OLD TOWN, Maine — A 14-year-old boy who admitted using a high-powered pellet gun he received for Christmas to shoot at vehicles going by his Bennoch Road home in January has been charged, Old Town police Sgt. Travis Roy said Monday.

Roy said an investigation determined that the teen, who admitted to shooting at cars on Jan. 18, also took shots at vehicles on Jan. 12.

“It’s a total of nine vehicles,” Roy said. “He has not admitted to doing the ones on the 12th.”

The boy was charged with reckless conduct and aggravated criminal mischief, the sergeant said. His name was not released because he is a juvenile.

The boy said he was “bored” when police questioned him about the shootings, according to Roy.

The first shooting was reported to Old Town police about 3:10 p.m. Jan. 18.

“The pellet was embedded in the steel of the door about four inches below the window,” Roy said in January. “The impact was enough [that] it shattered the driver’s window.”

A second car’s passenger’s-side window was damaged “and you could clearly see the hole” made by the pellet in the spiderwebbed broken glass, he said. The third vehicle was hit on the driver’s door about six inches from the window, and the fourth vehicle — a 2011 pickup truck owned by the Penobscot Indian Nation Warden Service — was hit on the rear passenger’s-side door. The impact was such that the pellet embedded itself in the truck’s door.

A fifth incident from Jan. 18 later was reported to police, and four other people called police to file reports of damage to their vehicles that occurred when they drove by the boy’s home on Jan. 12, the sergeant said.

All of the victims, who are from Old Town, Alton and Enfield, had driven on Bennoch Road near an area known as Pea Cove, which is where the boy lives with his mother, Roy said.

After receiving the initial reports, Roy went door to door, and at one house he found a mother who had given her 14-year-old son a Crosman Storm XT — a high-powered pellet gun — for Christmas.

She asked her son in front of Roy whether he had been using the gun and whether he had shot at vehicles driving by his home. The boy, whom Old Town police have dealt with before, admitted to both, the sergeant said.

The pellet gun, which is capable of shooting pellets at 1,000 feet per second, and a container of pellets were found in the home’s enclosed porch, which is where the boy said he was sitting when he used the gun, according to Roy.