BANGOR, Maine — It’s not so much an expansion as a redistribution that’s going on at Bangor’s Target store.

“The majority of it is adding a fresh fruit and produce section along with groceries to our store space,” store manager Dave Scott said of the changes under way. “We have to downsize a little bit of the rest of the store to do that.”

That means the store’s automotive, sporting goods, luggage, home improvement and children’s and men’s clothing sections will be scaled back.

The store’s cosmetics department also is being expanded to better appeal to the nationwide chain’s chief clientele.

“Our primary market is the young married mother with children,” noted Scott, who said he has seen a lot of customer surveys indicating a strong desire for a grocery section. “I’ve consistently seen that, at least once a week, with customer comments just about every year in my four years here.”

Target previously has offered a dry grocery section along with a limited amount of cooler products such as dairy items, drinks, frozen pizzas and ice cream.

Renovation work at the 120,000-square-foot store began Dec. 26 and is expected to continue until March 25.

“The square footage won’t change, but we’ll go from 25 aisles to 45 and the gondola runs [island shelves] will be 16 feet longer, from 24 to 40 feet,” said Scott.

The renovation resulted from customer surveys and a Target Corp. plan designed three or four years ago to remodel stores rather than expand them or build new Super Target stores.

Work is continuing and customers have been patient and understanding as the displays, shelves and store space change daily, according to Scott.

“Every single day we have to walk the store to find out what’s been changed and where stuff’s been moved,” Scott said. “We have signage all around redirecting customers to where things have been moved or are now. Customers have been extraordinarily positive because they can’t wait for it to happen.”

The store has scheduled a grand reopening sale starting Sunday, March 25.