April 08, 2020
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Comments for: Under Obama, an emerging global apparatus for drone killing

  • Anonymous

    Kill one suspected terrorist and a few bystanders with a drone, and spontaneously create ten more terrorists.  Duh!  

    • poormaniac

      Don’t even mention the word “suspected” , if we killed all our suspects awaiting trial our jail overcrowding issue would go away. Isn’t everyone entitled to a trial ?

  • kcjonez

    There is no honor in this type of warfare.   We have become the axis of evil.  

    • Where is the honor in blowing up civilian buildings with highjacked jets?

      Fight Fire with Fire!

  • Anonymous

    Clinton had cruise missiles, Obama has drones.

    • Bush WAS a Drone!

  • Anonymous

    If the drones can target a ” suspect ” they can target a civilian
    just as easily.

  • Anonymous

    America is the most destructive nation the world has ever known.  Our sense of entitlement to plunder and pillage and wreak havoc has elevated to this point.  How many countries have we had hostilities in since 2000?  Can you even count anymore?  On our present course, we will be fighting a dozen wars simultaneously in a decade or two.  Does anything about this escalation give you pause that we are on a perilous course?  Is it reasonable to expect blowback from the rest of the world that we are occupying, or air-striking or carrying out assassinations in?   We offer up a rationale for each and every assault on other sovereigns.  We do it because we are mighty and wealthy, or more simply, because we can.  At least for now. 

    Are you ready for the consequences when we lose our position of power due to bad economic policies?  We need to realize we are likely to meet with the same amount of concern for our civilian casualties as we showed for others in wars of our making. Do you even know how many civilian casualties there were in Iraq?  The numbers range from 100,000 to over a million.  The fact that we don’t have a decent accounting defines our level of concern about this.

    We need sanity in foreign policy.  To get there we need the big invested interests who profit from warfare away from our electoral process and away from our lawmakers. Get the damned money out before it’s too late.  Public elections only.  Demand support for a constitutional amendment from any politician that seeks a role in the congress.

    Can you hear that ticking sound? 

    • Anonymous

      There’s only one politician that has the sense enough to stop this and it is Ron Paul.  This man is a hero, and he is the only one I’m aware of who truly is on the side of the people, and not on the side of the corporations, or his own self interest.

      • Anonymous

        If only he was on the side of women I would be sold! He is the only one who is right on the issues of the Fed, drug policy and foreign policy. That business of executing doctors who perform abortions is too much for me to support.

  • Guest

    The President against torture of suspected foreign terrorist is OK with Murder of suspected American terrorist without even the benefit of a trial.
    How many other Americans will end up on this Kill list and who gets to pick them?
    Maybe some political opponents can be added to the list without a trial?
    I remember liberals in this forum screaming about how the men in Guantanamo were being held without trial but no screams about murder without a trial.
    Obama is all yours and you prove it with your silence.

  • Guest

    Wow!  I’m not sure how long articles about Quantanamo stayed on the front page during the Bush years but Negative articles on Obama fall off real fast don’t they.

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