November 21, 2019
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Comments for: Ayla’s parents meet at vigil for missing toddler

  • Anonymous

    Who was the third adult in the house that night? And who’s child was in the bedroom w/Ayla? Does anyone know? How come we haven’t heard more about this? Someone who was in that home that night knows exactly what happened to that poor child.

    • Anonymous

      The adults were Justin, Justin’s sister and his girlfriend, there were also three children (Ayla, the sisters child and Justin’s girlfriends child.

      • What about Justin’s Mother? Was she there ? Because she says she was, then she wasn’t, then she was…

        • Anonymous

          I believe the grandmother misspoke. She did initially say or act as if she was present, but later corrected herself and admitted she was not there and was relaying information that she had been told by those who were present.

  • Thank you for a very professional well written article. Please keep Ayla in everyone’s prayers.

  • Check out the body language.

    One hand in his pocket – he’s hiding something.

    She’s reaching away from him – reaching for something — or someONE — far away from him.  Hand on her neck.

    Yeah.  it is all unfolding now.

    • EasyWriter

      Guess the police can all go on vacation now since you have it all figured out. Kudos to you. (rolling my eyes)

  • sassyfrazz

    If she can’t wipe the pathetic nervous grin off her face, she shouldn’t be plastering it all over the news. 

    She looks like she’s enjoying the attention too much IMHO. 

    I know everyone deals with grief differently, but this interview was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever watched. 

    It’s playing out like a bad soap opera.  I hope they find that baby soon, and if those who were in that house on the night she disappeared are holding anything at all back, may the authorities slam the door and throw away the key. 

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