SANGERVILLE, Maine — Sangerville Town Manager Michelle Dumoulin of Corinna resigned her position Monday morning after several months of contentious meetings and a special town meeting two days earlier when residents turned down a majority of articles.

When Selectmen Brent Randall and Irving McNaughton both learned that Dumoulin’s vehicle was in the town driveway at 7 a.m., both men went to the town hall to investigate since it was not Dumoulin’s nature to arrive at work that early, according to Randall. Neither man had a key to the office so they stood outside and waited for Dumoulin to open the door, but she didn’t until a few minutes later when two officers from the Piscataquis County Sheriff’s Department arrived. Randall said his wife had called the police.

Randall said he was concerned that since Dumoulin arrived so early to work that she might remove some paperwork from the office.

When she left her office and went outside, Dumoulin was observed carrying a handful of papers and she also had an envelope in her hand. When the selectmen and the officers tried to talk with her, Dumoulin remarked, “Get … out of my face.” She also told McNaughton and Randall that they were having an illegal meeting since they were in the town parking lot together.

Dumoulin then drove to Board of Selectmen Chairman Tom Carone’s home and delivered her resignation effective immediately. Soon after, Carone arrived at the town hall.

The three selectmen held an emergency meeting to discuss her resignation. Randall said the board didn’t believe that Dumoulin could resign until the taxes were committed since she was tax collector and treasurer. However, the town’s auditor suggested the board could appoint Town Clerk Alvina Church as temporary tax collector and treasurer. The auditor also strongly advised the board to conduct an audit as a precautionary measure.

Randall said that appointment was made and Church also was appointed as the temporary town manager and treasurer. Since Dumoulin also served as road commissioner, the selectmen agreed to fill that position temporarily until a new replacement was named.