September 23, 2019
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Comments for: Pressure grows for Maine recount in Mitt Romney win over Ron Paul

  • Mr_Spuddy

    Pressure from who?  You mean someone actually cares about the Maine caucus and its outcome?

    • there is that….

    • Harry H Snyder III

      Romney cared after his lackluster showings in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado.

      • Anonymous

        The ones that should be concerned about lackluster showings are those parties that turned out less that 2% of there registered voters.

        • Anonymous

          You are right about that, and if they hadn’t rigged the system to shut out new parties, the current major parties might find themselves as just faces in the crowd. Multi-party parliamentary systems aren’t necessarily more perfect or devoid of difficulties, but they do allow people to vote for certified parties more in keeping with their philosophies. It also breeds a healthier spirit of compromise to get things done once the election is over. 

          • Anonymous

            I would be more than happy with a viable third or fourth party choice.

          • Me friggin too.

        • Harry H Snyder III

          I do not disagree. 
          Advance a lackluster candidate, make him the “virtual front runner” (even though most people don’t want him.)
          Disenfranchise people who do not toe the “Leadership” line,
          Allow the campaign to run on totally negative ads (so most voters don’t even know where candidates really stand).
          Throw mud till all the candidates look like a Maine pig in early April.

          ….and lo and behold, people won’t show up.

          This didn’t used to be Maine politics, but it seems it is now.

  • Anonymous

    Paul had no more chance of winning Maine than he does of ever becoming President. Paul is only hanging around to be a spoiler and keep his war chest full so that when he does drops out he still has plenty of money to run for re-election to Congress.

    • Doesn’t matter.  Count ALL the votes….

    • Harry H Snyder III

      …and that means it is OK to steal votes?  Most of the “mountain men” I know would disagree.

      • Anonymous

        HHS who stole votes?

        The caucuses were scheduled between the 4th and 11th of February. Washington County decided to “postpone” theirs. Has anyone ever postponed an election because of a snow storm (and not much of one either) before in Maine?

        • It wasn’t Paul’s people that postponed.  It was the STATE GOP.

          • Anonymous

            Never said it was Paul’s people but it wasn’t the State GOP people either.

            From the interview I heard yesterday, the Washington County caucus leaders contacted the state leaders and asked if they could “postpone” the Washington County caucuses one week due to weather. The answer they received was yes. The question that remains unanswered was did the Washington County caucus leaders ask if the votes would count. I would assume that they thought they would but…never assume.

            And if the Girl Scouts did hold their event, the Washington County caucus leaders should look to THEM for leadership and common sense.

          • Harry H Snyder III

            Actually the lone Romney supporter, Chris Gardiner, at the Washington Academy (caucus site) was also the leader of the caucus who decided to “postpone it.”  My vote was “stolen” because I was told (by Mr. Gardiner) that this was a “postponement” not a “cancellation” as Mr Webster has indicated.

            Maybe you need to get some knowledge before you open your pie-hole.

          • Anonymous

            Before I respond to your post let me ask you a question. Was I rude in my response to chris HHS?

            Now, what I posted was from a radio interview on WVOM between George Hale/Rick Tyler and the Washington County Caucus member who “spoke with” GOP leaders about postponing the caucus from Saturday, February 11th to Saturday the 18th. He claims to have received permission to postpone because of the “snowstorm”. He even said “it’s a good thing we did postpone it because the storm was at it worse when we were supposed to caucus”.

            Your vote was “stolen” by inept caucus leadership at the local county level. YOU should have questioned the counting of votes that would have been cast AFTER the closing of the party caucus.

            If anyone is to blame for this, it is the Washington County caucus members (you included) that allowed the caucus vote to be moved to a date AFTER the caucus closed to voting.

            Want to blame someone for this happening…look in the mirror.

          • jd2008jd, I see you making this same comment over and over again.  So it looks to me like you aren’t paying attention to all of the facts.  Several precinct chairs are saying that their pro-Paul votes were misrecorded or not recorded.  That would be the “stolen” votes people are talking about.  I’m actually disappointed Washington County is getting so much attention, considering the number-shuffling that was going on in the rest of the state.  Several precincts got their votes in on time, before the deadline, and still weren’t counted or were recorded inaccurately.  There is evidence that, even without Washington County, Ron Paul is ahead by 2 votes.  It’s not just ineptitude by the Washington County GOP it’s either active manipulation by the whole state or a long string of unfortunate events.

