April 07, 2020
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Stephen King lambasts LePage as ‘a stone brain,’ one of the Three Stooges


SARASOTA, Fla. — Stephen King is calling the governor of his home state ‘a stone brain’ and comparing him to one of the Three Stooges.

In a rally last week in Sarasota, Fla., supporting education, unions and veterans, the horror author and outspoken Democrat compared Maine Gov. Paul LePage, Florida’s Rick Scott and Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, all Republicans, to “Larry, Curly and Moe. That’s what we’ve got right here.”

All three governors have drawn fire from unions over pensions and, in Wisconsin, state worker union rights.

In a video of the speech posted on YouTube, King also asked why, “as a rich person,” he doesn’t have to pay more in taxes. He said the explanation by Republican leaders that it will discourage jobs is “bull. It’s total bull.”

“Now you might say, what are you doing up there? Aren’t you rich? The answer is, ‘Thank God, yes.’ Because I grew up poor,” King said. “And you know what, as a rich person I pay 28 percent tax. What I want to ask you is, why am I not paying 50? Why is everybody in my bracket not paying 50?”

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