MILLINOCKET, Maine — The Maine Public Utilities Commission will hold a public hearing June 9 on a proposed water utility rate increase by Aqua Maine Inc.’s Millinocket division. The hearing will begin at 6 p.m. at the Millinocket Municipal Building, Charles Sanders Council Chamber, 197 Penobscot Ave., Millinocket. The purpose of the hearing is to provide water customers in Aqua Maine’s Millinocket service territory with an opportunity to provide comments on the proposed rate change.

On March 18, Aqua Maine submitted a proposed rate increase with the PUC. In the filing, Aqua Maine proposed an increase to its annual revenue requirement of $99,026, or 8.74 percent. In addition to this proposed general increase, Aqua Maine’s proposal would also reduce the amount of water that is included in the minimum base charge from 1,200 cubic feet per quarter to 300 cubic feet per quarter. According to Aqua Maine, the purpose of such a change will diminish the effect of the general rate increase on low-use customers.

Aqua Maine’s rate change proposal for the Millinocket Division is currently the subject of an adjudicatory proceeding pending at the PUC.

To view Aqua Maine’s filing and other documents in the case, go to and access the Virtual Case File. Enter docket number 2011-108 in the Case ID field to retrieve available documents. To write to the PUC, send a letter referencing Docket Number 2011-108 to the commission’s administrative director, Karen Geraghty, Public Utilities Commission, 18 State House Station, Augusta, 04333-0018.