The Christian Science Monitor reports on Charmaine Yoest, the charismatic president and chief executive officer of Americans United for Life. AUL is the fighting force behind many of the anti-abortion bills that surfaced in states this year — including in Maine, where they all were overturned.

“With an easy laugh and ample charm, Charmaine Yoest doesn’t at all appear to be Public Enemy No. 1 for the pro-abortion rights community. But the foundation of her rising influence – the accessibility of her approach – becomes clear when she settles in for an unexpectedly frank conversation about the stunning 2011 antiabortion legislative juggernaut that she has helped orchestrate.

This mother of five – who is not a physician, attorney, or lawmaker – has set the stage for sweeping antiabortion victories at the state level on the strength of her seeming candor, warmth, and camera-ready smile.”

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