April 21, 2018
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Comments for: GOP’s murky rhetoric on national defense

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  • Anonymous

    It is high time for the US to get out of the futile attempt to bring democracy to nations that have no desire to have one. If a nation wants a democracy, they will form their own.

    In Afghanistan, we fiddled and farted around due to our lack of desire to commit all out war. If we had used the same resolve that we did during WWII, that war would have been over within months. Osama bin Ladden would have been captured or dead, his organization in tatters and our troops could have been home.

    Iraq was the biggest farce that I have seen since our adventures in Granada. The list of disproven reasons for going there is too long. Other than Sadam Huesein (?) being removed, what have we accomplished??? That godforsaken part of the world has been slaughtering each other for thousands of years. IMO it will continue to do the same for many thousands of years into the future.

    Iran, so let’s see. If they get a nuke bomb, what will we do? The question should be what will they do with one? If they use it on any nation in the world, I would bet money, that I don’t have, that the rest of the world would turn the nation of Iran into a pile of rubble. They have no sea power to speak of, no air force that couldn’t be nullified with the same dispatch that Iraq’s was dispatched. Their armies are pitifly unprepared to face the equipment and manpower that the rest of the world could throw at them. In other words they are a non-threat. Even as crazy as their leaders are, I really don’t think they are that crazy nor do they have that much conrol of their country that they would commit national suicide. We maintained the threat of mutual self destruction with the USSR for 50 years or so. In the case of Iran, they might conceivably get a lick in but they wouldn’t have time to visit the bathroom before they were eliminated. All their bluster about cutting off the sea ways is designed to manipulate the world market for oil. Hence we are paying more for oil and the oil companies are loving it.

    If we as a nation wish to spread democracy around the globe, we could accomplish a lot more by standing as an example of what a democracy could bring to a people. In this day and age of information, it would be almost impossible for a despot to keep their people in complete ignorance.

    • tag

      Do you think the “Arab Spring” would have happened without our efforts in the Middle East? Not a chance. Like it or not, this is exactly what W said would happen.

      As for Iran, do you think it is better for them to take out a million people before the world turns them to rubble or do you think it is better to make sure they never get the chance?

      Do you want your children living in a world with an Iranian nuke?

      Do you really equate the sanity of the USSR with that of Iran?

      Meditate on those for a while.

      • Anonymous

        Arab springs have been happening for thousands of years. That is normal operating procedure for their changes in government in that part of the world.

        Do you honestly believe that if Iran gets a nuke that they will immediately use it?? What do you think these people are? Do you think they are totally suicidal??

        Hell, me and my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are already living in a world with despots that have nukes.

      • Guest

        Of course it would’ve happened. We orchestrated it! Hello!

        Iran is not a threat. Please stop spreading the lamestream media fear mongering message.
        You work for GE? Or Haliburton?
        The Iranian people do not want war. We don’t want it. Only the mega corporations and International Banking Cartel are beating the war drums. They own the media–in turn the media tries to sell you a war. You, obviously, are buying.  And nobody with any sense gives two hoots if they have a nuke. Do you realize how many countries have nukes that actually are a threat—you know real air force, etc.?? Get over it. Its a lie.

  • {The U.S. defense budget is about 43 percent of the world’s total military spending — more than the combined defense spending of the next 17 nations, many of which are U.S. allies. }

      As the U.S. polices the world for Global Security, US corporations go overseas to reap the benefits of the security while they  Dodge the Taxes in Cayman Island accounts.

    • Anonymous

      Military budgets are counted in different ways. China for instance does not count the production of Military equipment including Aircraft carriers as a reported military budget item. Nor does it report income from the many multinational corporation owned by the PLA that goes into the military and intelligence budgets.

      Most analysts compare militaries by their capabilities not by how much is spent on them. You are used to a transparent system. Most of the world doesn’t work that way.

  • ben

    It was a stunning repudiation of Bishop ROMoNEY in Minnesota, Missouri, and Colorado.

    PEOPLE POWER will win over MONEY POWER 


    I just hope the GOP establishment got the message with Rick Santorum.  We conservatives aren’t going to sit back and let BIG MONEY dictate to us.

    “The more confidence the strong conservatives have in the alternative candidates, the more Romney’s lack of strength in those categories starts to show itself,” said Iowa Rep. Steve King, a conservative who has been publically neutral in the nomination race.


    Santorum stronger than ROMoNE agaist obama- Per  Rasmussen poll.

     Rick Santorum is the ONLY contender that will have a victory over  OBAMA !!




    http://tinyurl.com/83tkhzy     —–
    Romney’s Mormon Problem
    SOROS says  Obama-Romney Not Much Difference
    Research  and educate others

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