While walking along the Orono Bog Boardwalk last week I became aware of some hermit thrushes feeding on some winterberries and foraging on the forest floor. One lit on a tree branch not three feet from where I stood. Flashback to last week’s submission and I’m faced with having said that these guys were difficult to catch close, in the open and well lighted. Well not this fellow, it came down and landed in the open, close to me and well graced by light. Captures attached. Lesson learned.

On the Shannon Drive road in the Bangor City Forest this red meadowhawk dragonfly landed on a patch of snow just in front of some nice green grass, the image seemed to reflect the out of place nature of that early snow storm!

While hiking at Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Refuge this red crossbill came down from the canopy to drink some water from a pool that I was sitting near. If you look closely you can see droplets of water flying from around his head. I had a difficult time identifying this guy. I wanted to call him a juvenile male red grosbeak, it was only after some friendly feedback from a few experienced friends that he got named correctly … lesson two learned!

Finally, earlier this summer at Carlton Pond I caught a red-winged blackbird and a kingbird tag-team harassing an American bald eagle.

Take care friends and enjoy this great weather.