            The best solution is a simple and transparent recount.  I don’t see how anyone can argue with that.

          • Anonymous

            You say there is “evidence”. If there is put it our there. Names, dates, times, counts. Verifiable evidence. Not well someone saw something and they told so and so and they told someone and they told me. I mean Name the people that saw “pro-Paul votes were misrecorded or not recorded”, when, where, etc…

    • poormaniac

      I feel the same way about Romney. 

    • He’s not running for Congress again. 

    • Paul’s retiring from Congress.  This is it for him.

    • He has no plans to return to Congress.  And he returns unused portions of his congressional allowance back to the Treasury department each year.  The man is not your usual money grubbing politician.   I doubt very much he has plans to end his campaign with a “war chest”.

  • Anonymous

    It’s only fair: all the votes should be counted.

  • Anonymous

    I understand that most of Waldo County wasn’t counted either despite the results reportedly being posted on Feb 4th.  So made the deadline by a week and still not counted?

    Here’s the article:

    • Wow.  Any idea which way they lean?

  • Webster and his cronies wanted Romney to win, so they made the rule to not count all the votes. (and they think the Dems commit voter fraud)

    • Guest

       You hit the nail on the head. Webster is just a loud mouth and can’t believe the media gives him the time of day.

    • Anonymous

      Jay C you do understand that the Maine caucuses are non binding which means the delegates are free to vote for
      whomever they wish.

      If Maine wants to be taken seriously, hold a real primary on Super Tuesday.

      Caucuses, especially non binging ones are a waste of time and should be eliminated.

      • yes.. but that his not the point here is it

        • Anonymous

          What is the point paul?

          The caucuses were scheduled to be held between February 4th and February 11th. Anything held before or after shouldn’t count.

          How many events besides the caucuses were cancelled in Washington County on Saturday?

          • The point is that canceling, then discounting Washington County, a Paul stronghold, in a race decided by less than 200 votes, is fraud.

            There was a Girl Scout event that WASN’T canceled… 12 year old can make it through the 3″ of snow, but the GOP electorate cannot…?

          • Anonymous

            chris the Washington County caucus leaders did it to themselves. They asked to postpone the caucus. It was the last day of the caucus. At midnight it was over. Maybe next time they will decide to hold the local caucus on the first day rather than the last.

            We don’t postpone the Presidential election because of weather, we push through it.

          • The Girl Scouts held their event in spite of the “snow storm” (which BTW was a mere dusting).

          • Anonymous

            I think the local GOP caucus leaders should look to those Girl Scouts for future leaders. They “braved” the elements when people caucusing for GOP candidates for President didn’t.

          •  Lol…they were probably Democrats.

      • I do, but I think it reflects something bigger in the repubs party.

        • Non-bound delegates are a plus for Ron Paul, since the other candidates supporters can’t be bothered to stay and be elected as delegates, whereas Paul’s people are fanatics and will camp out to be delegates.

          Brushfires of freedom, tireless minority, and all that.

      • Anonymous

        November 06, 2012 will tell the real story!

        • Why matters the outcome if its Obama vs Obama Lite Romney?

    • Anonymous

      If Maine’s GOP leadership expect to acquire the votes of Libertarians, Ron Paul supporters and Fiscal conseratives in November .. they need to fix this Karl Rove mischief ASAP and tomorrow would not be too soon.

      • Anonymous


        It’s a non binding caucus. So if a delegate wants to vote for Charlie Manson there is nothing to prevent them from doing so. Non binding caucuses are meaningless IMHO.

        • Anonymous

          “It’s a non binding caucus.”

          ” in Portland, results for Romney and Paul were reversed when the state party released the figures,” 

          Should people who can’t even run a beauty contest run a State or Nation ?

          • Anonymous

            If the parties in Maine want to make a difference, then they should support a Primary system. It is not run by the parties and is subject to Maine law rather than party rules.

          • What good is a primary? Here’s the deal, there are a lot of misguided people out there who get all their ideas from corporate media. A majority of voters only know the differences between two candidates by what they see on T.V. If this wasn’t the case there wouldn’t have been an Iraq war for example. If we all had primaries, corporations would literally choose presidents.

    • Anonymous

      Where is Charlie Summers when you need him?

