believe this scenario.
            The man is going to do nothing but ensure another 4 years for Obama and you are going to help him.
            There honestly just aren’t enough people out there who will succumb to the same religious drivel that you are obviously susceptible to.

          • nunyabizness71

             Well if he isn’t the repub nominee I can guarantee we will have 4 more years of Obama, and since there isn’t a thin dimes worth of difference between Obama, Mitt, Newt and Rick, it will not matter anyway.

          • Anonymous

            I will have to agree to disagree.  I see enough differences to give me someone to vote for other than Obama.  I agree with you that there could be more but none of the people I want to run are running and I won’t vote for the crazy guy just because he says a lot of pretty things.

          • nunyabizness71

            You are entitled to you opinion, but I don’t see the crazy. I’ve listened to hundreds of hours of Ron speaking, and he is the only one that doesn’t sound crazy. He is the only one with a proven track record of upholding the Constitution.

          • Anonymous

            Why did you never vote before then?I have voted in every election big and small since I was able.It’s one of the things my grandfather died for.

        • It also affects fundraising.   Considering that Ron Paul’s donations come from 1/2 million citizens including active military ( 3 x’s as much as the other GOP candidates and Obama combined ), and not Goldman Sachs,  the publicity from a win is priceless.   He was robbed.   There are enough discrepencies in the vote right now to put him over the top, ahead of Romney. 
          This was rigged. I want to know the real vote totals, not the total that benefits the GOP operatives. Romney tried to rush the vote totals because, as his people said, they needed to get out of there.
          It’s collusion, election rigging, vote tampering.  It’s called treason.  It is a felony.

          • Anonymous

            Mitt doesn’t have to worry about raising $$.

        • Anonymous

          Maddow did a segment last night called Where’s Waldo (County)?Well worth seeing.

  • Anonymous

    Charlie Webster and the other party insiders were so eager to get into the limelight that they couldn’t wait to announce the results. They were so eager because nothing else was going on that day, and this was a chance to not only get Maine a little attention, but to get some national face time for them. Shameful!

  • Anonymous

    Webster should resign now. He is an embarrassment to Maine.

  • Anonymous

    Capt. LePage and his ship of fools have run their Hinckley  aground downeast. Perhaps Poliquin could start up a yacht club for them in Eastport.

  • Anonymous

    We have finally discovered the voter fraud that Webster and Summers have been looking for!

    We have met the enemy… and he is us.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe he should go to Indiana.I hear there might be a job open soon for Secretary Of State(Charlie White-R indicted for VOTER FRAUD)Shocked,I tell you.

  • Anonymous

    What is the purpose of this silly little get together statement anyway?
    WE didn’t vote for anyone yet and I thought that is what the primaries are for.

    • Anonymous

      Maine does not hold presidential primaries per se, they hold caucuses, the topic of discussion here.

      • Anonymous

        OK so what is a caucus and why is it relevant?

    • Primaries do not determine presidential preference in Maine. I don’t know exactly what system the GOP uses, I keep hearing it described as a “beauty contest” but don’t know how their rules differ. The Democratic Party system in Maine is pledged delegates from each town to the state convention. It’s a two-step process but it is expected that, unless one’s candidate has withdrawn from the race, that you will vote for your candidate as a delegate. Legally non-binding but morally binding, I guess you could say. I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t voted for their candidate if they were still on the ballot when they reached the convention.

  • Anonymous

    Is this the same Webster that barks “voter fraud” around every corner? I completely understand that this is a nonbinding straw poll, but….. 

    • Anonymous

      He does this because he keeps looking in the mirror and sees the real fraudster.

  • Rigged elections. The final sign that we have arrived at government tyranny.

  • Anonymous

    So “Crazy” Charlie Webster and the leadership of the Maine Republican Party tried to steal an election and got caught. Funny how that works out isn’t it. So now we know that the leadership of the Maine Republican Party is crooked. This is the party that gave us such names as “Job Killer” Paul Richard LePage, “Crazy” Charlie Webster, “Lockstep” Charlie Summers. They also gave us an Attorney General that doesn’t have the guts to issue an opinion and a State Treasurer that uses shoreline zoning to get his property into tree growth. We have constantly heard this bunch put down Maine people, acting like only they know all the answers. They have systematically put down State Workers, Teachers, Firefighters, Police, Nurses and anyone else who’s profession is represented by a union. There has always been and probably always will be corruption in politics. This crowd tries to come across like they are out to protect the security of elections in our State. And now they have been caught stealing one. November can’t get here soon enough so we can toss this bunch of crooks to hell out of Augusta and hopefully out of our lives.

    • Anonymous

      Maine GOP: “Here, I’ll protect your wallet, let me hold it for you.”

      • Anonymous

        Maine DEMS: “give me your wallet, you have no idea how to spend your money”

        • Anonymous

          Either party in a couple of years: “you aren’t allowed to have a wallet”

  • Anonymous

    Voter fraud to rig the out come on an election by Republicans – impossible, only Democrats try to rig elections…

    • Anonymous

      Where were you in 2000?

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm. Seems Mr. Webster might be guilty of some caucus fraud.

  • What concerns me is the trend that the republican party has adopted, from Iowa, Nevada and now Maine. They are continually trying to silence the will of their constituency, which is pathetic and borders on censorship. I have to ask, who owns the republican party, a few elites or it’s members?

    Personally, I think Washington county should vote en mass for Ron Paul on Saturday to send a strong message to party leadership.

    • Anonymous

      5600 registered Republicans participated, 252,000 registered Republicans didn’t!  That is a whopping 3% of the registered Republicans who even cared enough to participate in this silly dog and pony show and 97% who didn’t care at all! 

  • It is at least good that Charlie Webster is equal opportunity. First he tried to disenfranchise people who register on Election Day, and that ticked me off. Now he’s trying to disenfranchise his own caucus goers, and that actually ticks me off more, because in this case he actually has succeeded in doing so thus far.

    It’s wrong no matter who is being disenfranchised, as I said during the Question 1 debate. I feel elections should be decided by every voter that wants to participate. This partisan Democrat hopes that the Maine GOP steps up and counts all the votes, including those in Washington County. There should be no doubt left as to who the winner of the caucuses is.

  • Guest

    Republicans are turning into Dems in the way they run their elections.. Fire them All!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    What’s it matter if they weren’t held in time, still plenty of time before the election I say count all the votes.  

  • (post I responded to got deleted.)

  • Kit McCall

    Maine GOP Chairman Charlie Webster is GULTY of “voter suppression and poll manipulation.” 2/3 majority vote of participating citizens NEED to place a vote of “no confidence” and “removal request” for Charlie Webster. Four Counties need 2/3 vote, ten committee chairs from across the state need to file the motion for his removal for voter suppression and poll manipulation.

  • To |-|311 with the GOP and DNC, pretending to hate each other while taking big money donations from the same group of people. The$e $ame people who have lot$ of ca$h, buying up their power base starting at the top in DC, mockingly taunt us on TV saying things like “the government should tax me more, I make too much money.” I suppose it doesn’t matter how much you tax a person on their income if you have foundations and boards and all kinds of other people who spend your money for you, doing your bidding, you can still spend all the money you make.

    But no, all that isn’t good enough for them. We get one actual genuine good guy out there in the system, like Ron Paul, and the media (media owned by the same people mentioned previously) ignore him. So when ignoring him doesn’t work, because his message is so powerfuly simple, they spend time digging up dirt on him. And when digging up dirt on him only yields a few racist implications that he didn’t even write, they go and fix the election process. And then, when rigging the system doesn’t work (because people actually go out and vote at these things for people like Dr. Paul), they flood the stage with their puppets, chiming in with the words of their masters.

    I’m rather sick of being lied to “for my own good,” okay? I don’t want your groomed puppets leading my country to its demise, spouting the party lines and riling the crowds, just so you can make a few more dollars. When these morons go on TV saying what they believe in, they’re both lying and giving a job interview for the big ca$h donors. It’s like a horse race for these guys, betting on their guy in the system. Betting on a guy from both “sides” would be so worth it, and if I had the money for it that’s how I’d do it.

