November 12, 2019
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Comments for: Environmental group opposes weakening LURC

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand how something like LURC is even legal. if someone purchases something and then pays taxes on something. How can someone else tell them what to do with it. . LURC is essentially a group of people forcing their beliefs on someone else.  SO wrong.

    • Anonymous

      Right, who needs zoning laws that prevent someone from building a huge airplane factory right up to your property line, that dumps raw sewage out a pipe into your front yard? No wonder the economy is in ruins. Imagine the nerve of the government, trying to tell the wind tower people they can’t put them five feet from the Appalachian Trail! It’s communism at its finest! If I own a fifty foot long hunk of a river, I should be able to build a dam there if I want, and tough noogies to anyone who gets flooded out upstream. It’s my property, and I’ll build a dam there if I want to! 

    • ChrisJ1234, you just wrote one of the dumbest comments I’ve ever read. So if you purchase a piece of land, you think you can do anything on it that you wish.? You gotta be kidding. Apparently you have not done much reading on the laws, rules and regulations that have been passed since Maine became a State in 1820. You need to spend some time at the Legislative Law Library and also look at the Maine Supreme Court decisions on the subject of land ownership.

    • Anonymous

      It is so wrong and also so prevalent throughout most of the world’ history where the rights of individuals have not been acknowledged.  They get away with it “legally” because what is legal is what the government says is legal in accordance with its laws.  That is the kind of government you get when its purpose is imposing social controls and sacrifice to the demands of the state instead of protecting the rights of the individual as this country started out. 

      The reprehensible imposition of dictatorial power is not new, but in this country it’s relatively rare to see such tyrannical political philosophy so brazenly and openly promoted in public as the viros are now doing in trying to squash reform in order to keep and increase their power.  If this mentality spreads and is accepted as the media predominantly encourages and supports such obvious European 1930s-like ideology for raw government power as a “unified voice with state control”, as it is now doing in ‘reporting’ on the battle over LURC, we are in deep  trouble in this country.  This had better be stopped.

      • Anonymous

        We can be friends… you use enough big words.

  • I wonder how many signatures are from residents living in Unorganized Territories in Maine?When LURC conducted hearings in Millinocket, They were asked to identify themselves and tell where they were from. None present were from Maine. Needless to say, the meeting was rather hostile after that.

  • Guest

    LURC needs to be dissolved…..

  • Anonymous

    Remember, LURC  was formed back in the early 70’s by the power’s to be in those day’s, the Dems. the  socicalist party, the party that wants to control OUR lives, through bigger goverment. They believe that regular everday people don’t know how to take care of the  water and land. So, its all in the name of PRESERVATION AND NOT CONSERVATION.

    • Anonymous

      LURC was voted into existence by BOTH parties back then, not railroaded through by one side as a favor to special interests like this bill. This is all about the repugs trying to do away with any semblance of intelligent planning and sensible development to appease their big-money friends, and nothing to do with this nonsense about “self-rule” in the UT. The reason LURC was established in the first place was because there were not enough people in the UT to effectively control development. The idea that county commissioners who know next to nothing about anything outside the county seat will somehow be able to make intelligent decisions about projects ninety miles out in the woods is absurd. If a township or plantation wanted to get rid of LURC at ANY TIME during the last 40 years, they had that option. They could organize, set up a planning board and a zoning board of appeal, hire a CEO, and do it themselves. You know what? None of them did, because it COSTS MONEY. And it takes PEOPLE to be on those boards, and NO ONE who lives up there has the time to do it. This whole process is so incredibly foolish it boggles the mind.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, you are correct, it’s all about; POWER AND CONTROL OF OTHERS, some of their field agents are so brain washed and power hungry to tell someone that they can or can not upgrade property or buildings, on house or camp lots, that have been developed for over 100 yrs.  The purpose of LURC was to protect untouched and forever wild land and water, not to preserve something already their. We the people that own that developed land will take care of it, without some of the out of state people trying to control our lives.  Down with LURC

        • Anonymous

          Making up stories like that is totally uncalled for. The laws passed by the state legislature control (among other things) what can and cannot be done with existing non-conforming buildings. Not only in the UT, but everywhere in the state. Organized towns have their own zoning laws, but they all have to meet certain minimums in the shoreland zone. To blame LURC staff for doing their job is stupid. They have to follow the law just like everyone else. You don’t know what you are talking about.

    • Anonymous

      They are preservationists and they are power seekers, but more deeply they are misanthropic haters of humanity.  They demand that human beings sacrifice themselves to nature with a minimum “footprint”.  They want Federally imposed Wilderness over millions of acres to destroy the remnants of civilization with Restore’s “eco-system restoration” plans.

      “Protection” to them has become synonymous — in their mystical, poetic nature rhetoric found repeatedly in their press releases — with “protecting” nature against human life, imposed by the brute force of government that no longer exists to protect the rights of people.  This leads them to oppose civilization and the rights and freedoms of individuals that make it possible.  They want a return to primitivist tribalism in which we are ruled by the collective with a viro bureaucracy as spokesman, while they live themselves as politically privileged feudal lords.

      As Quimby, who lives in at least one mansion, put it herself:

      “To me, ownership and private property were the beginning of the end in this country. Once the Europeans came in, drawing lines and dividing things up, things started getting exploited and overconsumed. But a park takes away the whole issue of ownership. It’s off the table; we all own it and we all share it. It’s so democratic.”

      With such deep-seated anti-human, anti-civilization premises, it is no wonder that they have no  concept of individuals intelligently making the choices required for and on behalf of our own lives, which in turn requires a political system protecting freedom and the rights of the individual.  The “stupid ignorant people” who cannot be trusted to adopt their nature worship can only be ruled in order to force us to live in accordance with their demands that we reject.

  • Anonymous

    A lot of us who live in Unorganized Territory signed that petition.

    We know LURC brought the same thoughtful, legal, planning and zoning services to our remote lands for 40 years that every town and city uses to direct development.

    We also know that some of our finest Maine citizens, dedicated to the welfare of the North Woods and its people, served on the Commission through those years.

    We really resent the attempt by inexperienced, unqualified County Commissioners elected by downtown voters to take over our planning, zoning and permitting and to tell us how our lands are going to be used.

    That’s what it’s all about.

    • Anonymous

      What it is “all about” is power-seekers like “OnOurWatch” demanding to control other people. They are a pack of little tyrants who oppose property rights and the right of local accountability under self-government.  These principles aren’t supposed to have to be debated in America. He is asking to be ruled in order to “tell us” how “our [sic] lands are used”. Obviously, the revolt across rural Maine against the viros rejects his combination of subservience for power-seeking over others.

  • LURC is the finest State agency I have ever dealt with. It has a balanced board of people and a staff that regulates with a fair and open process to provide for reasonable development in the unorganized territories. The key words are “fair, balance and “reasonable.”

  • Anonymous

    It seems as though if someone doesn’t want to live under LURC’s jurisdiction, they shouldn’t choose to live in the unorganized territories.

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