Rockland council splits 3-2 on proposed budget

Posted May 26, 2011, at 8:37 p.m.

ROCKLAND, Maine — Rockland’s $18 million preliminary budget slipped through a tight 3-2 city council vote Wednesday night.

The proposed budget is up about $600,000 over the current budget, which will cause the owner of a $165,000 home, the average in Rockland, to pay $110 more in taxes, according to city manager Rosemary Kulow.

The municipal budget rose from $9.8 million to $10.1 million. Rockland’s share of the local school district’s budget also rose, from $6.9 million to $7.2 million. The county budget dropped by about $10,000.

Kulow doesn’t expect any major changes in city services because of the proposed budget.

The Rockland City Council will take a final vote on the budget June 22.