May 22, 2018
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Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2011: Same-day voter registration, Somalian children


If it ain’t broke…

I support the people’s veto to protect voting rights in the state of Maine, and I am opposed to the bill eliminating same-day voter registration. Election Day registration has worked for more than 40 years in this state.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Carol Schulte

Tenants Harbor

System works

Same-day voter registration works just fine and there is no reason to eliminate it.

I myself have benefited from it: When I went to vote in the last local election, I hadn’t realized that I needed to re-register after moving from the next town over. If I hadn’t been able to register right there at the polls, I wouldn’t have been able to vote. My voice wouldn’t

have been heard.

The system works. There is no reason to change it.

Suze Howe


Stop the power play

I don’t consider myself to be a member of an extreme left-wing group, but that is the rhetoric being used to dismiss the concerns citizens like myself have about the efforts to remove a 40-year practice in our state to allow voters to register the day of elections.

It seems that with so many real matters facing the residents of our state, the Republican-controlled state government has set priorities to dismantle measures that ensure citizen participation in our government.

The message I hear loud and clear is that it is all about power. Their focus is on taking measures to ensure their hold on power.

Let us protect our right to vote and not allow those in power to set up unnecessary obstacles to disenfranchise the people to have their voice heard. Residents of Maine should be very concerned about this effort to hamper access to the voting process.

Be sure to vote in November to veto this legislative power play. If they continue on this track, where will it end?

Linda S. Thomas



An apology to a dying Somalian child:

They do it in my name, my unknown young friend. Our tax dollars build warships, guns, tanks and bombs while your children lie starving in the deserts.

Our military slays your Muslim brothers while your daughters and sons collapse in

the blowing sands. We show passion for our sports while African infants die every hour from hunger and thirst.

We spend trillions on pointless war and pennies on charity.

Christ said, “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.” But we know

and keep on doing. Forgive us if you can.

Dick Hoyt


Quebec’s opportunities

I congratulate BDN columnist Julia Bayly for calling reader attention to the recreational and cultural opportunities present in our too-little-known neighbor Quebec. I hope she visits the Bic-Rimouski area soon.

There is a lot to write about there.

Richard Clark


Keeping an open mind

Thank you for your recent articles about transgender. They helped me understand what transgender means. I admire the family and friends who stood by them. I was also disappointed in the grandfather who passed on to his grandson the hate message he delivered to the child.

I will save this article as a lesson to keep an open mind and search for the truth.

Margie Gilbert


Voter law won’t help

I am one of the hundreds of volunteers who collected signatures for the people’s veto which will restore our right to register and vote on the same day.

Standing in front of the post office, I spoke to numerous voters with their own stories, most notably the woman whose husband is routinely deleted from the rolls, she assumes because her son shares the same name. He always has to re-register to vote.

Then there was my own daughter, newly arrived at age 18, who went to register at city hall the week before election day and was told that she would be better off waiting until election day to be certain there would be no mistakes in the paperwork.

The claim is that town clerks are “overwhelmed” by same-day voter registrations. This bill will not relieve congestion at the town halls, because those who are registered should be contacting their town clerks before each and every election day to confirm their place on the voter rolls. I know I will be. Otherwise, when you show up, if your name is not there, you do not vote.

Susan Guare


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