While ice fishing at Hermon Pond, I observed several bald eagles, there seems to be a good population of them hanging out around the pond.

Immature eagles keep their molted looking coloration for about five years. What a difference in appearance between a juvenile and an adult. It was really fun watching them in between fish landings.

Red Squirrels were abundant at Leonard’s Mill the other day. This one was busy licking sap from a tree branch. Folklore credits the red squirrel with teaching humans, Native Americans, with the fine art of maple syruping. The squirrel was most likely observed biting the tree branch or trunk, leaving, then returning later, after evaporation had concentrated the sugars, to lick up their treasure. Pretty clever critter!

Last summer I photographed this white-tailed doe deer apparently trying to safely cross some railroad tracks in Old Town.

Take care and be mindful of our wild Maine critters. We can still glean treasures from the lessons they teach.

I’ve recently added video clips to my website…check them out if you’d like. http://photosbychance.zenfolio.com/