February 22, 2018
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Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2011: American Folk Festival, congressional offices, Charles Krauthammer

Dump the rain, fill the bucket

We are so fortunate to have the American Folk Festival right here in Bangor — great music, great cultural enrichment and an all-around great community builder.

Even with the cancellation of Sunday’s program due to the impending arrival of Tropical Storm Irene, the organizers made the best of it by adding to our Saturday choices. Several bands offered their time for a Monday concert at Husson where proceeds will go to the AFF.

Now it’s our chance as members of the community to do our part: How about contributing what we would have paid the bucket brigade on Sunday. You can go to the AFF website,

www.americanfolkfestival.com for information, or send a check made payable to “American Folk Festival” to 40 Harlow Street, Bangor 04401.

It has been 10 years now. Let’s keep the AFF tradition going!

Suzanne Kelly

Close congressional offices

We hear a lot of talk about cutting federal spending. I have an idea that would save a lot of money: Close all congressional satellite offices.

With the communication technology we have today, they aren’t needed. Let each senator and member of Congress have one office with an operating budget that would be set by a special committee which would not have any senators or members of Congress on it. Each office would have an email address and an 800 number for the public to get in touch with them.

It is time for our representatives to take and feel the cuts so many of us tax-paying citizens have tried to survive through. It is time for them to prove that their true position is to serve the American people and not just themselves. Step up to the plate, senators and representatives, and make a sincere effort to show where you really stand!

Robert Beaulieu

Krauthammer a ‘nebbish’

I think it’s great that you include a conservative columnist on your Op-Ed page, but it should not be a vile, hate-filled, anti-intellectual such as Mr. Charles Krauthammer. I realize you can’t get David Brooks, but surely there are others who actually consider their words and ideas before they submit their columns.

Mr. Krauthammer seems to think any words, how ever hateful or ill-considered, are fine as long as he gets his money.

I honestly have a serious reservation with the idea that I am helping to support this piece of work by subscribing to your paper.

Please find a real conservative to replace this nebbish.

James Solley

Shedding light on lanterns

On Monday, Aug. 29, the BDN published an article about Greenville’s 175th birthday festivities. One of the items in the story was Girl Scout Troop 710’s floating parade. I am writing to better clarify this event.

The article published made it sound as if the troop was “coloring for cash.” This is not the case.

Our Girl Scout troop wanted to be part of celebrating our communities’ 175th birthday so we initiated a floating lantern event. Each lantern represented one year of Greenville’s history. Individuals were encouraged to design their own lanterns and launch them.

In some cases, people opted to have the troop design and launch the lanterns. Themes on individual lanterns ranged from memorials to loved ones passed, to honoring soldiers, wishes for our future and our community.

This was a fundraiser for our troop to help us travel to Washington D.C. to celebrate the 100th birthday of Girl Scouting, but our focus was on celebrating our community. I could not allow the hard work and dedication of our girls to be passed off as a simple “coloring” project. The girls learned valuable public relation skills, skills around finances, goal setting and leadership, all while having a wonderful time and supporting our community.

This event was extremely well-received by our community and we thank all involved for sharing this event with us.

Kathy Cobb

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