Bill to change Maine term limits tabled

Posted Feb. 23, 2011, at 4:32 p.m.
Last modified Feb. 23, 2011, at 10:42 p.m.

AUGUSTA, Maine — A bill to revamp Maine’s legislative term limits has been set aside until analysts can estimate the cost of the proposal.

The committee on Wednesday decided to table the bill proposing a constitutional amendment to double the present two-year terms to four years. The same bill also would limit lawmakers to two consecutive terms, for a total of eight years.

Maine’s present term limit also has an eight-year limit. House and Senate members serve two-year terms, but may serve as many as four consecutive terms in either chamber.

If it passes and is authorized by voters, the constitutional amendment would take effect beginning with the statewide election in 2012.

The bill was set aside until legislative staff can estimate a cost of sending the proposal out to voters.