Poet Chris Crittenden of Lubec won first place in Medulla Publishing’s national competition for his chapbook “Rebellion.”

The editor writes that Crittenden “is a master of brilliant metaphors, vigorous verbs, and universal socio-spiritual concepts. He creates a unique world … and challenges gods, wars, machines, and the psychology of-being and everything.”

The title is based on a chapter from Dostoevsky’s “The Brother’s Karamazov,” in which the foundations of reality are put to devastating tests. All the poems have been previously published in various journals. To whet your literary appetite, an audio version of the lead-off poem, “The Gods Reflect On Creation,” is available free online, read by the sonorous bard Nic Sebastian of Whale Sound.

The prize includes 30 free copies and a share of royalties from sales on the Medulla website. Crittenden is a seasoned writer with more than 600 poems published, including work in Portland Review, Atlanta Review, Disquieting Muses and Chelsea. His poem “Protest” is anthologized in the upcoming collection “Liberty’s Vigil, the Occupy Anthology: 99 poets in the 99%” from Foothills Publishing. He teaches ethics and philosophy courses for the University of Maine at Machias and lives with his wife, artist Shanna Wheelock, in Lubec.