BATH, Maine — Five Bath homes were burglarized overnight Friday while residents slept inside, prompting Bath police to request assistance from the public in apprehending the culprit — and to warn citizens to lock their doors and windows.

Bath Police Lt. Stan Cielinski said today that the break-ins, along with four car burglaries, appear to be related.

At approximately 1 a.m. Saturday, a Winter Street resident awoke to a dog barking, and discovered that someone had raised a window screen and curtains on the window had been knocked down, although nothing was missing from the home.

Later on Saturday, a Lincoln Street resident reported that at about 2 a.m. a rattling sound coming from a window woke her.

When the woman screamed, she reportedly saw a male, wearing a hooded sweatshirt, flee from the scene and cross the street, according to police. Again, nothing was taken from the home. The resident waited several hours before contacting police.

Residents of two separate homes in the 800 block of Washington Street also reported waking Saturday morning to discover someone had entered their homes overnight and stolen an iPad, alcohol, wedding bands, a purse, wallets and an undisclosed amount of cash.

Also on Saturday morning, a resident of Andrews Road awoke to find her purse on the floor with “a large amount of cash” and a personal check missing, according to police.

This time, the intruder left open the front door of the home.

Cielinski said most of the homes appear to have been entered through ground-floor windows — although the culprit or culprits apparently stood on a deck railing to reach one second-floor window — and police continue to investigate how the interloper managed to reach one open second-floor window.

The front door that residents discovered open may have been left unlocked the previous night, Cielinski said today.

Because the burglar or burglars are entering homes while residents are at home, Cielinski said, police are concerned about public safety, but he noted that when one woman screamed upon seeing a man, “The guy took off.”

Still, he said, “They are going into houses where people are home, and anytime that happens, there’s the potential for someone to get hurt.”

Despite warm weather, Cielinski urged residents to lock their windows — and doors — at night.

“I know it’s difficult when it gets hot, and sometimes people think, ‘It’s OK when I’m at home,’ but you’ve still got to be careful,” he said.

Residences weren’t the only targets of Friday night’s break-ins, however: Four vehicles parked in the 800 block of Middle Street and the 800 block of Washington Street — all unlocked — also were burglarized, police said.

Nothing was taken from three of the vehicles, but a wallet containing bank and personal identification was stolen from one of the cars on Middle Street, according to Field.

Cielinski said detectives continue to investigate the incidents. No suspect has yet been identified.

Anyone with information about the burglaries is asked to call the Bath Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division at 443-8367.

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