CALAIS, Maine — It has been nearly 68 years since Edward K. Brown was an aerial gunner in a B-17 bomber that was shot down while on a mission over Frankfurt am Main in central Germany.

While none of the aircraft’s crew members was killed in a crash landing, Brown and others on board in the spring of 1944 were besieged and beaten by civilians who swarmed to the disabled B-17.

“They were angry about what they and their families had been put through,” said Brown, who is now 92 and living in the Washington County community of Dennysville.

For the next 10 months, until liberated by Russian troops, Brown was a prisoner of war.

“They moved us around a lot,” he recalled. “We wound up in the squeeze between American troops and the Russian army. The Russians got to us first, and we were united with the Yanks, who at that point were at the Elb [River].”

Brown held the rank of sergeant when the war ended, and on Thursday he was among the recipients of the Maine Silver Star during a 90-minute veterans recognition ceremony held at St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Calais.

The honorable service medal is awarded to Maine veterans who were wounded or captured while in a combat zone. Twenty such medals were awarded Thursday to 10 World War II veterans and 10 others who served in Korea, Vietnam and in the global war on terror. Forty-five other veterans received certificates of appreciation for their stints in the military.

Also honored Thursday by the 120 people who attended the event were eight women who served in either the U.S. Army or the U.S. Navy, including two World War II U.S. Army veterans, Muriel Gustadeson (Dolten) of Baring and Dorothy E. Hunt (Dwelley) of Calais.

The ceremony also included recognition of the Rev. David O. Sivret of Calais, who retired last December after 21 years as a Maine Army National Guard chaplain. Maj. Gen. John W. Libby, retired adjutant general of the Maine National Guard, was among those who spoke glowingly of Sivret’s service and the impact he had on young soldiers, including those he ministered while attached to Maine’s 133rd Engineer Battalion when it was deployed to northern Iraq in 2004.

On Dec. 22, 2004, Sivret was among the 60 soldiers and civilians wounded when a bomb exploded in a mess tent at Camp Marzel in Mosul, Iraq. The bomb killed 22 others as they were eating lunch, including two soldiers from Maine who were well known to the chaplain. The blast knocked Sivret to the floor and he later noticed, while praying with the wounded and performing last rites on those dismembered or killed, that he was among the wounded. His proximity to the blast left him temporarily deaf, and he took a piece of shrapnel in his right knee.

During Thursday’s ceremony, Sivret was promoted to the rank of major by Libby and presented with a series of certificates of appreciation for his tenure with the Maine Army National Guard, including one signed by Commander in Chief Barack Obama.

Thursday’s event and a reception that followed were sponsored by VFW Post No. 9779 of Calais and were held in the church where Sivret served as rector for many years before his recent retirement.

Honored on Thursday were:

Prisoners of war

Sgt. Edward K. Browne Jr. of Dennysville, Army, POW in Germany

Pfc. Frederick H. Hamilton of Baileyville, Army, POW in Germany

Purple Heart recipients

World War II

Sgt. Donald E. Cushing of Pembroke, Army

T/5 Lloyd B. Gibbs of Baileyville, Army

Pfc. Herman L. Gibson of Calais, Army

Sgt. Earl A. Gould of Princeton, Army

T/5 Melvin H. Greenlaw of Calais, Army

Staff Sgt. Ernest G. McKay of Calais, Army

F1/c Hollis E. Matthews of Eastport, Navy

Cpl. Edward E. Southard Jr. of Baring, Marines


Sgt. Lawrence W. Gillespie of Calais, Marines


1st Sgt. Philip M. Farrell of Perry, Army

Spc. 4 Dana C. Gillespie of Calais, Army

Sgt. John E. Harvey of Baileyville, Army

Cpl. Milan S. Jamieson Jr. of Pembroke, Marines

Sgt. Darald M. Mitchell of Robinson, Marines

Spc. 4 Calvin A. Preston of Dennysville, Army

Spc. 4 Dalton E. Thompson, Army

Sfc. Frank A. Young of Eastport, Army

Wartime certificates

World War II

1st Lt. John K. Brooks, Army

Sgt. Walter Emery, Royal Air Force

Cpl. Paul R. Johnson, Marines

Chief Warrant Officer 4 Ronald E. O’Neil, Army

Pfc. Robert J. Sivret, Army


Capt. Arthur L. Carter, Army


Spc. 2nd Class Richard Smith, Army, Korea

Electrician’s Mate 2nd Class John W. Smith, Navy, Korea

Yeoman Chief Petty Officer Gary R. Urquhart, Navy, Korea/Vietnam

Vietnam/Vietnam era

Cpl. Ricky W. Bowen, Marines, Vietnam

Sgt. Claude J, Chabre, Marines, Vietnam

Spc. 4 Bruce D. Glanville, Army, Vietnam

Spc. 4 William S. Follis III, Army, Vietnam

Spc. 5 Larry J. Hamilton, Army, Vietnam

Master Sgt. Leonard D. Hanson, Marines, Vietnam

Staff Sgt. Douglas L. Hoover, Army, Vietnam

Staff Sgt. John Knapp, Army, Vietnam

NCC(SW) Vincent H. Lodge, Navy, Vietnam

Sgt. Chester McCary, Army, Vietnam

Sgt. 1st Class Michael J. McLean, Army, Vietnam

Sgt. James F. Moffitt, Army, Vietnam

SK1(SS) Raymond L. Morse, Navy, Vietnam

ADC David R. Murphy, Navy, Vietnam

Sgt. 1st Class Thomas R. Ries, Army, Vietnam

GMG3 Richard W. Sammer, Navy, Vietnam

Spc. 4 Robert J. Sivret, Army


Boatswain’s Mate 3 David R. Sousa, Navy

Spc. 5 Paul L. Spinney, Air Force

Sgt. Victor J. Voisine, Army

Persian Gulf

Maj. John W. Nelson, Army, Desert Storm/Operation Iraqi Freedom

Aviation Ordnanceman Third Class Nathan J. Hammick, Navy, Persian Gulf

Sgt. Leonard E. Hanson II, Maine Army National Guard, Persian Gulf

Staff Sgt. Aubrey R. Jollotta, Army, Persian Gulf

Chief Warrant Officer 3, Mark M. Kennedy, Coast Guard, Persian Gulf

Staff Sgt. Cory R. McIver, Maine Army National Guard, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Sgt. James C. Myers, Maine Army National Guard, Persian Gulf

Sgt. Robert S. Oliver Jr., Maine Army National Guard, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Master Sgt. Kevin G. Woodward, Air Force, Vietnam/Desert Storm

Cold War

1st Lt. David S. Borm, Air Force

Spc. 5 Gilbert R. O’Brien, Maine Army National Guard

Sgt. 1st Class Walter Cummings, Maine Army National Guard

QM3 Michael A. Reynolds, Coast Guard