The longstanding, short-sighted tradition of my Instamatastic Garden Carols continues by ripping through that delightful-but-not-applicable-in-most-of-Maine-at-this-time melody “Winter Wonderland.”

The eighth installment was inspired by the frenzy of gray tree frogs that littered the yard — one on the deck and one in the wee pop-up greenhouse — livening up the staid drudgery of work amongst the shrubbery.

Yeah, this rhyming stuff is fun when you get going.

So hitch up your overalls, snap down your suspenders and hang on to your hat. I give you “Vernal Pool of Frogs.”

Apologies — in spades — to Felix Bernard and Richard B. Smith. And thanks for the inspiration.

Happy holidays, caroling readers.

“Vernal Pool of Frogs”

Tree frogs sing, are you listening,

In the spring, leaves are whispering,

A beautiful sound

Of rain coming down,

Wandering by a vernal pool of frogs

Smell the earth as it wakens,

Then the yard has the makings

Of paradise north

Bringing plants forth,

Tripping ‘round the vernal pool of frogs

In the garden, I’ll construct a trellis

That the beans will later pull right down.

I’ll say, “Am I worried?”

Then sigh, “No man,”

For it would take much more for me to frown.

At midday, I’ll perspire

When the cart sticks in mire.

To feel some dismay

And then disarray,

Falling in a vernal pool of frogs.

In the garden, I can hear the bees hum.

Then mosquitoes start to bite my legs.

You’ll feel blessed for all the many tree frogs

To keep those pesky skeeters far away.

When it’s spring, ain’t it thrilling?

For your health, you are willing

To slave days away,

Then off you go play,

Romping by a vernal pool of frogs.