    •  No doubt about it.  Please watch this interview with Charlie Webster.  He really does a great job of exposing how ignorant he truly is.

      Don’t be afraid to give him a call and encourage him to resign as well.

  • Harry H Snyder III

    The spotlight has shifted and no matter what happens now, Webster has insured his man a victory even if the votes were not there.  This process stinks to high heaven.  I saw the Democrat party do the same thing back in 1992 when Jerry Brown had the votes, but Clinton won.  Hate to say it, but the “Iconic great one” George Mitchell’s fingerprints were all over that fraud.

    • Didn’t the Dems to this to Jesse Jackson?  And the Republicns to Reagan the first time, and Buchannan as well?

      History may not repeat, but it sure does rhyme.

  • Anonymous

    A vote that is spread out over weeks is inviting abuse. 

    Some (Romneyites) know the results of votes cast early and can adjust efforts accordingly, while others (Paulists) are kept in the dark. 

    Those in the know can decide when to announce the official “unofficial” count before all of the votes are in.

    The Republican Party already looks like a good-old-boy’s club, with one set of rules for them and a different set for others.

    I didn’t know they used those hijinks against each other too.

    • Anonymous

      “Some (Romneyites) know the results of votes cast early and can adjust
      efforts accordingly, while others (Paulists) are kept in the dark.”

      The way Maine caucuses is no deep dark secret.

      And here are two more observations.

      1) It is none binding which means the delegates are free to vote for whomever they wish. They could vote for Charles Manson if they wanted to, and

      2) February in Maine is always unpredictable in the way of weather. Couple that with a week long “event” and you are playing the odds that the weather will hold for the entire week. Vegas wouldn’t give odds on that in February.

      • Anonymous

        Vote counts from caucuses held on February 4 were held in “secret” by Republican Party leaders.

        • Anonymous

          Was that a violation of state law? Was it a violation of party rules or policies?

          • Anonymous

            Not if the other Charlie is the AG. 

          • Anonymous

            Please provide the state law statue that was violated and “the other Charlie” is ignoring.

      • Anonymous

        I think Charles Manson would be the better choice of the current clowns.

        • At least he is “already” locked up!

    • Anonymous

      There is no honor among thiefs.  Why anybody would vote for these bungling R’s is beyond me.

      • Becasue ONE of them is different.  Ron Paul.

  • Anonymous

    This smells like dead fish heads on a fruitful fishing day, it stinks with fraud.

  • Anonymous

    All this from the guy who’s always snooping around and point fingers at others accusing them of fraud.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s see, the GOP sends up this fine array of candidates, and then they manage to screw up 2 caucus votes so far…yeah, they have the answer to our woes.

    • By my count they’ve hosed up 3 caucuses:

      Iowa  (entire Peaul-heavy precincts not counted, flip-flopped winner)
      Nevada  (entire Paul precincts not counted)
      Maine  (caucuses canceled for snow that didn’t show, Paul precincts not counted)

      See a pattern developing?

      • Anonymous

        Ah, I missed the Nevada one…thx.

  • Anonymous

    After observing the manipulations of the public funds to investigate allegations of mass voter fraud by the Chairman of the GOP, to only now see him blatently denying the vote of one whole county (that voted solidly republican) in the caucuses. It has to be crystal clear that the GOP in Maine is being run by a cricus of fools and clowns.

    Frankly I voted republican in the last election for Kevin Raye and Mcfaden. Even though I’m a registered Democrat. I believed that these two people are good and decent legislators for Washington County. I’m thinking that I made a huge mistake. I know that there is an old saying about strange bedfellows somewhere. The Republican Party in Maine has obviously gotten very strange indeed.

  • Anonymous

    Amateur Hour… What a Joke.

  • Anonymous

    Washington county GOP cancelled the caucus allegedly because of a small snow storm. 
    Well the Girl Scouts had an assembly that day and didn’t cancel.

    To think that the poorest county in the state would vote for a rich man who wears blue jeans broken in by his gardener is absurd.

    Charlie Webster is like a fallen angel, he can tell no truth.

    This whole situation smells like dead fish heads at dockside on a fruitful fishing day; it stinks but it smells of money.  The scavengers are pleased, mostly crows and seagulls, we must be civil.

    Doctor Ron Paul is the winner by 4 votes.  Take it to the bank.

