June 18, 2018
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Monday, Nov. 14, 2011: County health insurance, Joe Baldacci and the American Legion

County loses again

The County gets it again.

The state is going to allow the health insurance companies operating in Maine to raise rates again. County residents again will pay more than anyone else in the state. Many business owners will stop providing health insurance to their workers this time because the rate increase is out of hand.

If our current government representatives don’t want to help, then we need new representation.

Kirk Hersey


Baldacci listens

I just wanted to thank the voters of Bangor for their support on Nov. 8.

Bangor has always been my hometown and probably always will be. This city should be proud of its history and Bangor can look forward to even better days.

Campaigning was a great experience. And people most of the time tell you exactly what they think. And I intend to make sure that feedback and ideas from people who care about Bangor’s future get heard.

People can call me anytime (during daylight hours) to discuss a problem or concern. My phone number is 945-3333 or 944-0907.

Joe Baldacci


Fight for healthy air

Sen. Collins has often been a champion for clean air and children’s health, even when it meant standing up to the tobacco industry, but now I’m left wondering, whose side is she on? In a dramatic and abrupt shift in priorities, the senator has introduced bills that will delay improvements to our nation’s healthy air protections and result in more toxic air pollution bombarding Maine from outside our borders.

The science is clear. Unhealthy air leads to heart attacks, respiratory symptoms such as asthma attacks and emergency room visits. From my years working and living in Piscataquis County, I know that rural Maine families and our communities have limited resources to address public health issues and costs. We don’t need to be further burdened by breathing unhealthy air.

Sen. Collins’ bills put her at odds with the interests of Maine families. We deserve healthy air, and we need her to fight for us, rather than for those who will profit by polluting the air we breathe.

Deborah Somers


Saving nonprofits

How many small nonprofits such as American Legion Post 10 are in trouble in Maine?

The Maine State Lottery started in 1974 with a 50 cent “Play ME” ticket. Maine State Lottery now has over 50 instant tickets and over 30 weekly draw tickets sold in over 1,300 businesses in Maine. While the Maine State Lottery and for-profit gambling has grown, many nonprofits such as Post 10 are struggling to survive because their bingo and games of chance are dead or are dying. Baked bean suppers are hard-pressed to raise the money needed to keep the nonprofit running at today’s costs.

So when small nonprofits are gone, what will happen to Boys or Girls State, or programs such as those on Memorial Day, Patriots Day and Veterans Day? When they are gone, who will help students with scholarships or educate another generation as to why we have a day called Veterans Day or run flag education programs for students?

When nonprofits such as ours are gone, who will help run the local blood drives, military funerals, placement of grave flags for deceased veterans or provide assistance to veterans and families in need?

The next time you see that your local nonprofit is running an event please support it. Because if you do not, who will do what Post 10 has done for the past 92 years?

Donald Simoneau

American Legion Post


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