March 22, 2018
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May 23, 2011: Celibacy, LD1, toxic chemicals


The called are celibate

In response to the BDN’s May 19 article headlined “Study: Homosexuality, celibacy didn’t cause abuse by clergy,” the study done by the Catholic Church was not entirely correct. You can do all the studies you want, but biblically speaking, since this is about a church, the problem is celibacy.

When someone is “called” to the ministry by a leading from God, he is called to serve. If he has sexual desires, then he is not called to celibacy. If he does not have sexual desires that can be controlled, then he is. It’s very simple.

There are many in the ministry who are celibate and do well, and then there are those who have sexual desires that cannot be controlled and the Apostle Paul told those to take a wife. The Bible says that a pastor should have a wife if he is unable to control his desires. Pastors should have a wife, not only because they keep them from committing sexual sin but also they can counsel the congregation about marriage with the knowledge of dealing with the same problems the congregants deal with.

Mike Dyndiuk


Beware of LD 1

Many Maine towns are choosing to use the legislative LD 1 option, which allows them to override the amount the state has set for their budget as long as they allow their citizens the opportunity to make the decision by a written ballot. What citizens do not understand is the fact that when they override LD 1, it will not be a one-time expenditure. That amount will be included in their town budget forever, therefore automatically increasing their future budgets by that amount.

For example, this year Dover-Foxcroft town officials are asking the taxpayers to override their tax levy limit (LD 1) by an additional $285,000 for road maintenance. Voters believed this was a one time addition to the budget; and if the town wanted to raise that money again, they would need to put it to a written vote.

When they research the law, they will find that once that tax limit is overridden, that additional  $285,000 will show up in the budget every year forever with no further approval from them. I suspect most of them would not choose to inflate the budget in this way.

The Legislature passed this bill in order to give more control to the taxpayers. The only thing a taxpayer needs to do to avoid this inflation of the budget is to vote no on any request to allow their town to override the tax levy limit (LD1).

Hilda Mulherin


Give Bush credit

Like the BDN and almost all of the rest of country, I can not say for sure what role, if any, that enhanced interrogation techniques had in the process of gathering a mass of clues and leads over the course of years to locate Osama bin Laden. There seem to be credible opinions on both sides of the argument, and considering the complexity of the issue, for anyone to claim definitively one way or the other without full access to that information, or without having been there, is ridiculous.

But the BDN tips its hand and contradicts itself when it claims in an editorial that the Obama administration, through its long, painstaking intelligence work, was the only reason that bin Laden was located. It is obviously inconceivable for the BDN to give the Bush administration any credit for anything, even when the supporting argument citing the comments of John McCain states that information obtained prior to waterboarding started the trail.

So which is it? Did the trail start when the Obama administration started its painstaking efforts in 2009, or did it start before the water boarding and during the Bush administration?

Doug Meehan


Candle in the window

In case you drove past our house and noticed a candle in the window, it is in remembrance of the brutal deportation of the Tartar Nation from Crimea on May 18, 1944, by Joseph Stalin (today’s idol of many Russians, including Mr. Putin).

Forty-six percent of their people died during the deportation in locked railway cars.  No, none of our family members are descended from the Tartar Nation, but tragedies inflicted on peaceful nations by the Communist Soviet Union as well as other brutal dictatorships should not be forgotten.

Bohdan Slabyj


Long live ‘oilfare’

Sen. Susan Collins and Sen. Olympia Snowe are to be highly commended for their vote to end the big oil companies subsidies that apparently have existed since the early 1900s.

Unfortunately, all the other Republicans and a few Democrats voted to give more “oilfare” to the “impoverished” big oil companies proving once more that the government of, by, and for the big business shall not perish from the earth as long as Congress remains addicted to re-election.

Why not, even the Supreme Court has made a corporation a person. (I thought only God could do that.)

Joe Pickering Jr.


Safe from chemicals

As a mother and nurse I am writing to express my concern about the health of our communities, especially our children, and to suggest a way to promote their health.

In Washington County, we have high cancer rates. As someone worried about toxic chemicals and their links to the rise in cancer and other serious health problems, I thank Senate President Kevin Raye, Rep. David Burns and all of the Maine state legislators who have supported strong public health laws in Maine, such as the Kid Safe Products Act and the phase-out of the hormone-disruptor BPA from baby bottles and sippy cups.

While we’ve made important progress here in Maine, it is not enough. The federal law governing toxic chemicals is out of date and failing to protect our health. There are over 80,000 synthetic chemicals used in today’s products. Many have been linked to health problems, but few of them have been tested for human health safety.

That’s why I am asking our Sens. Snowe and Collins to continue Maine’s example of leadership on environmental health and take action at the federal level to co-sponsor the Safe Chemicals Act of 2011 (S847). Let’s close the loophole that grandfathers 62,000 older synthetic chemicals, allowing them to remain untested. Let’s require the companies to prove that the chemicals are safe. Let’s reduce the use or exposure to chemicals of high concern. Please protect the health of our families and communities by supporting the Safe Chemicals Act of 2011 (S847)!

Ruta Jordans


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