  • Anonymous

    Is Charlie Webster a fraudster? I could make a song about that…..

  • Anonymous

    If still incensed after this shakes out and they still think he’s the man for the job, Paul supporters can try to muster enough support to run him on a Libertarian ticket or as a write-in, or ignore the presidential section of the ballot on election day. OR, we Americans can fix the problem with an constitutional amendment providing for a national presidential primary. It  might just keep us from drowning in the candidate selection swamp.  

    • Keep in mind that Paul supporters, 3rd party run or not, will NOT vote for another candidate.

      It’s Paul or none at all.

      • None at all would be great! Do adults really need a big brother to bully others and make sure lesser siblings don’t hit their own hand with a hammer?

  • every person who votes  should have that vote counted and that vote counts… this is bordering on tyranny… it is the law of the land.. you have the right to vote and you have the right for it to count and therefore be counted .. this is just plain stupid.. count the votes Maine every last one of them..

  • Superuser23

    Anyone ask LePage what he thinks about this?

  • Anonymous

    Republicans have a long history of trying to rig elections.

    • Anonymous

      And non binding caucuses are so…..non binding.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, it’s good to have a little “flexibility”

        in case things are not going exactly the way you want…..

    • Even Republicans cant trust Republicans!

  • chris reid

    They have the ability to do the right thing…swallow their pride and put their egos aside…Count all the votes and then correct the final  final results. To do anything else should have legal consequences relating to fraud.

    • Anonymous

      And the Washington County caucuses had the ability to do the right thing too. They could have met as scheduled or they could have met on any other day or night between February 4th and February 11th. It wasn’t like the storm was a “surprise”.

      • chris reid

        My understanding is that there were problems not involving Washington County that if addressed by a valid recount could well effect the final results. Also I would think the Republican party would want to have Kevin Raye’s home county involved. There are some pretty po’d people over there right now. 

        • Anonymous

          Then those “pretty po’d people” should have braved the “snow storm” and caucused on Saturday then.

          • Their caucus was canceled by the state GOP.  The GOP leadership in their area did it.

          • Anonymous

            chris the local caucus leaders called the state GOP leaders and asked for if they could postpone the local caucuses one week because of weather. The answer they received (based on the interview I heard yesterday of the Washington County caucus leader) was yes, you can postpone it one week. The question that remains unanswered is did the local caucus leaders ask if their votes would count.

  • Romney should not be elected. NO Temple worthy Mormon should. Their allegiance is to their Church, not to the Constitution. They promise their time, talent and EVERYTHING they have to building the Church. This makes them unfit for public office. Add in the racist beliefs and you have people who should never hold public office.

    • Anonymous

      I suppose you would have been in the “Pope” is going to run the country if JFK is elected in 1960 camp too.

      • I was thiking the same thing.

        “No religious test” comes to mind.

  • Anonymous

    When Republicans speak of “change”,

    what THEY are talking about are election results.

    • Anonymous

      ….and “change” in their pockets!

  • Paulee Willette

    Seems to me…the decision was not in the hands of a knowledgeable person..or perhaps one who was not informed..not knowing those votes would not be counted in the total count would have been a red flag to me…so cancelling was in the interest of safety? How does that rig Maines caucus? Knowing 8 votes went to Ron Paul in ’08…out of 113? I guess Saturday will hold truth…and the rules were on the books…as I have observed…Primary might hold the answer in the future…one day…and live with it…

  • Anonymous

    This is too hilarious.  Less than 6,000 people, in the entire state, voted in the GOP caucuses.  They are really going to have a recount for that?  Sounds good to me.  Looks like the GOP will be on their way out the door this November.

    • They don’t really need a recount, they just need to count ALL the votes.

  • Anonymous

    My understanding is that Caucus leaders have been checking their own totals against the official results and consistently find  “errors” favoring Romney.  Vote theft has never been this obvious in US history.  We need to start lynching the election riggers.

    • If this were a tird workd dictator’s election Congress would be passing resolutions condemning the election.

      And yet… nothing.

  • Anonymous

    The answer isn’t to switch from a Caucus to a Primary – the answer is to read the votes aloud on video and put them in a box to be verified immediately afterward… ON VIDEO. It’s really very simple to get this right.

    • Anonymous

      Is this the process used at the Democrat caucuses?

