January 21, 2018
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Comments for: Answering Michelle Obama’s call to help

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  • waynorth1

    Senator Collins is coming?  Make sure you make potatoes in some way, shape or form!  This is a great idea, Sarah.  And it will fill a void and give you some wonderful memories to share forever.  Your boys will embrace it as it envelops and will learn lessons in perseverence and patience to boot. 

  • Anonymous

    Hello Sarah.  I am looking forward to reading your column over the next 52 weeks.  What you are doing is so special.  Please don’t be concerned about the china and cups or even the recipe used to make your meal.  What is important is that your guests were invited to your dinner and they get to spend time with you and your boys and get to know all of you and learn about your visibly absent husband.  If everyone invited to your dinners are as considerate and grateful as I hope they will be, your guests and family will have new friends and so much more.  God bless.

  • The Aroostook County reporter requests that potato leek soup or broccoli, potato and cheddar chowder is on the menu, Sarah! :) Sounds great, and good luck!

  • Finally someone is getting things right, hooray!!! Now if only MORE people woould think and act like you…hugsss to you woman!!

  • Anonymous

    Great idea, Sarah! Good luck to you. I am sure all your guests will have a wonderful relaxing time at your house. What a great way for your children to learn about different people and what they think.

  • chris reid

    Sarah…I feel sorry… for you feeling sorry for yourself…or are you just angry about being sorry for yourself.

    • Anonymous

      No matter how strong the person, this would be a tough time. The writer is merely relating the struggles shared by military families. We should all be thankful for these people. They make sacrifices daily for all of us.

  • Anonymous

    Your guests will be honored to have dinner with a real military family and to Skype with a real service member serving his country. Hooray for the Smileys! If some of us wondered about the menu, etc…..it’s only because we don’t have the confidence you do!

  • Anonymous

    Have you any respect for the first lady?   If her name had been Bush, would you say the same thing?      That’s absurd and rude.  They made fun of Dolly Madison, because her favorite ice cream was “oyster”……she’s the one that saved the Washington portrait out of the White House before the British tried to burn it in 1812.      It’s the same picture you see on a one dollar bill.      Grow up!!

  • Anonymous

    As the parent of young children, I can’t imagine why anybody with young kids would volunteer for a job in the military. Deployment just means that you are missing out on seeing your kids grow up. They’re only young once. I wouldn’t consider missing their childhoods to fight in some foolish Halliburton war. No way.

    • Anonymous

      Freedom,honor,patriotism, sacrifice,duty, Love of Country. That is why people volunteer.They also do it so you wont have to.

    • Anonymous

       Some things are just bigger than you have the capacity to understand, Bangorian.

    • Many people can not. Thus we have those that do and serve with honor. I am both the son and grandson of Navy vets both serving over 20 years. I to was going to join but due to a issue with my height I was unable to get the job I had always dreamed of working on a sub I am 6’6 and to big for the subs sadly. I grew up all over the world as did my mother. I got to see things most kids do not. I have been on every continent sans one. I have been to castles in the uk mosques in Turkey the Rock of Gibraltar in Spain The temple mount in Jerusalem among many of the world other great places. All because my father served also in no small part because my grandfather served so my mother was ready to go when dad was out on a ship. On top of that my father and grandfather are both my hero’s. neither was forced to serve both signed up to defend this country while others stayed home. The people that stayed home did there jobs and those that served did theirs. Reality is though those that knew there life was on the line but went anyway are hero’s for that act alone. My grandfather retired a lieutenant no small feat having never been the the academy. His sword hangs on my wall as a reminder that no matter what life gives me I can do better and overcome. Simple seeing it there gives me enormous pride in both him my father and my country.

      This is why people CHOOSE to serve. Those who are not military simply can not understand. Those that do know the best days are the ones when they come home waiting at the dock the airport terminal bus line or base waiting to pick your dad or mom out of the rush of oncoming uniforms is the greatest thing. The time you have with them is cherished and not taken for granted. Unlike most we always know they may not come back . We all military are family a unit of people the civilian world does not understand nor can they but that’s ok because they will serve anyway with pride and honor.

      • Anonymous

        Roger, you said “some cannot volunteer.”  You apparently are too young to know, or to remember, that many were forbidden the opportunity to volunteer.  Do you know when the armed forces integrated?  Are you aware that many careers in the armed forces are still closed to women?   That gay Americans, until recently, were shamefully treated with inequality??  The military family that you envision and remember with pride and honor has had, until only recently, a somewhat shameful and embarrassing past when it comes to allowing all Americans the opportunity to become a part of that “proud and honorable family.”

        •  You know that black people where brought to this country as slaves? That sir is the past.

          Sure not every body can join there are standards. You have to be a certain size and be able to meet a certain physical criteria. Does that prevent women form some jobs yes but it also prevents allot of men as well. As far the regs they are made by CONGRESS talk to them if you don’t like them. The military is a group with RULES and REGULATIONS they are not debatable they just are. You join your expected to follow the rules.  Until a rule changes it is.

          As a side note I happen to know allot about military history navy most of all.

          When I was a kid in the early 70s we had every color and race on base. We had mixed race couples. Something that was not taken well off base even in the states at the time. But all are family on base. Nobody cared about race I never really knew there was a preconceived difference between races until I went to public school in the states in my teens. Until then I had never seen anybody treated different except the Air force kids.. Those of us Brats know why that is LOL..

