You’re at a tailgate party, a barbecue or just having a cookout and enjoying the last warm days of fall. There’s a cup of chili, some veggies, dip and perhaps crackers on your plate in one hand, your other hand free to assist in the eating or drinking part but not both.

Your favorite beverage is standing by, because it has to sit there and wait for a free hand to pick it up, right? You’re tethered to the nearest table. And so are are your other guests, all gathered around the one place you can put down your drink and be able to enjoy the snacks at hand.

There’s a handy solution to this cause for table-oriented congestion at your next party. The folks at Pioneer Plastics of Dixon, Ky., have developed the Drink ‘n’ Plate that allows you to get a “handle on your meal.”

It’s a plastic plate just over 8 inches across with a molded-in cup holder and handle that gives you a grip on the plate and a place to put your drink. Now you’re free to roam about the cabin, so to speak, complete meal in hand, mingle with your friends or nature, and munch and sip to your heart’s content.

Carry your favorite drink securely in the cup holder, eat your chili, dip your veggies and enjoy yourself without worrying about losing or tipping over your drink or spilling your flimsy paper plate. Nice.

And when you’re done, the Drink ‘n’ Plates wash up easily, stack together and are ready for your next gathering or picnic.

They come in yellow, blue, green, red and white, can be emblazoned with your logo and they’re made right here in the U.S. What else could you want?

Prices start at $18 for 6 or $60 for 24.

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