    Now I truly understand what it is meant by “It doesn’t matter who the people voted for; they always vote for us.”

    • Anonymous

      You can’t seriously support that lunatic.

      • Anonymous

        alot of people parrot the mainstream media that ron paul is a “lunatic” or “crazy”  but noone ever tries to explain why they feel that way.  clearly by ron pauls record in congress, his life achievements, and his predictions that came true of the wars and the economic crises, hes the most sane one running for president at the moment.  not to mention he actually understands economics and history enough to have real solutions that history has shown are exactly whats needed in this dark hour America is in.

      • Haha, keep on watching Faux News and MSNABCNN.

        • Anonymous

          As opposed to getting my news from a place like Prison Planet?
          It amazes me that there can be so many other kooks not actively already belonging to some other cult out there.

    • Anonymous

      Ceegan, you are so right!   What does that tell you about our current political, legal and media establishments? IMHO we no longer have a true “two-party” system, and haven’t for years if ever, but rather a phony two-party system that is really a “twin-party” system – one phony, corrupt, “good cop-bad cop” party dedicated to dividing, conquering & controling us.  Divide and conquer, distract, confuse, all the while acquiring greater and greater power and control, all for our own good, of course.   We are all so used to the b*llsh*t that we have been conditioned to believe and trust as true, that when a genuine, normal, decent, sensible person who happens to be a politician shows up and speaks the truth and common sense, we descend on him like he is a pariah or a “nut” just because were are told to do so.  (Talk about a herd mentality, or what I like to call a HEARD MENTALITY, ie. I heard it, so I believe it!)  Please note that when the entire establishment, especially the leadership of “both” (lol) political parties and the entire mainstream media, include FOX, agrees that he is out of the mainstream and that he, his principles and his followers must be marginalized, ignored or demonized, you know something is up.  Ron Paul, his principles, which are simply the principles of limited government and the US Constitution, and his followers, ie. you and I who are free-thinkers, are FEARED and HATED by these people like nothing else.  What does that tell you about where we are at?          

      • If you understand the quote at the bottom of my previous post, then you know what I know.

  • Guest

    If we allow this to continue, then what do we stand for???
    I am a poor repub, and if this stands with rommey winning Maine through deception, I will vote for Obama.. I can’t / won’t support my own party if cheating and lying is allowed… Ron Paul will fix the leak in the dam while Rommey smiles and tell you the dam is leaking… 

    • Anonymous

      Correction: Romney smiles and tells you the dam ISN’T leaking

    • Anonymous

      You aren’t any sort of Republican if you will support Obama.  
      Even if his opponent was a turnip.

      • A political party exists to put voice to a group of people with like minded policy. If someone wants to quit the party because the party has decided to ignore the people who empower it how is it that person to be held responsible. A more accurate statement would be “how can the republican party be any sort of republican party if they don’t support their  constituents interests”.

  • Anonymous

    Oh the irony. 

  • Anonymous

    You Vill listen to Herr Vebster and do zaz zee zez!!! Zee ist your leader zan you vill OBEY!!!

  • Anonymous

    How about an investigation LePig. Looks like VOTER FRAUD. One Rethuglican screwing another Rethuglican. Bet there is Romney Money involved. Can’t win a Caucus so buy it instead.

  • Guest

    60 Republican met last week on MDI, YES 60. 113  met in 2008  in ALL of Washington county. Isn’t it time to rid ourselves of this antiquated caucus sytem. Let’s get a real primary so everyone that wants to vote can. I doubt that fowl weather would have cancelled a primary vote. I hope it’s not windy this weekend.

    • Liberal Soup N Crackers

      The caucuses should be eliminated in favor of a closed primary. Republicans and Democrats choose their candidates in a primary on the same day.

      • Guest

        It’s difficult enough to get the voting public to stop by their local polling station. We wonder why lots of young people don’t vote. They are jsut not going to spend 3 or 4 hours trying to vote-and the numbers show it.

        • Plus, people have problems finding a day off just to go vote for these things. Not to mention, not everyone who wants to vote, might not be able to because they can’t get a ride there. It’s such a stupid process, easily manipulated.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like ol’ Charlie Webster was right – election fraud is rampant….

    ….in the Maine republican party.

    Rmoney won the caucus the Old Fashion GOP way….

    he stole it.


  • Aroostook County doesn’t show up in the Republicans tally, nor, of course, does Washington County.  A lot of Waldo County isn’t included and, irony of ironies, neither does Waterville, Governor LePage’s neighborhood.  If I was a Ron Paul supporter, which I am not, I would be in Washington County banging on doors to get Ron Paul’s people to the caucuses.  I really hate to see dishonesty regardless of who the perpetrator may be.

  • Anonymous

    Come on Charlie, where’s the fight to fix the voting fraud in Maine?  It sure looks like a Nixon type deal.  No wonder so many people are independents in Maine.  The parties are corrupt and inept.  

  • Anonymous

    What a perfect metaphor for the mess that is the Republican party.  They are so screwed up they can’t even agree on how many votes somebody got.

  • Anonymous

    Personally, I do not plan to support “Obama-Lite”.

    • Guest

      Romney or Obama, its the same political crook, but I wont vote for “anybody” thats not willing to oppose the Quimby National Park

  • Guest

    I don’t care; I will never vote for the RINO Romney, even in a race between Romney & Obama, and Ron Paul is “still” afraid of that fat old national park millionaire…. (Oppose the park Ron)

    In short,,, I wont be voting for either a crook, or a coward— but there is still time for Ron Paul to change, not likely, but it could happen- maybe….!

  • Anonymous

    Who the hell cares. Why waste money  send it to the food bank in Eastport. RON PAUL IS JUST A SPOILER..HE WILLNEVER EVER  76  BE PRESIDENT. GET REAL>

    • Get him in a brokered convention with all our delegates and watch what happens.

    • I sometimes wonder what the motivation is in how some seem to “hate” Ron Paul. I don’t know if it is denial that we are broke, whether they are fearful of the unknown, or whether it is simply protectionism.

      I can’t help but consider why a 76 year old would want to run. He has refused to take the government pension, has always stuck to his word, has said he would only take around forty thousand dollars as a salary, fights for “our” constitutional rights rather than rights of special interest, has a foreign policy that has been backed up by many high up in the CIA and military, and wants to stop the FED from diluting every dollar you have.

      What a horrible man. 

      • Anonymous

        He comes across as a loon.  
        Yes all of the things you mention are nice but the guy isn’t stable.
        Heck he didn’t even read things that were being written with his name on them?  That isn’t as bad as Clinton’s claim that he didn’t inhale but it is frigging close.

        • Well, I guess I don’t see him as a loon, only passionate. If he want to be passionate to protect my rights, I will trust him long before any of the other fungible candidates.

          • Anonymous

            None of the candidates we are given this time around are worth a vote.

      • Why not write in Don Quixote?

    • Ron Paul is the only choice for change.  Unfortunately the party and media doesn’t want a change but the people are hungry for it so they minimize him.  Imagine if he was given the attention like all of the others so far and people heard the truth.  Like the say, there are very few ex Ron Paul supporters.

  • Anonymous

    What a big sorry mess the GOP has become and they only have themselves to blame

  • Guest


  • From Grover Norquist

    {All we have to do is replace Obama. …  We are not auditioning for fearless leader. We don’t need a president to tell us in what direction to go. We know what direction to go. We want the Ryan budget. … We just need a president to sign this stuff. We don’t need someone to think it up or design it. The leadership now for the modern conservative movement for the next 20 years will be coming out of the House and the Senate.[…]Pick a Republican with enough working digits to handle a pen to become president of the United States. This is a change for Republicans: the House and Senate doing the work with the president signing bills. His job is to be captain of the team, to sign the legislation that has already been prepared. }
    How’s that for in-your-face honesty?

    • People are missing an important reason for a Ron Paul candidacy. He is the only candidate against useless wars, propagandasized as a defensive strategy when instead it’s offensive actions (just to line the pockets of war profiteers). 