          • Guest

            the Chair Force….hehheheh lol!

          • Anonymous

            While President Lincoln abolished slavery in the Confederate states in 1863, and slavery in the Union was abolished by virtue of the 13th Amendment in 1865, the sad consequences of slavery continue to this day.  The Marine Corp did not integrate until 1953–eighty eight years after slavery was abolished and only 58 years ago–well within my lifetime and perhaps yours.    Loving v. Virginia, the US Supreme Court that abolished all state laws that prohibited racial intermarriages between whites and blacks came down in 1967–only forty-four years ago.  Until then, racially mixed couples could be, and indeed were, jailed as felons for intermarrying. 

            You speak as if Congress is some extraterrestrial force–beyond the control of laws of our universe and the ordinary citizen.  You could not be more wrong.  Congress is us.  It is ours.  It is  OUR government, which exists solely to guarantee to you, and me, and everyone else in this country, the chance to use the fruits of our labors and our talents to the fullest and to reap the benefits of our toil to ourselves.  To work for others, without just compensation, is indeed slavery. 

            The laws Congress passes don’t exist in a vacuum–the laws have real effect on real persons–and the racist laws our nation passed for years deprived many black Americans–like Michelle Obama’s father, a chance to stand at the same starting line along with white Americans.  Instead, Michelle’s father, Frank Robinson, born in 1935, only eleven years after the Commonwealth of Virginia passed its “Racial Integrity Act” criminalizing interracial marriages, along with the vast majority of black Americans, was penalized because of the color of his skin and was denied a chance to start on even footing with white Americans.

            So all your white Mainers–and I bet every single contributor to the comments on this page have been white–who complain about Michelle Obama and her lack of sacrifice, and those of you who were angry with her comment about finally being proud to be an American, perhaps if you had watched your mother or father relegated to blue collar factory jobs, or as domestic help, or janitorial work because of the color of their skins and the laws this nation passed, perhaps you too would feel ashamed of part of our past as a nation.  I don’t think any of us white Mainers could dare lecture Michelle Obama on the nature of “sacrifice.”  And certainly not you, Sara Smiley.

    • poormaniac

      Maybe fighting on  “their ” homelands will prevent our kids from having to fight on our’s !  Although not surprising,  your statement is the most selfish from you yet. Happy New Year.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry you have to read the hatemonger, liberal, democrats,  spew their slimy, filthy, effluent filled, brain contents in these comments.  Their upper lip, distorted into a self righteous sneer and condescending bugged out eyeballs glaring in indignance.  They are all the same.  Disgusting.  Have a wonderful new year, Mrs. Smiley.

    • DividedWeFall

      It sounds like you are full of hate yourself! Why do you relate the negative comments to the Dems. The person you describe sounds like Trump. This division of Dems and Reps will end up tearing this country apart. Remember that we are all Americans first, hopefully all wanting a better country.

      God bless Sarah, her husband and family!

    • Anonymous

      Hey, Sam, try again.  Staunch republican here who isn’t interested in Ms. Smiley’s endless tale of woe and self-pity.

    • Anonymous

      I read the comments, in this paper almost daily.  From what, I have read from Ms. Cotes, in my opinion she is far from liberal.

  • Cee Blue

    Joe Biden / M. Obama — there are two authorities on military service / sacrifice –.

  • Anonymous

    First lady Chewbaca obama,  has no clue what sacrifice is.  she is netter suited to be; well nothing I can think of. 

    • Anonymous

       What have you done, with your life,  that is so illustrious in your life time?

  • Anonymous

    I tune into this column a few times a month. Usually in less than a paragraph “Dustin’s deployment” comes up.  I think he is doing what he signed up for and if I understand correctly he is a pilot? Which means he earns a very comfortable living for himself and his family and when he “retires” in his 40’s he will earn even more as a civilian pilot until he chooses to retire handsomely at 59 1/2.  Good for him and good for the Smileys! But I want to read about going to Big Donalds or something else next time Mrs. Smiley. This column is getting old. If Dustin’s deployment comes up in the first paragraph next time, I am moving on…

    • Anonymous

      Don’t read, the column if it upsets you so!  Sarah is talking about her life, I don’t see it as complaining or whining. I see it as a young woman, doing the best she can to cope with missing someone she loves deeply.
      Also she is dealing with 3 little boys, that miss there dad, and if I know kids at all, they are trying to get away with all they can while dads away. It’s a sad day when someone can’t convey, their thoughts, hopes and dreams without being called names!

      • Anonymous

        Well, check my post again please. I did. And I did not call names and I did not accuse her of whining.  I was giving reader feedback.

  • Callie Fisher

    Enjoyed the article and look forward to reading more from you in the coming year. My wife of 25 yrs. is from Brewer ME., but I am an Army brat who grew up on the doorstep of Ft. Hood TX.  And I worked for over 20 yrs on the base as a civilian.  So your stories are very interesting to me!!

  • poormaniac

    If you really want to help Michelle Obama,  check out http://www.BuddyRoemer.com and support his efforts !

  • Anonymous

    You’re a great cook & serve a “family” supper every evening.  Great job especially during a very tough time while your husband is deployed.    

    Winter is tough but the daylight hours are getting longer since the 21st.

    Try to keep smiling & your chin up !!

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