VEAZIE, Maine — The Town Council will hold a special meeting Sept. 19 to discuss what steps it will take to fill the now-vacant town manager’s seat.

The council will discuss whether to advertise the town manager opening itself or to hire an outside group, such as Eaton Peabody or the Maine Municipal Association, to run the search process. The meeting is set for 5:30 p.m. in the council chamber.

Councilors decided Monday night not to renew former Town Manager Bill Reed’s contract and instead pay Reed a hefty severance package.

Reed’s contract stated that councilors could choose not to renew it if the town paid him one month’s pay for each of the 18 full years he worked as town manager. With a monthly salary of $5,584.80, that works out to about $100,500. The town also owed Reed about 160 hours of vacation time, which equates to around $5,000 more, according to a letter Reed sent to town attorney Thomas A. Russell.

That’s about $54.50 for each of Veazie’s 1,937 residents in the 2010 census.

At a special council meeting before Tuesday’s planning board meeting, the council appointed Julie Reed, no relation to Bill Reed, acting treasurer and tax collector. It also appointed Karen Morin acting town clerk and town motor vehicle agent, according to Russell.

Reed is still working temporarily for the town but has no “official duties,” Russell said. Reed has no official title, but described his position as “non-town manager management adviser during the town’s transition period.”

Russell said Reed will be employed until Sept. 22, when the town’s pay period ends.

In the meantime, he’s assisting in finishing up a few town projects and “helping out to make the transition as smooth as possible,” Russell said.