Frustrated dieters out there may ask, “When is someone gonna write a weight-loss book that allows me to eat at 7-Eleven?” Their wish has been granted by none other than Charles Platkin, the “Diet Detective” syndicated columnist and assistant professor at the CUNY School of Public Health.

His new book, set for release in January by Rodale Books, is “The Diet Detective’s All-American Diet.” Take our quiz based on food choices at quintessential American establishments.

1. It’s late in the dark night of a dieter’s soul. You find yourself at a 7-Eleven. Calorie-wise, which is the best choice?

a) 7-Eleven Fresh To Go Chicken and Bacon Cobb Salad

b) 7-Eleven Chicken Tenders (three pieces)

c) 7-Eleven Corn Dog Roller

2. You’ve been driving all night. What’s that up ahead? Sunrise? No, it’s the yellow Denny’s sign. Which breakfast side dish should a calorie-conscious dieter select?

a) Bacon (four strips)

b) Turkey bacon (four strips)

c) Hash browns

3. You’ve tried to resist the lure of KFC. You know you have. But you’re only human and have succumbed. Yet you’re trying to be good by ordering from the grilled chicken menu. Which is your best caloric choice?

a) drumstick

b) breast

c) thigh

4. You went running today, so you figure you can “reward” yourself with dessert in the freezer aisle. Which is the best caloric option?

a) Skinny Cow Vanilla Low Fat Ice Cream Sandwich

b) Weight Watcher’s Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich

c) Smart Ones Key Lime Pie


ANSWERS: 1: c (corn dog: 320 calories; cobb salad: 350 calories; chicken: 540 calories); 2: a (bacon: 140 calories; turkey bacon: 150 calories; hash browns: 210 calories); 3: a (drumstick: 80 calories; thigh 160 calories; breast 210 calories); 4: b (Weight Watchers: 120 calories; Skinny cow: 140 calories; pie: 190 calories).


Source: “The Diet Detective’s All-American Diet,” By Dr. Charles Platkin (Rodale Books, $19.99, 266 pages, on sale in January).