The New York Times editorial board added its voice to the national criticism aimed at Maine Gov. Paul LePage’s order to remove a mural of the state’s labor history from the Maine Department of Labor.

In a Monday editorial titled, The Times said: “Gov. Paul LePage of Maine has stooped to behavior worthy of the pharaohs’ chiseling historic truth from Egyptian monuments.”

Titled “He Dreamed He Saw Jong-il,” a reference to the letter sent to LePage urging the removal that likened the mural to propaganda out of North Korea, the editorial also took a jab at the governor’s decision to hire his daughter to serve as assistant to the chief of staff.

“To be fair, Mr. LePage does retain a sense of workplace opportunity,” the editorial said. “After his election last November, he named Lauren, his 22-year-old, fresh-from-college daughter, to what was termed an entry-level job as assistant to the governor’s chief of staff.”

“At $41,000 a year, the post offers $10,000 more than the pay for workers who pass the teacher and police tests. That’s on top of Ms. LePage’s free room and board at the governor’s mansion.”