May 20, 2018
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Monday, Oct. 24, 2011: Occupy Wall Street, Republican candidates and Clean Elections

Peaceful demonstrations, or…

In 1962, John F. Kennedy said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

The occupation protests of Wall Street, Monument Square in Portland, Capitol Park in Augusta and other locations around the country are examples of those peaceful revolutions in support of democracy and an economy that enables everyone to earn a decent living. Those camping out, mostly young, are onto something good for our country. We need to listen and learn.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, bank executives, wealthy individuals and other elected officials who fear this democratic movement are trying to use police raids and arrests to stop this move toward democracy, just as dictators did in Egypt, Tunisia and other parts of the Middle East during the “Arab Spring.” If these happen, state and local politicians and their wealthy supporters will be making these peaceful revolutions impossible. It will be their fault, and not the occupiers, if there is any violence.

I urge all Maine people who believe in and want democracy and a fair and just economy in this state to support and join these occupations.

Larry Dansinger


Westbrook College lineage

I recently read the article written by Seth Koenig regarding the Deborah Morton Awards from the now University of New England.

This article states that “the first awards were given in 1961 at what was then Westbrook College”. At this time, the institution was not Westbrook College, but Westbrook Junior College, which became such in 1936. Previous to this, the school was known at Westbrook Seminary, which was founded in 1831.

There have been many prominent ladies to receive this award as was stated in the article.

My reason for this letter is merely to state, yes, there were many ladies from the greater Bangor area who attended Westbrook Junior College. Among these are Wilma Additon Bradford (Mrs. Merrill Bradford), Constance Strout Wood and the late Ella Gardner Waitt.

When writing an article such as this, one should research the history of said institution.

Cynthia (Snow) Simpson

Class of 1956 Westbrook Junior College


Where’s Paul and Huntsman?

I am extremely concerned about the lack of coverage by the mainstream media (including the BDN) of Republican presidential candidates Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman. It is evident that these two gentlemen possess the critical criteria for restoring the U.S. to its former powerful economy and to stop the stupid and unreasonable heavy spending in Washington. This monstrous debt crisis has to be resolved, not abandoned.

We are the voters and we are being denied the right to know what is on the minds of the declared candidates running for president. This action is nothing short of treason to protect the liars who cannot stand the truth and also will tell more lies to bury the truth.

When is the Bangor Daily News going to cover the news of all the candidates?

Peter Carminati


Why go backwards?

I was appalled to read in the Oct. 19 BDN the article “Lawmakers consider fixes to Maine Clean Election law,” which reported that some lawmakers and the governor’s office believe that doing nothing is a reasonable solution. To “just leave it without a revised matching fund provision” surely would keep many candidates from running using Clean Elections, especially those in tough races.

As a voter and proud resident, I want candidates to run campaigns that are free of the influence that comes with accepting large private campaign contributions. I want my representatives to serve my neighbors and me, and not big donors.

We’ve had Clean Elections in Maine for over 10 years and most legislators use it. Why go backwards? Do we really want our state government to look more like the dysfunction and corruption that we see in D.C.? Do we want campaign contributions and legislative influence to go hand in hand? No.

Lawmakers in Augusta need to do their job and keep this Maine program strong. They need to put in place a sound alternative to replace the matching funds struck down by the Supreme Court.

Jenni LaChance

Presque Isle

Joe for Bangor council

We are writing in strong support for electing Joe Baldacci to the Bangor City Council.

As longtime residents, homeowners and parents in Bangor, we helped lead the effort to save Dakin Pool a few years ago when the city wanted to close it. Joe Baldacci joined us and Bill Sullivan to lead a community fundraising effort, called Friends of Dakin Pool, to raise over $140,000 to renovate and improve the pool so it could remain open, free of charge for the kids and families of Bangor.

Joe’s work was instrumental to our success with fundraising and persuading the council to keep the pool open.

Joe Baldacci knows that Bangor is better and stronger when we are making things better for everyone. We are very happy to be supporting Joe for the council on Nov. 8 and urge all Bangor voters to do the same.

Mike and Duska Robinson


There’s something happening here

Carter Jones is wrong in his characterization of Occupy Wall Street (“‘Occupy’ are revolutionaries,” BDN letters, Oct. 19). Karl Denninger, one of the founders of the tea party movement before it was hijacked by the Koch brothers and Fox News, states that OWS shares many of the tea party’s original goals, such as opposing Wall Street bailouts.

What OWS is about is addressing the root of our political dysfunction and economic problems, which is money in politics. Corruption and greed are ruling our country.

I’m a lot more concerned about the lawlessness of Wall Street than about some campers in a park. What good does it do to just vote for one puppet or another? Big corporations “own” most of our politicians — Democrat and Republican — and control the messages we get through the media they own.

The power belongs with the people, not the corporations, whose unbridled greed must not be allowed to abuse people, pollute the environment, destroy our economy for their gain, lead us into senseless wars to protect their interests or corrupt our democratic process. Government owned by corporations is fascism.

OWS represents us, the 99 percent — conservatives, liberals and those in between — who recognize the root problem in our political system. And Mr. Jones should be joining us.

Nancy Glista


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