The Camden waterfront often offers photographic surprises to me. Recently, this black guillemot constituted such a surprise. I notice it diving, and I suppose feeding, just beyond one of the boat docks. Each time it dove I moved closer. At one point it emerged from a dive just a few feet from my lens, actually too close to photograph.

Although the house sparrow is a fairly common sight, this one seemed to be interested in what I was doing. She also caught some nice light!

I find my self hunting more with my Canon (camera) nowadays. I like to say there’s no bag limit or restrictions on species taken or season … if the weather is suitable, then all is fair. Partridge or ruffed grouse is a favorite with me and I’ve recently noticed that I always captured more of them with my shotgun than with my Canon.

The other day, while hiking along the Stud Mill Road area, I heard or saw 23 ruffed grouse. I captured one with my Canon to share with you. I might have gotten three with my shotgun, but I’m satisfied with the outcome.

A black-capped chickadee checked in with me just to be social, curious little critter … I can’t resist taking an image.

I hope you all are well and enjoying the great weather.