DEXTER, Maine — A Rhode Island woman who has multiple degrees, including a master’s in public administration, has been selected as Dexter’s new town manager.

Linda-Jean Briggs, 52, of North Smithfield will begin her new duties around Nov. 14 at a starting salary of $50,000. She will be on probation for six months.

Her appointment for the position came after two rounds of advertisements and several interviews over two months. The position has been vacant since former Town Manager David Pearson resigned Sept. 1. He later assumed the position of Sangerville town manager.

“She was knowledgeable as far as handling personnel and business,” Dexter Town Council Chairman Roger Brawn said Monday of Briggs. He said Briggs has had extensive experience in the private sector, including a “very responsible” position with Verizon, and she has been active in community affairs. “She was able to answer every question posed to her effectively and efficiently.”

The Dexter Town Council will formalize its contract with Briggs after Nov. 14 when she relocates to the town. “All parties have agreed at this point,” Brawn said.

Briggs said Monday that she had always wanted to become a town manager and is looking forward to the new challenge. To prepare for her transition from the private sector into the public sector, Briggs said she returned to college in 2008 to obtain a degree in public administration.

“Dexter seems like a really, I think, a good fit for me; I like a small town,” Briggs said. “I think that they’re taking a chance on someone that has extensive private industry experience but yet the academic work for the public sector, so I think it’s a good blend.”