May 23, 2018
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Family record dates to 1830

By Roxanne Moore Saucier, BDN Columnist

Though it is not a Bible record, I estimate that the Fitz-Nichols-Giddings family record, written on old paper in old, faded ink, dates to 1830, making it a good 180 years old.

I find no documentation connected with it and don’t recall where it came from. It could even be from the 1980s, when Family Ties started.

The family record indicates that the Fitz family was in Gloucester, Mass., in 1790; in Pejepscot — later, Danville, now part of Auburn, by 1799; and in Corinth by 1825.

So here is this family record, transcribed from the original for Bangor Daily News readers here and on the Internet. Information in parentheses I have added.

FITZ, Moses, married Feb. 28, 1790, at Gloucester; died Oct. 22, 1823. (Born March 2, 1766, Ipswich, Mass.; died Oct. 21, 1823, Pejepscot Claim, from Old Record of a Death, Maine)

GIDDINGS, Rebecca. (Surname very faint. Birth date and place too faded to read. Born April 25, 1768, Gloucester; Rebecca Giddings Fitz died Jan. 23, 1849, Pejepscot Claim, Old Record of a Death, Maine)


FITZ, Sally, born Aug. 5, 1791, Gloucester; married Loring Hackett, Dec. 12, 1818.

FITZ, Hannah Somes, born March 31, 1793, Gloucester.

FITZ, George Giddings, born Dec. 9, 1795, Gloucester, Mass.; married Hannah Nichols, Nov. 3, 1822, Bangor.

FITZ, Rebecca, born June 17, 1797, Gloucester, Mass.; married Davis Hackett, Nov. 4, 1827, at Danville. (Maine Marriages 1771-1907, LDS website, gives marriage date as 1825)

FITZ, Elizabeth, born June 23, 1799, Pejepscot, now Danville.

FITZ, Bethia, born March 11, 1801, Pejepscot, now Danville; married Desotren (?) Bearce, Feb. 27, 1833, at New Gloucester. (Maine; groom is Dexter Bearce on websites)

FITZ, Moses, born May 10, 1803, Pejepscot; married Mary Emerson, March 1833, Poland. (Maine)

FITZ, Arria Toppan, born Aug. 7, 1805, Pejepscot, now Danville.

FITZ, Richard Toppan, born April 19, 1807, Danville; married Sarah Cushman, Nov. 30, 1831. (Word after Cushman not readable, maybe surname or place.)

FITZ, Mary, born Jan. 4, 1810, Danville.

FITZ, Andrew Giddings, born Dec. 10, 1812, Danville.

FITZ, Simeon Parsons, born Jan. 14, 1816, Danville.

Next generation:

FITZ, George Giddings, Born Dec. 9, 1795, Gloucester, Mass.; married Nov. 3, 1822, Bangor, Maine; died Feb. 22, 1874, at Corinth.

NICHOLS, Hannah Hadlock, born Oct. 6, 1801, Hillsborough, N.H.; died Aug. 27, 1869, at Corinth.


FITZ, Hannah, born March 24, 1823, Bangor; married June 20, 1844, Corinth. (Groom not listed. Maine Marriages 1771-1907 on LDS website lists groom as Isaac Cushman.)

FITZ, Rebecca Elizabeth, born July 7, 1825, Corinth; married June 18, 1821 (?), Corinth. (Marriage date of 1821 is before birth date; groom not listed. Maine Marriages on LDS website lists Rebecca E. marrying Levi J. Hadlock, June 16, 1851, Corinth.)

FITZ, Ann Hadlock, born April 14, 1828, Corinth; died Nov. 11, 1833, at Corinth.

FITZ, Victoria Matilda, born Oct. 2, 1830, Corinth; married Feb. 27, 1850, Corinth. (Maine Marriages 1771-1907, LDS website, lists Victoria marrying Atwell Savage on that date.)

FITZ, Ann Hadlock, born Sept. 2, 1834, Corinth; married April 2. (No year. Maine Marriages 1771-1907, LDS website, lists Ann as marrying Horace Lord on April 2, 1886.)

FITZ, George Giddings, born Aug. 15, 1837, Corinth; married Sept. 14, 1861, Corinth. (Maine Marriages 1771-1907 on LDS website lists bride as Hellen E. Robey.)

FITZ, Thomas Nichols, born Nov. 11, 1840, Corinth; died Aug. 4, 1842, at Corinth.

So how did I come up with the family’s “moving” dates?

The family record divides Moses and Rebecca’s children between those born in Gloucester by 1797, and those born in Pejepscot starting in 1799.

The 1800 Census for Maine has Moses and Rebecca living in Maine with one son and four daughters, all under 10. The family record lists one son and three daughters born before 1800, but that’s pretty close.

In the next generation recorded, George Giddings Fitz married Hannah Hadlock Nichols in Bangor in possibly 1822. Hannah is born in 1823 in Bangor, while Rebecca Elizabeth is born in 1825 in Corinth.

This record is handwritten, but does it have the much-prized quality of being contemporary? Were the births, marriages and deaths recorded one at a time when they happened?

Not most of them.

If we judge according to how faded the ink is (or isn’t) and the similarity of the penmanship, it appears that George and Hannah and their first four children — Hannah, Rebecca, Ann and Victoria — were recorded in 1830, when Victoria was born.

The births of the second Ann, George and Thomas may have been recorded separately, even one at a time.

The handwriting for the marriage dates of Hannah, Rebecca and Victoria is distinct from the original, done at another time. The ink for the deaths listed is different in clarity in each case.

For George’s parents, Moses and Rebecca, the ink is quite faded for almost all of the records, and they appear to have been written at one time.

Two records in darker ink are the marriages and spouses for Bethiah and young Moses.

Some of the information I added came from, a paid website that is available free at Bangor, Ellsworth and Oakland public libraries.

Some came from the website of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at, which now lists sources for records in a way that is much more helpful than the old format. More about that another time.

For additional information on the Fitz family, check “Royal River Valley Families” by David C. Young, who is well-known for his records work in the Androscoggin County area and in North Yarmouth.

I used the USGen website at


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