May 25, 2018
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Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011: Question 2, wind power and Dorothea Dix

In Grover we trust

The Bangor Daily News Oct. 17 Editorial (“Too Many Pledges”) dealt with those “patriots” who have signed a pledge to never raise taxes. Here is a pledge they may substitute for the Pledge of Allegiance, which they apparently have forgotten:

“I pledge allegiance to Grover Norquist and to the nonsense for which he stands, one nation, under Grover, with liberty for the greedy and justice for those who can afford it.”

Ron Jarvella


Question 2 no-brainer

I am concerned that some people oppose Question 2 on the Nov. 8 ballot, which would create racinos in Biddeford and Washington County.

In this past week alone, some 240 people lost there jobs. I was born and raised in Maine and over my 45 years I have seen the shoe and poultry business go away and the paper industry is struggling. Through all this, harness racing has been a fixture in Maine and it’s what I chose to do for a living.

So if Question 2 passes, it will boost at least seven industries in Maine.

Furthermore, I recently viewed an anti-racino commercial which didn’t comment on the industry boost it will give Maine. Instead, the commercial said concern is over Mainers getting hooked on gambling. I drew from these comments that Mainers aren’t bright; however, Mainers know when our state shouldn’t turn down business whose benefits are statewide.

In conclusion, there is not one person who can say this isn’t a good idea for all of Maine.

Edgar Eniston


High cost of wind

We have not heard much lately regarding the proposed wind project in Highland Plantation. We are very aware that, at some point in time, First Wind LLC will likely submit another application to LURC with a few tweaks included to make the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife happy. There is also a very high probability that wind turbines are in the works for Lexington and Concord.

There has been a lot in the news in recent weeks regarding the green energy options of wind and solar. Not all of the news has been favorable. The Solyndra scandal is a great example of how the alternative energies can go bust. The public is going to pick up the ticket for Solyndra. How many more of these poor government choices can we afford to pay for?

Wind power will bring higher electricity rates to an already burdened public. New power lines to carry the power south on the grid will be necessary, adding more to the cost, which will again be passed on to you and me.

How many more added expenses can you and I afford to pay in this downward spiraling economy? The cost of food, gas, fuel oil, clothing, etc. has been rising dramatically over the past few months. It makes it difficult to keep our heads above water. There have been no cost of living increases to Social Security. Any additional expense makes it even harder for people on limited incomes to survive.

Linda Miller

Lexington Township

Computer junk into gold

Frugality and custodianship of the environment are two of the foundation stones of wisdom. Why could not Maine become the national center for the recycling of all electronic components, specifically all computer and digital related equipment?

Applying the most up-to-date technology along with continuing research could provide innumerable new jobs. On-the-job training would ensure no one is left out who has a desire to work. Let the country ship all its electronics to Maine; let us turn it into gold.

Bill Joyce


Better entertainment

Why even more casinos/racinos? This will encourage even more poor people who really can not afford to lose even a dollar. Those last few dollars spent (hoping to win a huge amount) could much better be spent on shelter, food, transportation and medications.

When the last few dollars are gambled away and there is no money left, the family will not qualify for any local, state or federal help as that money was not spent on the necessities of life. They will be homeless — that will lead to crime to get money for shelter and food.

There must be a better and safer form of entertainment.

Mary Stockley


Tuning out lefties

In the BDN’s weekend edition, UMaine political science professor and BDN columnist Amy Fried had a common accusation leveled against her. It was assumed that because she is a liberal, that she was corrupting the educational system with her left wing opinions.

Well, if this were even possible, you can’t blame Professor Fried. I went to college in 1975 and the professors were mostly left wing then. You had to learn from them, and you also had to learn when to not listen to them. It was good training for life. Why is that now a bad thing?

Jeff Davis

Stockton Springs

‘Occupy’ are revolutionaries

I have been closely watching the protesters on Wall Street and around the country. Many of them are socialists, anarchists and communists, who are calling for the collapse of our government and our economy. They are calling for a revolution in the streets of New York and around the country.

Now I can agree that many people in the banking industry have caused many of the financial problems, along with the government, but the revolutionaries don’t seem to think that the policies of Obama or Bush need to be addressed, which caused much of our economic troubles, such as the debacle in the housing industry through the federal backed loans at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, along with the loans for college education.

These people who are calling for revolution need to understand in America, first and foremost, we follow the law, and if we want change we vote, not call for the destruction of our government and economy.

And the politicians who support this activity also need to be held accountable for their support by voting them out, like President Obama and Nancy Pelosi for example.

Carter Jones


Don’t cut Dorothea Dix

I am appalled that closing or cutting funding for the Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center is even up for discussion. It seems to me that the cuts the governor is proposing need to come from his own backyard.

I also seem to recall that one of his pledges to Maine voters was not to further disenfranchise people with disabilities. Our wonderful police department has enough on its plates without further taxing their operations.

In my opinion, Dorothea Dix needs to open the wings that were closed, instead of further closings.

Kate Young


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