      If for no other reason (like sound money and avoiding economic collapse) consider the lives that will be spared next year. 1000’s of our soldiers, 10’s of thousands of other humans. Consider 1000s of lives called collateral damage (women and children, maimed and killed). Many lives are literally at stake.

      Maybe that’s why the younger voters like him. Maybe their hearts haven’t been hardened to the horrors of war, while older humans believe what we are told so that some war profiteering billionaire can make another million bucks.
      How’s that for honesty? ;)

  • Webster needs to go.  It’s 2012 and Maine still can’t hold a fair election?  Embarrassing.

  • paulejb

    The Republican record for conducting primaries and caucuses in 2012 leaves a lot to be desired. From Iowa to Maine, Republican organizations seem not ready for prime time. How can they run against Democrat ineptitude if they can’t get their own act together.

  • Anonymous

    I and my wife are 2 of the participants from the Waldo county Caucus who are very angry that our votes for Rick Santorum were not counted. Maybe the Republican establishment is afraid of giving more of a boost to Santorum. David Emery Former State Representative was the Spokesman for Romney. Romney is obviously the Choice of the Party leadership.
    IF you wish to advocate for fairness …. Email these people,

    • Cj

      voteing for Sanscotum, u must be stupid!! RP12

      • nunyabizness71

         Cj I do not believe you are a Ron Paul supporter,  and if you are you should refrain from posting on the internet.  Show some class…

    • Ted, I think CJ is a little out of line. 
      I do have a question though. Rick Santorum strikes me as a man that would like to force his opinion on all of America. Since most of his beliefs are religious based, how can that be squared with the constitution that guarantees freedom above all else.

      This is a serious question. I am simply curious how a moral imperative handed down by a government is a good idea when at some point, it has the potential to turn around and tell you how to live.

      • The people who WROTE the Constitution were religious. I’m religious, but I believe in the total separation of church and state, and it is the law of the land. I would oppose anyone who tried to force any religious beliefs on America, and believe that a majority of religious people here feel the same. By American definition, there are no moral or religious laws, there are only those which our society deems legal, Constitutional imperatives and thus enables government to tell us how to live in those instances.

    • I too think CJ is rude. I’m a Ron Paul supporter, but I support your right to be a Santorum supporter. People who engage in the voting process, regardless at what level or what forum, their vote should be counted! 
      I may not support your beliefs, but I will scream at the top of my lungs for your right to engage in an honest voting process.

  • Anonymous

    As a 14 Year Old New Yorker, I am still disgusted at the blatant and increasingly obvious fraud that occurred in Maine. It is a disgrace to the GOP, a disgrace to the great state of Maine, and personally is drawing me away from voting for a Republican (unless it is a Paul, Ron (2nd Term) or Rand) in 2016 and would choose me to either vote Democrat or maybe even Libertarian. The GOP is losing it’s youth base, and will be a third party very quickly if it keeps up the crap. No One But Paul, you had your chance GOP, and you blew it. Redeem yourself in 2012, or Obama will win. We, the people, the intelligent people, will not vote for corporate fat cats and liars anymore. RP’12

    • Don’t vote for the lesser of two evils, simply don’t vote or write-in someone as your vote. Voting for the lesser of two evils is the difference between voting for a Communist totalitarian system or some theocracy totalitarian system.

    • Anonymous

      as much as i love ron paul, i seriously doubt at age 81-82 he will be running for president again.  Rand is the next best thing probably, but some say hes not quite as dedicated to liberty and the constitution as his father.

    • Anonymous

      If you really believe in what Paul says, you can’t vote Democrat.  I understand not voting Republican if it is a guy like Santorum, but at least do a protest vote for a third party.

  • Anonymous

    I did not say he was a bad man. He has good ideas. He might get things in the Platform but at 76 he will not be President. I have made up my mind to write in Donald Duck. We cannot  SORRY to say withese four defeat Obama.   Costa Rica is looking good.

    • What a beautiful country. Democracy without a military, what a concept.
      When Ronald Reagan was running for president, he was asked about his age and he simply said that he promised he wouldn’t hold his opponents youth and inexperience against him.

      • Awesome John! However, Paul doesn’t advocate no military. He’s the only candidate with military experience. We need a good national defense.
        However, people should realize, as they look at Ron Paul (in tip top physical and mental condition) that he grew up during WW2. He doesn’t know about it from government printed history books, he was actually alive and aware of it. Just the same as I grew up during Viet Nam. Paul remembers Korea clearly as well. Paul was in the service during Viet Nam. My point? People who personally experienced what a World War was, are adept at knowing what caused it, what won it,, and most importantly, how to avoid another one. We may be closer to WW3 than we realize.. Maybe experience, maturity, common sense, knowledge and wisdom is exactly what is needed right now.

        • I know Ron Paul doesn’t want no military. We should protect ourselves. my comment was based on Costa Rica, managing to maintain a democracy for now 63 years with no standing military, and being able to do that situated in between Nicaragua and Panama. I guess if you treat your neighbors with respect, they might respect you.

          • Did we not treat Germany and Japan with respect?

          • Do you mean after we killed a lot of them? Yes
            My point was only the illusion that most people have in the US that the only way to have peace is through war. And Costa Rica in between Nicaragua and Panama who both have had serious issues, Costa Rica never once was invaded without even having an army.

          • How about Norway, Sweden, Holland, Nepal and etc.? Remember or know of Hitler’s dismissal of the Pope? “Here I stand with my tanks!”? Were the Jews attacking Hitler? Your statement “My point was only the illusion that most people have in the US that the only way to have peace is through war” makes me question that 160 IQ, your judgment, or your honesty. I guess if you treat Pol Pot or Stalin with respect, they might respect you. You appear naive.

  • There could be some very good news on the endorsement front coming soon for Ron Paul!!  Check out this article…. “Will Tony Bennett Endorse Ron Paul?”

    • Anonymous

      Will Thomas Jefferson  endorse Wrong Paul®™–who knows? Stay tuned!  Will the radical white supremacists at Stormfront and the American Third Position Party continue to support Wrong Paul®™?  Will the Wrong Paul®™ campaign tell us what Paul and his son had to say to the members of these White supremacists when they both met with them at CPAC?  Stay tuned, but I’m thinking those were privileged conversations.

  • Anonymous

    Republicans disenfranchising voters; what a surprise?

  • Anonymous

    Heres a twist to the story.  Kevin Raye knew Romney did not have the votes to win, so he called Charlie
    to reschedule due to real downeast BLIZZARD.  Knowing all along that Rayes own county would not support a main stream Republican.  If they would not support Romney they sure as hell won’t support Raye either.  Lets just give a win to Michaud before the vote.  What happens when an intake value loses it timing?  Answer: BACKFIRE!

    Comments requested by Snookie. 

    • Anonymous

      Conspiracy theories, again???????

  • What’s all about this and that…the fact is…..go and have a good ‘CHANGE’ in America the one everyone is chanting way back in 2008…..a CHANGE in 2012….

  • mrspeel2

    “Maine GOP Chairman Charlie Webster said Monday that including all caucus votes likely would not change the outcome of the state’s preference poll.” Whatever the outcome is not the point!!

    Once again our state is sporting a political black eye and the GOP should be ashamed of themselves for trying to pull a fast one! Do they think we’re stupid?  It’s bad enough that
    in their flawed wisdom, the GOP “officials” – and I use that term loosely –   decided any towns having future caucuses  would not included in an update, it’s now very obvious they purposely left off several communities while they were tabulating the votes on Saturday.

    This is America and EVERY TOWN VOTE should be included. They had better reconsider or else they will lose what little credibility they may have enjoyed to this point!

  • creeper

    Shades of the fustercluck here in Iowa, where it took four days to get the results right.  The Chairman of the Iowa GOP was so far in the tank for Romney and so adamant about not declaring the true winner that the board of directors forced him out.

    And I thought Dems were crooked.

    • They BOD were in the know. The Chairman took a hit for the team and simply resigned. Problem solved, business as usual (move along, nothing to see here). He will find a soft spot to land, watch and see where he goes after resigning. It will be a “reward” position.

