BANGOR, Maine — A friendly green parakeet flew into a tent set up for this weekend’s American Folk Festival and decided to land on the shoulder of a worker Tuesday morning, according to police.

“A parakeet just flew in and landed on a folk festival worker’s shoulder and according to the caller was still sitting on his shoulder happily,” Bangor police Sgt. Paul Edwards said, reading from the dispatch log from around 9:30 a.m. “They had no idea where the bird came from.”

The bird hung around on Front Street interacting with workers until Pat Pinkham, Bangor’s animal control officer, arrived, collected the bird and transported him to the Bangor Humane Society.

Stacey Coventry, Bangor Humane Society’s public relations director, said small parrots caught in the wild “don’t come in too often.”

Staff identified the parakeet as a male and said he was a pet because “he’s super friendly” and easily interacts with people, she said.

“He’s a pretty cool bird,” Coventry said.

The parakeet will be put up for adoption if no one comes in to claim him, she said.

“We hold them for seven days to see if they and their owners will reunite,” Coventry said.

The bird’s picture will be sent to the 35 neighboring communities that partner with the Bangor Humane Society and a link will be added to the facility’s website, she said.

“We require proof of ownership — photos, paperwork from the vet” or registration forms to claim a pet that has been dropped off, Coventry said. “We definitely have various ways to make sure we connect the pet with the right owners.”

“If people lose their pets, we encourage them to call,” she added.

No one recently has reported a missing parakeet, Coventry said.