April 26, 2018
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Friday, Aug. 11, 2011: Jets, parking and Quimby’s proposed park

Park makes sense

Concerning Ms. Quimby’s donation of thousands of acres of her own land for the formation of a national park, a national park appears to be the lesser of two evils.

The good thing about Quimby is that she is not greedy with her wealth. There is nothing wrong with being wealthy, but there is something wrong with being greedy.

A national park would guarantee public access to the Maine woods. Under the current system who says that corporate land owners will always guarantee public access?

As far as the wood products industry is concerned, the future is in doubt thanks to the corporate Benedict Arnolds who have been sending jobs overseas. In the past, traitors were sent before firing squads, now it seems that these firing squads have been directed to shoot us, the public.

Irvin Dube

World church opponent

I was saddened after reading Mark Worth’s Aug. 2 letter. I am probably someone he would sneer at and call a fundamentalist Christian.

We should be glad two governors called for prayer. With the mess we’re in because of this bloated government, our senators and representatives should all be down on their knees.

In Acts 16:13, the disciples went to a prayer meeting in a spacious uncovered amphitheater by a riverside.

I believe government is deeply involved in religion. It is the world church, better known as secular humanism. My taxes have been paying for its abortions, indoctrinations in schools and forced charities.

This world religion has been forcing its agenda through corrupt judges, paid politicians and by circumventing voter decisions. Why should I be made to pay tithes to this religion?

Joe Phillips

Debt process fan

In one respect, I admired what Congress and the president did on debt reduction. While most American people and the world were very unhappy with their results, one bright spot shone through. The American political process was entirely open for all the world to see and express their opinion on just how dumb Washington D.C. was and is.

But, do you know what? What other country in the world is as open as America? What other country in the world would allow its citizens to express such strong criticism of its government as Americans do? Even the world joined in to vent at the president and Congress.

I hope that the whole world learns to open up its political systems like the United States of America. There might be fewer bloody revolutions.

Joe Pickering Jr.

Investigate political claims

Charlie Webster’s latest crisis, centered around fear that voting fraud is rampant in Maine, is obviously designed to make exercising the right to vote more difficult. What real evidence exists that some college student voted by absentee ballot, hitchhiked or drove home to vote, then on the same day registered where he resides and voted a second time?

Where are all the buses? Where is all the fraud?

Webster’s witch hunt, designed to fall in line with the national agenda and please the party patrons, deserves an appropriate title: “Joe McCarthy is Alive and Well!”

Maine has many small towns with part-time officials with full-time jobs. Which would require more time, registering voters on election day or randomly processing registrations over several days or weeks? Which costs more?

If Mr. Webster really wants an investigation, he should encourage Secretary of State Summers to contact small town registrars and get their side of the story.

As a Republican since 1972, I’d like to see investigations of politicians who make fraudulent claims.

Chris Young

White House fat cats

During the current three-ring circus that posed as a congressional and presidential initiative to solve the nation’s economic travails, Barack Obama over and over railed against corporate fat cats flying around in their corporate jets at the expense of starving children, collapsing infrastructure and economic chaos. The day after the agreement was signed, Barack Obama jetted off to New York City to attend a $35,000 a plate dinner and fundraiser. Is Barack Obama using commercial airlines for this soiree?

In the Aug. 4 BDN there is a news item stating that Michele Obama is flying to southern Maine for a fundraiser. Is Michele Obama flying commercial on a major carrier? I just wonder if Michele Obama used commercial airlines during the spring when she and her 200 person entourage flew to India?

The fewer heard about corporate fat cats the better because they seem to be on both sides of the issue.

Peter Sereico

Extreme rubbish

The claim made by House Speaker Robert Nutting that the 18 groups in Maine that organized to restore same-day voter registration and the thousand volunteers who took part in this effort are left-wing extremists is rubbish, to use a favorite Rupert Murdoch word. The real extremists here are the legislators who scrapped the law.

The 68,000 residents who signed the petition support voting rights and resist efforts to suppress the vote. I have yet to meet a real left-wing extremist in Maine and I doubt Nutting has either. Years ago in Berkeley I knew a few. They had no interest at all in the vote.

Peg Cruikshank

Two Chinas?

In reference to the BDN’s front page story on Wednesday, Aug. 3, headlined “Chinese-built appliance a behemoth,” the article states, “after a three-month ocean voyage from Taiwan…”

So was this monster machine built in China, then shipped to Taiwan, then to Maine? Or was it built in Taiwan? There is a difference. They are two different countries.

Unfortunately, from the point of view of those of us here in this country, it only points out how far we have gone down the road of not producing things ourselves.

I also read the letter to the editor in the same edition, “Support Maine production.” Unfortunately, the New Balance shoe factories that exist in Maine are mostly symbolic. The vast majority of New Balance shoes are made in Taiwan.

Amanda Kobayashi

Safer esplanades

Beware all you criminals in Bangor. The Bangor Police Department is “cracking down on crime.” Which crime, you might ask. Burglary? Theft? Domestic violence? No, it’s the insidious crime of parking — specifically parking on the esplanade.

Before you run to your dictionary to look up the meaning of esplanade, don’t bother. The Bangor PD has a very different definition from any dictionary I checked. It defines the esplanade as the tiny strip of grass between the street and the sidewalk.

Be advised that homeowners are expected to mow it, rake it and make it look presentable, but don’t dare park on it. If you should make that unfortunate mistake, you will find a $25 “reminder” attached to your windshield.

So citizens of Bangor, sleep soundly. I’m sure we are all much safer.

Steven Douglas

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