March 31, 2020
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Comments for: Maine Department of Marine Resources contests federal shrimp gear mandate

  • Anonymous

    OK, So how about this?
    Have the harvest Later, After the majority have Dropped their Eggs.
    While they are still bunched inshore but before they have dispersed?
    Timing and zones would be critical but could be monitored by official sample nettings.
    This would insure more Bountiful harvests in the future, just as our lobster fishery has done.
    Mmmm . .  Shrimp!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t get it do you, the feds do what they want. Protect me from my government….

  • The season dates are set by committee that includes NH and MA. They catch 10% of the shrimp (combined) yet get equal votes and push for a December start.  A Jan. 15 start would produce a cleaner, more sustainable and more valuable catch but we can’t get it. Makes no sense.

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