This time of fall, transition time for me and the critters, a time of migration, a time of storing up food for winter, a time to slow down a bit, a time, perhaps for reflection. A brief hike on Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Refuge earlier this week produced a surprising number of biting mosquitoes, the few photo opportunities that I had were hampered by mosquitoes that seemed to be landing on me with mouths already open and immediately inflicting pain. I managed to get an image of this chipping sparrow in between mosquito bites! Mid-October biting mosquitoes, who’d have guessed?

The snowshoe hare, chomping on the stem of dried grass seems to reflect an air of relaxed defiance at my presence. The young moose, perhaps just abandoned by its mother, also did not seem to mind my attendance in its space. The early morning light added some nice ambiance to the setting. These images plus the yellow-rumped warbler remind me that the journey to spring and summer is worth the travel through late fall and winter. It’s Maine and each season has its gifts.