MILO, Maine — Proposed changes to Milo’s town charter will be aired at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 3, in the town hall.
A few years ago, town officials began talking about updating and modifying the charter with the changing times, according to Milo Town Manager Jeff Gahagan. He said Monday that only a couple of minor amendments have been made since the charter was adopted in 1976.
“We felt it was time to develop the charter committee to look at revising some areas, rather than doing an amendment or two,” Gahagan said. A charter committee was organized and has spent considerable time reviewing the document and making recommendations, he noted.
Gahagan said the committee has recommended several changes to the document. For example, the committee suggested a reduction in the number of voters to start the proceedings to recall an elected official. Also, a new section included in the proposed revision addresses how initiatives and referendums are enacted and how they are repealed.
Copies of both the original document and the proposed revised charter are available for inspection at the town office.
“We encourage the townspeople to come and get a copy of the charter so they can review the changes at their leisure,” Gahagan said. He urged all residents to attend the public hearing to air their concerns or recommendations about the proposed revisions that will help set the future of the community.
The revised charter will be up for adoption at the annual March town meeting.