Forbes magazine has ranked Maine as the worst state for business for a second year in a row.

“Maine suffers from energy costs 31 percent above the national average, stagnant population growth and anemic forecasts when it comes to job and gross state product growth,” according to the magazine.

The magazine has put out the list annually for six years. Maine has ranked near the bottom each time, but in 2010 dropped from 41 on the list to last.

“When I look at this I think, ‘Go, Gov. LePage, go,’” Republican activist Mary Adams told the Portland Press Herald. “We’ve got a dead state, whether Democrats or Republicans recognize it. People are suffering.”

In July, Forbes ranked Portland as one of the 15 best cities for young adults, saying, “The New England port town has the highest number of small businesses per capita, a relatively high proportion of large businesses and a low unemployment rate.”

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