  • Anonymous

    My kids used to say “cheat cheat never beat” and it is true. How does Romney think all this publicity is helping his campaign? Has he never heard the phrase, “As Maine Goes, so goes the nation?”  We may be a small population but we certainly don’t give up easily, he should read up on the ice storm of 1998 to see what we Mainers are made of!

  • I am a RON PAUL supporter.  I am NOT a “republican”, nor a “conservative”, and if I were, I’d be so embarassed (to say the LEAST) that I would never allow either to ever call me that again.

    EVERY time Ron Paul is heard, he wins at least 50% of the vote, and as much as 92%, leaving all the rest to divide up pennies.  And WHY does the world not know that?

    THE LIARS AT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY–who seem to stretch all the way from here (California) to Maine!!  I don’t know a SINGLE one who has EVER uttered a truth in its miserable, self-defeating, hoist-yourself-on-your-own-petard life.

    • Anonymous

      Have you ever heard of Field McConnell? He is running for POTUS and loves the phrase hoisting on their own petard.   I plan to vote for McConnell. 

    • Anonymous

      I have heard him and I am NOT for Ron Paul

    • Yes! Yes! Surely the Republicans control the lamestream media and don’t allow any nice things to be said about Wrong Paul. He’s a voice crying in the wilderness, a real Don Quixote. The Republicans have managed to stifle him for all of his 76 years! Man, they’re GOOD!

  • Anonymous

    This simply shows which way Charlie Webster wants Maine to go–pro-Romney–Iowa actually went for Rick Santorum, but by the time it was announced, the hoopla was for Romney.

  • Anonymous

    Seems like the Maine Republican party needs some organization skills

  • This fiasco in Maine,  as well what happened in Nevada proves the GOP is more concerned with providing a choreographed nomination process to elect their establishment candidate Mitt Romney, than it is to give the party faithful a voice.  Shameful.  This independent voter is voting for no one but Ron Paul as I did in 2008.  The GOP seems hell bent on repeating 2008 and handing Obama another easy victory. 

    • Anonymous

      So why did the Iowa victory get taken from Romney?

      • It didn’t. It got taken away from Ron Paul. He was a clear front runner in those 8 missing precincts (not counties). There was a huge turn-out from IA State Univ. voters and they were big Paul fans. They saw their votes get lost. Good way to get young voters educated on the American election process, right?

  • Steven Wolma

    I keep hearing conservatives talking about what is best for the GOP;  “just get a Republican president in there, regardless how flawed and worthless they are”. Does this country have a moral center anymore?! I don’t know about you, but I’m voting for my candidate, not the political party they happen to be running in. In fact, both parties can go f___k themselves for all I care; they are part of the problem. You know someone is brainwashed when they claim allegiance to parties that have both strategically robbed them blind for the last 50-60 years, whose sole goal are to win elections.  Both parties pass legislation that undermines the very taxpayers that pay their salaries; These same politicians give themselves pay-raises on behalf of the taxpayer, and pass legislation that is favorable to corporate lobbyists, rather than to the American people. When Congress came up with reforms for cutting the military budget, they focused, not on closing military bases in non-active countries, not on making the DOD more efficient, but by cutting pay for military personnel (yet they are the first to talk about the sacrifice our troops are making, and to wear the yellow ribbon); that’s how these scumbags think. So, for the sake of rationality, vote for your candidate, not the political party. 

    • Well, I don’t like that Hitler guy, but he’s a Republican, and we gotta beat Obama!

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t matter   —- After a “for real” election in Michigan  Mitty will be toast and unfortunately the great State of Maine will be a laughing stock.  After what just transpired Maine is better off seceding to Canada.

  • Anonymous

    An attempt to expedite the procedure for Mitt has backfired by raising fairness and special interest concerns.  I think that Mitt’s wealth should disqualify him from the race because anyone that rich has to be corrupt and self-centered.  Ron Paul speaks the truth and will reduce the cost of government while placing military intervention in proper perspective.  Maine’s other political party (Democrat) tried similar tactics when trying to keep Ralph Nader off the ballot.  This type of maneuvering by the political elite should not appear in local politics.  Regardless of the vote in Washington County, Ron Paul has gained positive  support and Mitt Romney is tainted by the image of back room politics.

  • Anonymous

    Read the news letters with his name on it and then get back to me.
    As soon as you use prison planet as a reference you lose all credibility.

    • Anonymous

      There is some better or at least more revealing information from this month:  here, here and here!

      These three sites are all talking about recent emails between Paul and white supremacists–not from 5 years ago, not from 3 years ago, but from last month! Turns out the Wrong Paul´®™ supporters are correct about one thing the leopard doesn’t seem to have changed his stripes: One a white supremacist always a white supremacist!

  • Based on what happened in Iowa, if nothing else, shows that the true result of each election should be reported. The Iowa party denied Rick Santorum the true mantle of victory. If Ron Paul would be the winner after all Maine votes were counted, Maine risks the same result. Fairness demands that the announcement of a winner be rescinded until all the votes are in. Here, especially, it was an act of God, the snowstorm, that kept whole counties from voting, on top of the other irregularities. 

    • Considering the very close 3rd position Paul held in Iowa, and the 8 missing precinct votes (included Ames – IA State University) Paul may have very well won Iowa. Why are they trying to hold him back? If he isn’t viable the voters will decide. Maybe the high echelon truly believes Americans shouldn’t be trusted to pick our own leaders.

    • Rick Santorum is indeed the winner of the Iowa Caucus. Have you not been listening to the report?

      • Anonymous

        Only because they lost votes in 8 counties.

  • Anonymous

    If the GOP leaders in Washington Co knew their votes wouldn’t be counted if they missed the deadline, they should have held the caucus. Otherwise why should anyone bother to vote now? If I was a party member, I’d be very unhappy with the people who deprived me my right to vote. That is not something to be taken lightly, whether it’s the presidential election or dog catcher. 

    • They didn’t know. The article here is wrong, wrong wrong. The Washington County chairman said: 

      But Washington County GOP Chairman Chris Gardner objected, saying he had known his county’s tally wouldn’t be included in Saturday’s announcement but didn’t realize it wouldn’t be counted at all. He said he had called state party leaders and “expressed my complete and utter dismay.” 

  • Anonymous

    I really think the ones that are worried about it are the Lefties. Just stirring the pot…. Who really cares?? The GOP has no one who can beat Obama…..

  • Encourage Charlie Webster to resign.  Just listen to how ignorant he is.  He HAS to go.

    • Anonymous

      he sounds like a liar to me

  • Vote for Ron Paul, the man is smart enough to wear sneakers…. that itself should speak volumes to some people……       that and he is the only that has a snowballs chance of against Obama….  At least the debates would be worth watching….

    • If only he didn’t wear them on his ears!

  • Anonymous

    The rules set out by the party, gave a deadline that wasn’t met.  It’s too bad that they didn’t get them in in time, but rules are there for a reason. 

    • Washington County was told their votes would count when their caucus was cancelled for “snow”. hmm.. Maybe they might have protested at that time, had they not been lied to. 

      What other precincts were lied to? Rules shouldn’t count when they are fabricated, on the fly, to alter the results of the people’s choice. Even if I supported Mitt, I would still like to see an honest caucus.
      Otherwise, why even go through the motions of a pretense of some sort of election process? Just let the “puppeteers” tell us who will be in charge of our country, and we can simply accept that with our tail between our legs. Is that what you really want? Is that what everyone can accept?

      • Anonymous

        What is your proof they were lied to?

        • The Washington County GOP Chairman (a Romney supporter) said he was lied to. It was televised and now showing him stating it on video. Chris Gardner…
          He states clearly, that he was lied to by Charlie Webster. Google it.

          Even though he is an admitted Romney supporter, he is livid that he was lied to and his county won’t get counted. There are also 2 counties that did get in on time and the tally was turned to all 0’s by the State GOP. Another county chairman is testifying that the numbers he turned in were changed.

    • Anonymous

      What about the town that caucused before 2/11?  Those weren’t counted either.

