May 22, 2018
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011: No free lunch, warfare in Maine

No free lunch

My daughter recently came home from school telling about her class watching a film about “free health care” in France.

“Free health care, cut-rate child care, free higher education, generous government-funded pensions, heavily subsidized public transportation …” are words bandied about more and more in these days of change. Free? Really? Doctors working for no pay? Nurses? Professors? High-tech instrumentation given to hospitals? Teaching materials provided to universities? No utility payments to make? Of course not!

This money comes from the taxpayers, taken from some and given to others. As more and more people get hooked on “free services,” more and more will be demanded. That’s why we’re $14 trillion in debt. Once these bills become due, our children and grandchildren won’t think it’s been a free lunch.

Dan Richardson


Warfare in Maine

“War is not the answer.”

How is it that this phrase is not understood? War is the pursuit of conflict resolution through brute force. If there is a problem, eliminate it. If innocent women and children are killed in the effort, it’s all considered part of the game. War is after all an American business only trying to reach the American dream of securing a greater portion of the marketplace with hopes of gaining a monopoly.

Americans are a society of war. They need to get used to violence as a way of life as long as they choose war as an option for resolving conflicts. We have free will granted to us by God to choose what is right and wrong. We live by our principles. The war in Maine is quite evident. Families are resolving their conflicts in a war-like manner, elimination with extreme prejudice.

Let’s see how the body count is accumulating in Maine. In Winslow a husband shoots his wife in front of their children and then kills himself. In Dexter a husband and father kills his wife and two children and then himself. In Skowhegan a husband kills his wife and himself. In Dover-Foxcroft a brother kills his younger brother.

The body count for the month is nine kills.

As long as this society accepts the principles of warfare as acceptable behavior for conflict resolution this type of atrocity will only grow and fester as cancer on a body.

Patrick Quinn



We are all expendable to the people in the government.

The rich must stay rich and live in luxury. Why is it that we must protect the rich at any expense, at the expense the other have to live in poverty?

The elderly, who helped make this country, the veterans who have and still are protecting this country, and the poor and low-income people who have no choice are all treated as sacrificial lambs. Why is it that this country sends billions of dollars to other countries to feed the poor, but we won’t take care of our own people first? Other countries, who have and are willing to stab us in the back at any opportunity.

The government determines who matters and who doesn’t. It’s a constant that the rich end up on top, others don’t matter. Power, greed, money and corruption are the name of the game. Make sure the rich and powerful keep their place in society at all costs to the rest of the nation.

Maybe we could have extermination camps, where any factions of society that can no longer work for the benefit and the plans of the rich, can be eliminated, assuring the lavish lifestyle of the rich and corrupt.

The people in Congress are more concerned about how they look in the public eye or to each other, than actually helping this country. This country is going down the tubes. They have given themselves so much power that it’s impossible to stop their negative and selfish behavior.

Alan Thibodeau


Have gun, will militia

The second amendment says: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” There seems to be a connection between “bearing Arms” and a “well regulated militia.”

Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary fifth edition (which I grew up with) defines militia as: “A body of citizens enrolled as a regular military force for periodical instruction, discipline and drill, but not called into active service except in emergencies.”

It goes on to say: “In the United States, it includes all able-bodied male citizens between 18 and 45 and is divided into two classes, the organized militia of the individual states, and the reserve militia, the organized militia being now called the National Guard.” Another definition says: “A military force, especially one raised from the civil population and supplementing a regular army in an emergency.”

No one refers to “militia” in any way shape or form when declaring their right to bear arms. Maybe at some time some court has put a disconnect between the “right to bear arms” and “a well regulated militia.” If not, then I see no reason why those who want to “bear arms” can’t be required to be a member of a “well regulated militia” and report for periodical instruction discipline and drill.

Is there a legal scholar out there who would explain the present day interpretation of the second amendment for the edification of all of us?

John Ferriday


War against citizens

Congress thinks we need to cut Social Security benefits to drop the nation’s debt and plans on doing so. How about we cut aid to foreign countries, the president’s travel expenses and all the other wasted spending before we put 50 million seniors in their kids homes, or out on the streets?

If you’re young and don’t care, please ask yourself if you want your grandparents or mother and father living with you or see them hungry or homeless after they have paid 15 percent of their income to Social Security for 50 years and now they can’t live without it, due to spending in Washington over the last 20 years.

If our hired help in Washington doesn’t hear from all of us, they will destroy this country with more wasted, careless spending and stupid cuts that hurt us all. This is a war against all U.S. citizens.

David Call

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