      • No, but it is a good idea.  Votes counted in public, on video.  No secret rooms, no secret calls to undisclosed location, none of that.

        The only reason to NOT have open elections is because you want to be able to commit fraud if you need to.

  • Guest

    I don’t care; I will never vote for the RINO Romney, even in a race between Romney & Obama, and Ron Paul is “still” afraid of that fat old national park millionaire…. (Oppose the park Ron) 

    In short,,, I wont be voting for either a crook, or a coward— but there is still time for Ron Paul to change, not likely, but it could happen- maybe….!

  • Anonymous

    Some people in leadership are letting their contempt for democracy show.  Probably sounds too much like “democrat” to them.

  • whats the point of an election  when the voting machines can be hacked fairly easy, the paper ballots disappear,we  dont even count some counties. and the media  spews propaganda and leaves out what they dont want you to see. our government both sides of the isle are looting the future to bribe the present with a good game of heads they win tails we loose 

  • Anonymous

      Hello Hillary, look, if you can hold off on your charges of voter irregularities in Russia for a jiffy, we’ve got a problem over here in Maine. We’re not talking Ron Paul here Hillary, we’re talking democracy.

    • And yet, silence.  I guess Congress was too busy working on the followup to SOPA…?

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t seen a sideshow this crazy since  lizard boy ( No, not Newt) was at the Bangor Fair !

  • Leave it to Charlie Webster to even disenfranchise members of his own party.

    • Like the GOP hasn’t been doing that to Paul supporters for 4+ years…

  • Anonymous

    Doctor Ron Paul teaches that all people “are endowed by the Creator with un-a-lien-able rights which cannot be subjugated by government.” No power or claim of lien.

    I agree with him completely.  This means that I am the ruler of my own body.  Anything that occurs within the boundaries of my human body are under my jurisdiction and total rule, it is no business of government or anbody else.

    As long as I do not harm anyone in any way to give them cause for action, the government has nothing to say about it.
    This is a teaching of Doctor Paul. 

    Who opposes this principle….anyone….anyone?

    • The political class opposes this principle because popular acceptance would hurt their tax farming business.

  • Anonymous

    It ain’t just Maine.  It’s across the board.  The future of the country can’t be trusted to someone(Paul) who has the nation’s best interest at heart.

  • 9 state votes, 9 sets of excuses why the totals are inaccurate, 9 empty arguments that the inaccuracies are irrelevant.
    2 points here;
    Maine had a TOTAL vote count under 6,000. I’m fairly certain three 6th graders and an hour in a room could have accurately counted them.
    The argument is that it is impossible to get totals correct and that shouldn’t matter anyway. OK so WHY do we have elections, then? If our officials are hand picked, call it what it is. Oligarchy. Let we ‘minions’ know the truth.

  • webster needs to go, just like his counterpart in iowa did..

  • I certainly hope when the votes are counted it is done publicly with witnesses. 

  • Washington County was NOT called off for a “snow storm.”  It was called off for 2 inches of snow.  IN MAINE!  The GOP establishment called it off specifically because Paul did so well in that county in 2008, and they wanted to throw the caucus for Romney.  It’s criminal!

  • Ron Paul supporters, if you haven’t already, please go to VoteRonPaul and make your pledge to vote for him. Take a look at the map that is shown. (It may take a bit to load, btw) It’ll show supporters from across the country. Please share the page with your friends, family and other Ron Paul supporters and scroll down to the bottom to like their facebook page. I would love to see EVERY Ron Paul supporter make their pledge to vote for him. We know that Ron Paul has faced and will face continued efforts to marginalize him and even attempts at voter fraud (Iowa for example!) If we could get every single Ron Paul supporter to this site and make their pledge, it is my belief that it will be hard for them to ignore especially when we start seeing numbers into the millions. We would make people’s eyes pop out of their heads when they see the sheer number of us and no one will ever have a reason to say he is “unelectable” ever again. Thanks.

  • The Smoking Gun Absolute Proof of Election Fraud by the Maine GOP
    Ben Swann, Reality Check,
    Rachel Maddow w/Doug Wead ,

    In just 2 towns, one who’s votes were zero’d out, and another where Ron Paul’s votes were stolen, the real count for Paul was 34 votes, and 8 for Romney.   Already there are enough errors found to put Ron Paul in the lead for the Win.

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