  • Anonymous

    dear charlie the next time I will support and vote for a Republican candidate is when u are gone from being the furnace repairman or chairman.who will we see in augusta soon.

  • The Republican Establishment is doing all they can to install kingship on their man. They’ll stop at nothing to achieve their ill-conceived goal including tampering with the primary election results. Good luck to them!

  • Anonymous

    I’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you. A dishonest count? In the United States of America? Can’t be!

  • The Washington County voters should be added after they vote. Regardless of the excuse “it’s just a beauty contest”. All beauty contests have winners and losers, we should all know who the real winner should be, and not what a few in the upper echelon of the State GOP want as a winner. These caucuses have a lot to do with public perception and they need to be honest and forthright, especially in Maine. Maine is perceived as a bastion for liberty and individualistic thinkers.

    Looking at weather history for Machias, ME (Washington County) for the entire last week, 00.0 inches precipitation. 40F on Thurs., 42F on Friday.

    The state GOP postponed Washington Co. Maine’s caucus for snow: 00.0 inches of it. Weather Underground extrapolates their data from NOAA info. Go to NOAA and check history there as well.

    • Anonymous

      I really want to listeb to Weather Underground, LOL.

      • So you are familiar with that weather reporting company? They use NOAA data and assemble it into very cool graphs and charts. But hey, if you are not familiar with a site that gets 3.5 million hits a day, negotiate your way through NOAA and see the same results.

        There was no heavy snow predicted by NOAA nor was there any snow (under 1/4″ is reported as 0.00 in.)

  • Anonymous

    it won’t matter what the “official” count is, if paul gets enough votes to go ahead of mitt romney that’s enormous. that could blow romney’s campaign completely out of the water. and that could happen, with the people in washington county now aware the whole world is watching.

  • Anonymous

    This is the party  that wants to “fix” the voting system in the United States? Ha!

  • Anonymous

    Well, now I certainly want the Republican Party to run future elections in my town, state and country…. they do such a good job!

    Seriously, it is basic “Elections 101” –you do not release any results in an election while others are still voting.  That includes people in other time zones, by the way–as in presidential elections.

    And you make sure you have heard, one way or another, from every constituency (or in this case, town).  Not hearing does not mean ‘zero’ votes, it means you do not have a number yet.

    And they wonder why people resist their “improvements” to the voting process in Maine?

    Keystone Kops, Three Stooges, politics.

  • Austininc4

    The  GOP  are using  the   primaries  as  practice  for the general  election,  when  they  will  be trying  to STEAL  elections  nationwide.

  • Christopher West

    Where’s Waldo Republicans, that’s what i want to know!!

    • Anonymous

      Love it!

  • Anonymous

    Why should anyone be surprised?  The Republicans have been trying to skew the general voting process.  Why shouldn’t they apply the same theory to their own caucus voting process?

  • J.

    Who knew that the greatest perpetrators of  voter fraud witness Maine where votes were not counted and Iowa where votes DISAPPEARED) were those who complain most about voter fraud?

  • Brian Albert

    Counting votes is not brain surgery.  There is a way to do it and make it virtually error free. You count and double count the votes in the precinct in front of witnesses. Then you call the numbers in to headquarters. HQ records the numbers, puts it in a spreadsheet, then reads it back to the sender. The sender acknowledges that the right data was recorded. What on earth is so hard about that? And yet the whole thing is a mess. Some precincts don’t have their votes recorded. Others have the wrong totals. There are errors adding up the total votes in 12 of the precincts. Who knows how many more errors there are? Can’t we get some fair and competent people to work a process that selects our next president?

  • First Iowa then Neveda now Maine do the repuklacans have no shame how many more repuk leaders have to resign in disgrace. The repuklacan party will never get another dime of my money until all the neocon establishment dirtbags are gone and there is  real small government constitutional leadership in place!
    In Liberty Dan

    Ron Paul 2012

  • How about when the Republicans decide on procedures for whatever they run it by Maisel or the “democratic leadership” to make sure it’s acceptable to them? Would that make the authors happy? As to the Waterville vote, if you added that to the L/A, Augusta, Biddeford, and Portland votes, wouldn’t there still be too few Republicans for a good Bingo game?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, small population in those.

  • If you like earmarks, you’ll LOVE Ron Paul!

    • If you don’t understand how the budget works, you’ll comment about earmarks!

      • I know how earmarks work, and that Paul has never apologized for his.

    •  whats wrong with earmarks? at least you know where the money is going.

      • You know where the money’s going when you’re mugged, too, but you don’t have to like it!

    • Anonymous

      Don’t you mean ear rings?

  • Anonymous

    This entire mess has made me take a good hard look at Ron Paul.

    • rons the man,the more he shines when they try to stop him.Their getting what they deserve…ha..ha…ha

    • rons the man,the more he shines when they try to stop him.Their getting what they deserve…ha..ha…ha

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, Wrong Paul’s®™ running at 5%  to 7% in national polls among Republicans; he is certainly the man, I sure hope he keeps his pledge to retire because he and his philosophical necrophilia have just about run their course.  We can’t fix what is wrong with American capitalism by hyper-capitalism.  And anyone who thinks that is as delusional as this troubled old coot!

    • Anonymous

      I sure hope so here’s something you might want to look at:  Maybe it will make you want to vote for him even more; he has some strange followers:  here, here and here!

  • Guest

    I am no Paul supporter by any means but truth is, it’s obvious the GOP is in the tank for Willard and will stoop to this to get him across the finish line?  They’re just making it worse for their handpicked liberal progressive severely handicapped candidate. 
    The guy in Iowa had to resign.  Nevada was a cheat.  The CPAC was bought by Willard.  Now the cheat is in, in Maine?  Is the GOP going to go cross country and do the cheating for Willard?  This is ridiculous and shameful.  Beyond the pale.

    No Willard/ backing Gingrich and/or Santorum…anybody but Willard the cheat

  • Anonymous

    The GOP does what it feels is right… whether anyone likes it or Not…

  • Anonymous

    It’s about time!Looks like there were some shennanigans in favor of Mitt…..And if this was an attempt to keep paul from garnering some momentum,then that is particularly bad…

  • Anonymous

    Who cares?   This whole process is nothing but a non-binding, non-counting, no delegates chosen and less than 3% of the registered Republicans even caring enough to participate, politically meaningless
    theatrical performance.  This was a meaningless dog and pony show; from the start an exercise in futility.  Why keep up this senseless charade, the only people who are are the followers of Paul who has always done well in worthless and meaningless straw polls such as this, but when it comes to meaningful states where delegates are chosen, he falls flat on his face every time.  Yet here are his followers whining away at this miserable, meaningless, nothingness! 

    • i agree with you;ron paul for president,,,the people have spoken

    • Anonymous

      Who cares? Well, this is for sure, SOMEBODY cares enough to try and steal the election. A dog and pony show indeed. If that were the case, Romney wouldn’t have given a victory speech, the GOP wouldn’t have tried to stifle the Paul vote, and you wouldn’t be here saying it was a meaningless election. Go tell the 6000+ Mainers that their vote is meaningless. I dare you.

    • Anonymous

      Who cares? You’ll care when your establishment candidate is up against Obama and can’t get the support of the segment of the GOP that supports only Ron Paul, as well as Independents. Good luck with all that.

      • Anonymous

        Wrong! I won’t care one bit.  Just like the other 252,000 registered Republicans here I knew this was nothing but a meaningless dog and pony show that had absolutely nothing to do with the Republican primary.  For your information Wrong Paul®™ is currently  polling somewhere between 5% and 7% with Republicans nationally.  So I would say that it is going to take a lot more than a meaningless Maine straw poll to change the trajectory of the Republican primary!

      • Can you say “Dog in the manger?”

  • And these are the people who want their party to run the whole country? Not very encouraging is it?

  • dennisfisher


  • Peter Hill

    And this is the party that wants to run the whole country?

  • Anonymous

    Well obviously you can’t trust the GOP with numbers.

  • Anonymous

    If Paul wins the recount he’ll be front runner for President of Maine. Go Ron!

  • Anonymous

    now the traditional gop is keeping itself busy disenfranchising its own voters, as practice for the general election. hope the gop/tp’rs are learning a good lesson.

