May 22, 2018
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Saturday/Sunday, July 30-31, 2011: Voter fraud, Roxanne Quimby and prayer

Voter fraud proof suspect

In regards to Rep. Webster’s “proof” of voter fraud:

I am a recent graduate of USM’s Muskie School. I received my bachelor’s in political science in my “home” state of Indiana. I paid an exorbitant amount of money to come to Maine to receive a fantastic education in my field of community planning and development.

We sold our home in Indiana, moved the entire family here, got Maine drivers licenses, registered our car and truck in Portland and have filed Maine taxes as residents. My partner and I were still required to pay out-of-state tuition because we did not work or live here at least one year before enrolling at USM.

My family is what many would now consider permanent residents. And yes, my partner and I voted here the last two years.

We now live in Livermore Falls and will be registering our daughter to go school here, where she will eventually graduate. I take offense at Mr. Webster’s accusations of voter fraud among out-of-state tuition students. Those of us who came here by choice and pay three times the tuition cost of residents should not be automatically accused of voting illegally.

D. Robin Beck

Livermore Falls

Just do it, Roxanne

I have a different suggestion from Cheryl Russell’s OpEd (BDN, July 22) on how Roxanne Quimby should invest her money.

Roxanne should take the $40 million she would set aside for a park endowment and park maintenance and use that money to build the infrastructure to develop her own “Quimby Maine Woods Park.” She could maintain local control of her land rather than give it to the federal government.

To do this, she doesn’t need the support of our president, congressional delegation, governor, legislature or Maine residents. It’s her land to do with as she pleases. And once her park increases tourism, creates jobs and adds to the state and local economies, maybe then she will gain the support from others that she has passionately worked to achieve.

Though admirable, Roxanne should stop expending considerable time and energy trying to build consensus and convince others of the value of her vision. Just do it yourself, Roxanne.

Bob Croce


A healthy community

I was not really heard at the Piscataquis County forum with Gov. LePage on July 21 in Dover-Foxcroft. He assumed my concern was welfare reform. My concern was public-sector jobs in the county, which benefit employees and recipients of services. The governor did not answer my question but rather spoke on welfare fraud.

We all know fraud can occur in government. Living in a community strengthened by wonderful state-supported programs can change one’s views. Are not we all one catastrophe away from needing services? We depend on services for mental health, the academic success of our children, to assist the elderly and disabled, to help folks find jobs, for community development that respects the environment and to support the local economy.

This is not the time to turn on our neighbors or judge those with different lifestyles.

The North Woods is no place for dirty energy. Solar, hydro and wind development would create jobs, lower energy costs and put us on the forefront of alternative energy technology. Our small towns are already set up to deliver independent energy services. Without a healthy planet, none of us can thrive.

Success is not defined by the creation of wealth but by the deep connection we have with our surroundings and one another. I am hurt to think my community would not aid those deemed undeserving. A caring community is what keeps us here. Let us be one.

Lisa Laser


Prayer clarification

Regarding the recent Bangor Daily News editorial opposing the Aug. 6 national Day of Prayer and Fasting, may I clarify the official policy statement on participation.

“The National Day of Prayer Task Force was a creation … for the expressed purpose of organizing and promoting prayer observances conforming to a Judeo-Christian system of values. People with other theological and philosophical views are, of course, free to organize and participate in activities that are consistent with their own beliefs.”

We at Concerned Women for America of Maine appreciate government leaders’ willingness to humble themselves with us of like precious faith to preserve America’s Christian heritage and defend the religious freedoms granted by the Constitution. The event is not partisan, nor does it favor one faith over another. Other faiths are welcome to have their own official ceremony, or not.

We should not be afraid of the church awakening, once again, to the dire condition of our nation as our history attests in the past. God’s word proclaims, “the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” This might be the tipping point of our nation turning back to God for righteousness in our laws, and stopping the progressive liberalism that has taken us to the cliff where we find ourselves.

Penny Morrell


Concerned Women for America of Maine

America has Christian roots

I disagree with the BDN’s view on Gov. LePage’s proclamation for a national Day of Prayer on Aug. 6. I applaud him.

I believe he realizes the tremendous need to ask for spiritual guidance and direction not only for our state, but the nation as a whole. We need help; we have not done such a great job so far.

We need to abandon selfish ways and look to what is best to provide both leadership and services to our people. In Maine, we have our share of problems and concerns. We need prayer to guide both government and families especially at this time in our history.

It is one of our rights to openly express and openly profess faith, which this country was founded on. If one does not want to assemble and pray, so be it. There has been an outpouring of government leaders in the past calling the people to pray for the country. What is the harm in that? Maybe if we would get back to our Christian roots and call upon the Lord to heal our land there would be a deeper commitment by all to look beyond their own selfish need and think and act in the best interest of the state and nation.

God help us.

Suzanne Waterhouse


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