TOWNSHIP 25, Maine — A woman from Cherryfield sustained serious injuries Sunday afternoon when she was tossed off an all-terrain vehicle in Sam Hill Barrens, near Cherryfield.

Marian Wright, 52, was transported by LifeFlight from the blueberry barrens where she was injured to Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor and was treated for broken ribs and a serious head laceration, according to Maine Game Warden Bayley Grant.

Grant said Wright was traveling with a group of other ATVs on a gravel road that bisects the barrens when she attempted to go around a large puddle of water and lost control.

“She overcorrected, her tires grabbed and she was thrown off the ATV,” Grant said. Wright repeatedly rolled over for more than 30 feet on the gravel road. She was knocked unconscious.

Grant said members of the group were able to find a cell signal and called for help. Maine State Police dispatchers in Orono were able to use the global positioning device in the cell phone to direct the LifeFlight air ambulance to the barrens where it was able to land right at the scene.

“Speed was definitely a factor,” Grant said, adding “There is no question that if she had been wearing a helmet, her injuries would have been substantially less.”