VEAZIE, Maine — Town councilors will consider scheduling a public hearing regarding another moratorium for medical marijuana dispensaries and growing facilities during a meeting at 7 p.m. Monday.
Maine voters first approved the use of medical marijuana in 1999, and in November 2009 resoundingly supported expanding the law to include more medical conditions and the creation of nonprofit, government-sanctioned clinics and marijuana cultivation centers.
Last summer, Veazie was among numerous Maine communities that enacted six-month moratoriums after the state began accepting applications for such operations. The moratoriums were intended to give local officials time to develop guidelines and restrictions.
In his agenda notes for Monday’s meeting, Veazie Town Manager Bill Reed wrote that the town attorney indicated that the planning board needs more time to complete its recommendations, hold a public hearing and present proposed rules to the council for its review, public hearing and adoption process.
As it stands, there is no application pending for medical pot facilities in Veazie.
Northeast Patients Group, a recently formed corporation with ties to California-based Berkeley Patients Group, won approval last July from the Maine Department of Health and Human Services to run four of the state’s eight clinics in or around Augusta, Bangor, Portland and Thomaston.
Northeast Patients Group also has been talking with Hermon town officials about developing a marijuana cultivation facility in a Dysart’s warehouse near the interstate.