PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — A glimmer of fame is quickly evolving into stardom for former Presque Isle resident Rock Anthony, whose one scene on the opening episode of season three of Fox television’s “Glee,” titled “The Purple Piano,” garnered him enough attention to not only get a second appearance but a third shot on the series and a name for his hockey playing character, Rick “The Stick” Nelson.

“I’m very excited. I can’t believe I’ve filmed my third episode,” Anthony said.

Anthony is scheduled to appear in episode four as a hockey player — reprising the character that dumped a slushie drink on lead actor Corey Monteith, aka Finn in the opening scene in the first episode, with his now-famous catch phrase, “Taste the rainbow, Glee-otch!”

“I’ll be in episode four, ‘Pot of Gold,’ but it won’t air until Nov. 1. The show took a few weeks off due to the network’s World Series coverage,” said Anthony.

“I’m so excited. I can officially say my character on ‘Glee’ has been given a major storyline and now has a name, Rick ‘The Stick’ Nelson,” Anthony tweeted on Oct. 6.

Filming just concluded for that episode, which he believes is episode six.

“This still doesn’t feel real to me yet,” said Anthony of his experience on one of the top-ranked television shows this season.

Anthony said preparation takes a bit of time but has been well worth it.

“I have to go to get my makeup and hair (his character wears a mullet-style haircut) done, which takes time. But the cast and crew have been amazing. It’s been great fun,” said Anthony.

Anthony has even created a Facebook page for Rick “The Stick” Nelson.

“I’m on Twitter and Facebook as myself and have a page for my character. I’ve had such positive response,” said Anthony.

Anthony may be working in Hollywood but he’s still a small-town boy at heart, which was obvious on a recent Facebook post showing a photo of the door to his trailer identifying him as “Guest Star, Rick the Stick” on the set of “Glee.”

He’s hoping his character will continue to have a recurring role as the series moves forward.

“I love being on the show and the great people I get to work with. I’d love to have this become a regular role,” said Anthony.

For now, he’s looking forward to the next few weeks and hearing what his family and friends on the East Coast think of his performance.

“I want to let everyone know, so they’ll watch in the coming weeks. I want everyone and their mama watching,” said Anthony.