WELLINGTON, New Zealand — New Zealand’s quake-ravaged second-largest city Christchurch suffered further damage as a series of 10 earthquakes rocked the region on Saturday.

Reports said power was cut to 20,000 homes; water mains burst, flooding suburban streets; goods toppled from store shelves; and rocks toppled from cliffs, blocking roads.

Mayor Bob Parker said one shock put a multistory building north of the city center on a tilt and surrounding roads were closed.

The largest of magnitude 5.3 was the biggest since a 6.3-magnitude quake devastated the city center on February 22. It was already severely damaged by a magnitude 7.1 quake in November.

There were no reports of injuries, but residents were urged stay at home until roads are cleared and to limit use of water.

Power was restored to all homes after about two hours, Radio New Zealand reported.

Byline:David Barber, Deutsche Presse-Agentur GmbH/McClatchy News