  • As all Yankees (not the team) know and as the saying goes… There’s the right way-the wrong way-and the Maine way… ehh yup! 

    • That’s “ayuh”, those professing to know the “Maine Way” should know that.

      • majorwiblit

        Oh Ayuh,,,,to be more precise

  • Anonymous

    I just love Maine. The rain in Maine falls mainly on Portland, except it’s snow. WHICH means that Mainers would never be intimidated by THREE INCHES  of the fluffy stuff. If anyone told a Mainer they couldn’t vote because of a dusting, it would automatically raise suspicions. Yep. The GOP is at it again, trying to throw an election, even a little ‘ol beauty contest type election. You see, since the GOP is all about false perceptions anyway, they figure who would care if they cheated some Mainers. Well, guess what, goppers, Mainers deal with nor’easters, blizzards, giant bull moose, and the ocassional French speaking Canadian, so you are some kind of sadly mistaken if you think you’re gonna give’em the runaround! They’ve seen and dealt with far worse than you!

  • Apparently the Paul supporters are sore losers. Whatever, at least they’re consistent. It’s their last hurrah. It’s up to them whether they choose to become responsible citizens in future.

    • Excuse me! A little offensive. 
      I am a Ron Paul supporter because our country is broke. I graduated with a 4.0, have an IQ of 160, started my own business and have made a couple million dollars in my lifetime. 
      Perhaps some day I’ll grow up and become a responsible citizen someday.

      • First, congratulations on your success. You have a right to be proud of it. Hope you’ve managed to hang onto the bulk of it and done good things with it. And fortunate to have such an IQ, my own is rated less, at 138, as I recall. Who will you support when Paul is done? Our country will still be broke, and needing fixing. Will you stay home, or vote for some 3rd-party candidate who has no chance, and let Obama and the democrats win by default? Don’t you think we need to support Romney, if he’s the only candidate who can beat Obama, and do it soon? We need to be working together now, not fighting amongst ourselves, time is getting short. It IS a referendum on Obama and the democrats, let’s not participate in diverting attention from that. As a businessman, you must know there’s a time to cut your losses. Ron Paul can’t win.

        • Many of us will support Gary Johnson, who will have a good chance to win the election. You heard it here first.

          • Will you feel bad if Obama wins by that number of votes?

        • Actually, if Ron Paul doesn’t win and doesn’t run third party, I will most likely write him in. No one else is even talking about reducing the debt and I think that is the biggest threat to our national security.

          The way I figure it, there is really no appreciable difference between the President, Romney, Santorum, or Gingrich other than which cronies pockets our borrowed money will flow into.

          I won’t vote for Obama because of NDAA 
          I won’t vote for Romney because he is more left than the President, plus I don’t trust him
          I won’t vote for Santorum because I don’t want to live under a theocracy where religious belief controls decision making for everyone.
          I don’t think Gincrich has a chance, plus why would you vote for a congressional reject.

          All except Paul supports the President having rights over my due process of law, and I can’t have that.

          • Anonymous

            Then welcome to 4 more years of Obama.

          • Agreed, that’s a default vote for Obama. Considering what they’ve already done, imagine the things he and the democrats will do if they don’t have to worry about re-election.

          • I think the majority of the house and senate is going to turn conservative/tea party because more and more people are realizing we’re broke and they know the dems won’t do anything about it.

          • Anonymous

            SO if you guys don’t care who wins, why don’t you vote for Ron Paul. He can’t win if you don’t vote for him.   

    • The first Ron Paul supporter I met was a veteran who just got back from Iraq in 2007.   When I went up to shake his hand and thank him for his service, he told me that he wanted to get involved in serving his country back here — and the man that he wanted as his president was Ron Paul.  Ron Paul is the only one with courage and wisdom to know that you don’t have to hide behind bombs to get things done.  How did Reagan and Gorbechav end the cold war?   It wasn’t by threats and sanctions and snotty comments.   It was by diplomacy.

      Ron Paul is the only one who’s had boots on in the service besides Rick Perry.   Mitt Romney ran for the hills of France waving his missionary waiver so he didn’t have to serve in Vietnam – even though he was perfectly willing to say he supported the war while he was in college.   And somehow for all his love of country – he hasn’t been willing to encourage a single one of his multi-millionaire able-bodied sons to serve their country (unlike Huntsman who had 2 sons in the service).    And despite all he supposedly knows about business and putting people to work, he hasn’t bothered to actually use any of his millions to start up a business and show up on workdays and put people to work.   He owns 8 homes – but lied and said he lived in his son’s basement so he could vote  in Massachusetts and never mentions California because it would turn off conservatives.

      Instead he’s spend the last 8 years plotting his run for presidency and in the last 4 has been quietly buying up influence in crucial places — right down to the state party chairs.   And every time any other candidate gets near him, out come the nasty ads, lies, and Karl Rove-like attacks  like the fake emails saying Newt’s second wife claimed he forced her to have an abortion.

      This is scary stuff people.   If he gets in, he’s going to turn as much of the country over to ventrure capital firms as possible and make his investors richer than they ever imagined — starting with foreclosed homes owned by the government.  He’s already mentioned that the government should foreclose on homes, sell them to venture capital companies and the companies can rent them out (at a handsome profit no doubt — after robbing people of their equity).

      Think first, then vote. But no matter who wins an election — let’s make sure that the process is honest at least. I predict another stolen election ala Ohio.

  • Dave Garry

    The GOP would rather self-destruct than let Ron Paul win a state. 

    •  Then we should let them self-destruct. Free market principles dictate that the establishment Republicans are taking their own risk by shunning Paul and should suffer their own consequences, up to and probably including the eventual dissolution of the Republican party.

  • Anonymous

    Does it really matter?

    • For Paul to gain some momentum in looking like a viable alternative it just might.

      • Anonymous

        Paul hasn’t won a single state yet.

  • This is no clerical error. Counting votes really isn’t that hard. It addition, not Advanced Calculus. And checking a box when a counting is added. My five year old can check boxes all day long. This is no clerical error at all. This is political corruption. Blatant political corruption.

  • Only count the votes you want to that helps the man you want to win. Not bad if you live in Iran

  • Corruption in Rethuglicant politics? Noooooo, tell me it ain’t so!!

  • Anonymous

    These people are either a) too incompetent to accurately count a few thousand votes; or b) as crooked and lacking in democratic values as the clowns running Syria, Russia, and Iran. Take your pick. Either way, it’s an embarrasment to the State of Maine and to this country.

  • Anonymous

    The Rethuglicans stole the Presidential election away from Vice President Gore in Florida by only counting certain votes and losing other votes. So why is this news when one Rethuglican steals votes from another Rethuglican.

    • Anonymous

      excuse me, but Gore only wanted to recount votes in 2 or 3 counties that were heavily Democratic and he wanted to discount military votes.  How fair was that?

  • So that’s where the former Iowa GOP chairman went after throwing the Iowa caucuses for Romney.

  • The Republicans are stealing the straw polls away from Ron Paul so the press won’t talk about him.

    Unfortunately for them, the delegates are going to Paul. (However, the Republicans in charge are also fighting against this as well.)

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it odd that the republicans are constantly hollering “voter fraud” and it usually ends up they are the ones committing it. The republican party wants Romney to be the candidate and the ones who are voting don’t . Look what they did in Iowa. Santorum wins and they gave it to Romney. Maybe Ron Paul won and they gave it to Romney.  Wonder what crooked mess they will try in the general election.

    • Anonymous

      They didn’t count 8 counties in Iowa that were going toward Romney.  You didn’t see Romney cry and whine.  Instead, he congratulated Santorum.

      • wow, you are truly uninformed CQ. It was 8 precincts, not 8 counties. One included Ames (IA State Univ.) and Paul had that demographic wrapped up. His 3rd place was so close, it’s quite possible he would have taken Iowa had they not “lost” those precinct votes.

        Of course Mitt didn’t complain. It could have moved him to 3rd instead of 2nd had those votes been found and counted. He was happy to get the initial publicity surge of being called 1st, and not suffer the humility of a 3rd place finish.

