BURLINGTON, Vt. — An aging population, low birthrate and a small minority population are cited as some of the reasons Maine is the oldest state in the country.

The latest statistics released by the U.S. Census Bureau found that Maine’s median age of 42.7 is the highest and Vermont is second with a median age of 41.5.

New Hampshire has the fourth oldest population, with a median age of 41.1. Utah has the youngest at 29.2. The national median age is 37.2

An expert speaking about Vermont said it was also possible the state’s rural nature was not attractive for today’s young adult.

“I’ve heard that there’s a generational issue: that younger and newer generations tend to lean toward more urban environments than the Baby Boomers did, and Vermont doesn’t have many real urban areas to offer,” said Chip Sawyer, of the University of Vermont’s Center for Rural Studies.

“Some people look at the state and see only Burlington as an urban area,” Sawyer said. “Some people look at the state and say there is no urban area.”

Others say Vermont isn’t ready to deal with the challenges of an aging population.

“We’re not really ready for this change, and we have to start strategically figuring out what it means to live in a society that’s growing older,” said AARP-Vermont Executive Director Greg Marchildon. “That also said, we’re not an organization that believes this is the end of the world.”