        I can’t believe people will condone and/or defend voter fraud, to see their candidate win. It’s a double edged sword folks, and if it works for you at one time, it will work against you the next. Most tragic, regardless who wins or loses, when there is voter fraud the entire nation loses. We lose the ability to pick our own leaders, and it gets left up to Goldman Sachs, BOA, JP Morgan/Chase, etc.

        If everyone is okay with that, we should just dump the election process and turn it over to Wall Street and War Profiteers.

  • Constant Comment

    Funny how all the voter fraud the GOP has been legislating against is only being committed by the GOP.  Is it intentional or are they just incompetent?  I call it a tie.

  • Anonymous

    So many conspiracies, so few libertarians!

    Why not have a plurality of 5,600 votes out of 258,000 determine…; what is again they are determining, that’s right what a plurality of those 5,600 think–that’s about it. Certainly there must be sinister forces afoot if someone is trying to keep the true count of these 5,600 meaningless votes secret! There is definitely something rotten in Portland! I say this is a job for the CIA! Maybe Stephen King knows who did it!

  • The results likely won’t change anything.  Let them if it’ll shut em up.

  • Mormon’s & Scientologist are funny people.  They make me laugh but heaven forbid that one should ask me to vote for them for a public office.    Silly.

    • Uh…why just single out them?  Catholics and Jews can be just as nutty. 

      • I stand corrected and in total agreement.   Add pervy to the Catholics (although I love most drag queens).

  • The GOP has been shoving the voter fraud, fraud because they know it is one way to disenfranchise many voters who tend to vote for Democrats.  But it seems that in this primary season they are the ones committing most of the voter fraud.  Real voter fraud in the general election is a myth but anyway to steal an election for the Republicans. Remember 2000?

  • It is interesting that people that knew the rules now want to change the rules. . . Like Santorum and Gingrich not qualifying for Virginia so the state rules are unfair.  What is with the after the fact discussion of the rules?

  • Wow that is a new low for Republicans, they are disenfranchising their own party members.  Makes me wonder what kind of crap they will try and pull in November.

  • This is starting to look like Romney will steal the election through his cronies in high places and low places.   In Iowa, they had a mysterious 50 vote difference in one caucus, then there was the caucus where the guy took a picture on his phone of the vote total and it got changed.  Then they say there won’t be a recount, and then they allow it.   Nevada had smoky stuff going on and now this blatant disregard for not just one but THREE counties?!!    
    And then Missouri where they have a $2 million primary – but it doesn’t count.  And then the Ron Paul organizer telling how in Colorado, the party people were told not to let anyone under 40 become a delegate because they might be a Ron Paul supporter.    And then Florida says they’re going to be  winner take all state –  flaunting the party rules.  (Of course Florida was a problem in 2008 because they held their primary early).
    No wonder the Republicans are so concerned about voter fraud — almost every primary and caucus they’ve had has had some very strange things going on.

  • Anonymous

    When Willard “Mitt” Romney showed up at the Portland, Maine Caucus I attended last weekend, during his speech from the stage, he pointed out John Sununu in attendance, and accompanying him on his Maine sojourn. Sununu is current New Hampshire G.O.P. Chairman, a former New Hampshire Governor, and of course served George H.W. Bush as White House Chief of Staff. Other Northern New England “Republican” politicians are in on the hidden “government within a government” conspiracy to suborn our American Republic with their government, which predates our own by 200 years. Yes, it is a conspiracy; call it a conspiracy of Yankees, a conspiracy of Puritans, a conspiracy of the Mayflower (Corporate) Compact, whatever. It is real, it is powerful, and this conspiracy stops at nothing to maintain ill gotten gains in power. In Boston, they refer to it as “The Vault.” I call it “Star Chamber Government.” 

  • REALITY CHECK:  Did Maine GOP Blatantly Cheat Ron Paul out of Victory or a case of Ron Paul Supporter Conspiracy theories?  [VIDEO]  via @Fox19BenSwann 

  • Rachel Maddow had Doug Wead on to break down the Maine Caucus Fraud.

    GREAT Segment.  Must Watch!!

    • Anonymous

      Rachel Maddow  is a Pecksniffian.

      • Quite the opposite, I believe.

  • Jazz11

    Republicans not counting all the votes.  Where have we heard that before?

  • Anonymous

    The Republican establishment  in Maine did not support Paul LePage for governor  He won because he connected with the people of Maine.  While I like Ron Paul I find many of his supporters have never been to a Republican caucus before.  They seem to come in bunches and if Ron isn’t the nominee they will most likely not vote in the general election, however they will be there to keep Paul as our governor in 2014. 

    • Anonymous

      He won because he  bought it when he saw it at Marden’s!’

  • Anonymous

     That naked Football coach has done a better job hiding his antics than Webster has.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t vote for Paul but nonetheless,his votes should be fairly counted.And if this brings about the fall of Charlie Webster-bonus!

  • Anonymous

    By what the GOP establishment has been doing, they have confirmed, at least to me, that they have nothing but contempt for us who are interested in our own and our Nation’s future. The RHINO virus gives colds and the RINO virus has given us nothing but corruption through manipulation! Count all the votes or stop saying that it is only the Democrats who cheat!

  • Seriously, do the people of Maine or does the entire country benefit from allowing cheating to occur, such that a candidate that is not chosen by the people becomes the President or Nominee at minimum? If the candidate is not chosen by the people, then he really has no chance of winning the general election.  Allowing cheating or bigmoney-influence in the election process only secures a loss in the end.  This is clearly a wake-up call for the state of Maine to work towards ensured accuracy and fairness in election processes.  There is no shame in rerunning the entire process in Maine if that is what it would take.  In fact, it would save the face of the GOP, and bring more attention to the state.  

  • The Maine Republican Party did not count “3 counties”.    This is not a re-count.   This is performing a complete count.   I have never seen anything more disgusting than a state party chairman completely ignoring the votes of everyone in 3 counties.  Maine only has 16 counties.  The Maine Republican Party Chairman should resign or be fired.  

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of Maine, a Democrat just won a special election yesterday. Where is the reporting?

  • Deceptive TV advertising by Rick Santorum
    Rick Santorum has a TV advertisement that runs the caption, ‘Served 8 Years on Armed Services.’  I hope Maine voters in Washington Country this Saturday will realize that Rick Santorum is NOT a veteran. He has never been in the Armed Services.  He was on the Armed Services Committee in the Senate.  Sitting on a Senate committee is a far cry from being a veteran. 

    Regarding the other candidates on the ballot, neither Gingrich nor Romney was in the Armed Forces, and Ron Paul served in the Air Force from 1963 to 1968.

  • You prefer Ron Paul, who never had a chance to win. Fine. So now you prefer Obama and the democrats to the Republican choice? Ok, vote for Obama, or stay home, or vote for some 3rd party candidate who has no chance to win, they all amount to the same thing. That’s your right, but I believe that America will be the worse for it.

  • If the rules for when caucuses were to report their votes were set fairly, and everyone knew the rules, then only votes which were reported by the deadline should count. The anarchists should not prevail.

    • Harry H Snyder III

      What about this:

      The person who decided that Washington County Republicans should not vote was the only Romney supporter in the room. I would suggest that the protests are no more Anarchy than Nathan Hale’s cry of “Give me liberty, or give me death.”

      There were a bunch of younger people at Washington Academy who supported Paul.  If the Republican Party is to have a future it needs its younger members.  The best way to chase them away is for the old f^rts in Augusta to tell them they don’t count.

      • Well, let’s just turn the Republican Party over to the younger people at Washington Academy now if they don’t like majority rule. After all, they’ll hold their breath and stamp their little feet if we don’t!

  • Anonymous

    “Maine GOP Chairman Charlie Webster said Monday that including all caucus
    votes likely would not change the outcome of the state’s preference
    poll. ”

    And including Maine’s vote “likely would not change the outcome” of most national races, like the one coming up for president.  Does this mean we don’t get counted?

    Webster doesn’t, deep down in his autocratic heart, believe in democracy.  He believes in getting his way.

  • Anonymous

    It’s over. It’s non-binding. It’s irrelevant.   Move on.

    • Harry H Snyder III

      You think that my vote is irrelevant? 

  • Anonymous

    He will still be complaining long after November 06, 2012!

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t it Charlie Webster, Chairman of the Maine Republican Party, who spent last year making up stories about Democratic voter fraud to defend the indenfensible Maine Legislature’s repeal of same day voting and now we see the same Charlie Webster stealing the election for his candidate. Charlie needs to resign. Now. 

  • Barry_Soetoro_2012

    RON PAUL 2012!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Republicans expect people to think they can balance the budget while they can’t even count simple votes.  This is the kind of math that led to the Bush Recession and would lead to the Romney or Santorum Depression..

  • Anonymous

    Once again Maine Republican Party leaders show their contempt for voices of the epeople, even within their own party. Sad!

  • TrollStomperBoots

    It’s so sweet to see the GOP’s tactic of fixing elections now being turned against itself!

  • Christopher West

    Where’s Waldo GOP, Where’s Waldo???!!!

  • Republicans can’t even get through their own nomination process without fighting amongst one another…how do they expect to beat Obama’s finely tuned campaign machine ? It’s for the best anyway…we certainly don’t need a Republican in the highest office ever again after GWB !

  • It would be a good thing to include all the votes, but it won’t make a difference.  Paul will still win a majority of delegates from Maine.  The only good that could come from this fiasco is that if Paul happened to win a majority of the disenfranchised votes, it would once again show how terrified the GOP is of Dr. Paul.

  • I wish they all just go away…The stupid lying cheating GOP and Republicans. 

  • Harry H Snyder III

    Isn’t anyone else embarrassed that the buffoons on MSNBC are pointing to Maine as a State rife with voter fraud and abuse? 

  • Anonymous

    The GOP should enlist Jimmy Carter to monitor the state primaries. [wink]

    Honestly, at this point,
    the dirty, dishonest and corrupt nature of the establishment GOP is in full view.  They have always feared Constitutional Conservatives like Goldwater and Reagan.  They are afraid of the Tea Party, they are afraid of gun owners, they are afraid of you and me.

    We must root out the Romney-Rockafeller republicans out at the local, state and federal levels.

  • Anonymous

     Let’s see: republican primary disasters in four states now, and none  of them requiring voter ID?

    Damn, where was Acorn in all the conservative primaries?

  • I am NOT a Ron Paul supporter, but I know quite a few people who are also not supporters of Dr. Paul who wanted him to win this caucus and he well should have.  Romney is as crooked as a dogs hind leg, a snake oil salesman and the GOP power brokers are determined that he is to be the winner?  And this article is a really watered down version of the truth.  If the Maine GOP cancelled the caucuses in the upper part of the state due to weather and postponed it until after the 11th, then those votes should damn well better be counted and I don’t believe for one moment that those technical errors reported in this article were errors at all.  They were deliberate misrepresentations of the votes.  And the only reason why some of those “errors” were caught was that some counties went against the State directives and read the results in public before sending them into the capitol.  STOP PUSHING OBAMA LITE ON US!  Yeah, if I HAVE TO, I’ll have to vote for Romney, the crook, but it will be up to the citizens to add a lot more gray to his hair in the next 4 years and make him do RIGHT if he beats the TYRANT OBAMA!  

  • Anonymous

    Who, ultimately, made the decision to delay the Washington County GOP Caucus?  I heard it was the GOP.

    • Harry H Snyder III

      Chris Gardiner, Washington County committee Chairman, and Romney supporter.

      • Are you certain? I watched an interview of Gardner, and he stated that the State GOP informed him that it was to be postponed. He also stated that he was told it would still count (he was really mad that he was lied to). If he is being truthful (and I have no reason to believe he is not) then maybe Charlie Webster should be fired and the job go to Gardner.

        He admitted he was a Romney supporter, but felt like he was lied to. He wants his county’s votes to be tallied and added to the total.

  • Anonymous

    Did I miss something?  I thought it was Democrats who stuff ballot boxes.

    • That’s the crux of the matter. As long as Dems fight with Repubs, and each candidate’s supporters argue and fight with each other, the “powers that be” has set it up to benefit the 1% and “we the people” are none the wiser. Conflict keeps us too busy to see what’s going on.

      The fight between ourselves becomes so important to us, that we miss the big picture, and they prefer it that way. Obama = Romney. Same song, different tune.

  • http://meta-global.blogspot.c​om/2012/02/​ml 

    Voter fraud in Maine to deliberately deny the RP vote. 

    Demand open vote counts in your counties/municipalities before sending the results through to head office

    • I’m not from Maine, but all Republicans have a legitimate interest in the story – and a decision should be made about whether to seat the Maine delegates at all.

      It seems to me you want precinct counts to be public – not hidden.

      And saying that this county or that result wouldn’t change the results – isn’t the point, because in aggregate enough fraud sure does change the results.

      If in each precinct, 3 votes were changed here and 5 votes changed there – sounds like a formula to steal an election.

      After Iowa changed the winner to Santorum, everyone was satisfied, but the new vote total wasn’t much more accurate than the original – whole precincts were never counted – will never be counted.

      The very idea that there could be all these mistakes where mistakes were caught, but everything was accurate in other precincts – not very logically sound reasoning.   In precincts where Romney won – but the secondary balloting was changed by a few votes – don’t expect those precincts to complain.

      The Maine results are forever invalid.  The national republican party should not seat the Maine caucus at all – and that should be the punishment.  I’m not saying in today’s environment, that it will necessarily happen – but I think its a valid punishment, and eventually we need to get to the point where there are consequences for rigging polls and elections.  If you want to have a straw poll, it needs to be accurate, otherwise, don’t bother with one.  What’s the point of the patently inaccurate straw poll?  What does that do?  Announce the personal preference of the Maine GOP leader?

      • Anonymous

        I agree, the punishment should be banishment from the national GOP convention.  A crime has been committed to a severe extent. Fraud cannot be validated.  A binding contract of trust has been violated, and to dismiss it would be a perjury of an oath of office punishable by one year in jail. 18 USC Perjury.

  • Anonymous

    Did Maine do anything different than in years past?  Stop whining.  Missouri was even more of a beauty contest and nobody whined about it when Santorum won.

  • Here are the e-mail addresses of the three people most responsible for this felony.

    Please feel free to let  them each  know what you think about their blatant,in your face, election fraud.

    The more messages they get the sooner they will be forced to resign.

    Charlie Webster- Chairman

    Michelle Dale-Administrative Assistant

    Michael Quatrano- Executive Director

  • G

    Maybe….just maybe, if the Maine GOP had been fair and correct (which to me, doesn’t appear to be to hard…counting: 1, 2, 3….) there wouldn’t be all this hullabollu….gee what a concept.  Further, since the GOP cancelled a caucus when there was no need appears fishy and rightfully so.  ALL votes should be counted given the circumstances!

  • Whoa! I just realized I’ve been wrong the whole time! Paul isn’t going to hurt the Republicans, he attracts the Kucinich/Governor Moonbeam democrat voters, and will diminish the Obama vote! Stay in, Ron, run as a 3rd party candidate! Help us beat Obummer!

  • Rob

    My home state has embarrassed me again.  As a life long Republican it pains me to watch backroom plays.  The dufus in charge of the State GOP needs to be booted out.  He is truly a poor representation of the election process and real close to violating the law of the state.

  • The dirty jews who run America, run both parties. How does a mere 1.5% of the population control? Money and criminal election fixing. Time to consider removing Jews from America by force.

  • Whoa! I just realized I’ve been wrong the whole time! Paul isn’t going to hurt the Republicans, he attracts the Kucinich/Governor Moonbeam democrat voters, and will diminish the Obama vote! Stay in, Ron, run as a 3rd party candidate! Help us beat Obummer!

  • I thought you were supposed to LIKE “slow” people! Now you’re going to hear about that, not PC, your bad.

  • I am your 3 year old daughter, and I’ve never liked you!

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