Parasites, pesticides, sick salmon and dead lobsters. These four things have become an issue in Passmaquoddy Bay, and no one seems to be happy about it. Not the salmon aquaculture operators, who are using pesticides to combat a damaging outbreak of sea lice at their fish pens in Passamaquoddy Bay and adjacent Cobscook Bay. Not environmentalists, who are concerned about the effect the pesticides might be having on surrounding marine life. And not lobster fishermen, who fear that the use of pesticides has contributed to widespread lobster deaths in the past. Reporter: Bill Trotter

Bangor Savings Bank opens its newest Portland branch on Monday, marking the latest step in its $4 million expansion into that metro market. We talk to bank officials about their strategy and goals. Reporter: Matt Wickenheiser

With a new arena complex planned in Bangor, the city is beginning discussions about what to do with a popular skate park that will need to be relocated. We’ll ask about alternative sites. Reporter: Eric Russell

The Freedom Salute for the Brewer-based soldiers of the 3rd Battalion, 172nd Mountain Infantry unit who returned from Afghanistan in early December is Friday at the Collins Center for the Arts at the University of Maine. We’ll provide in-depth coverage. Reporter: Nok-Noi Ricker

In our Lifestyle section, Outdoors columnist Brad Viles shares his experience hiking up Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park during the winter.

Our Sports staff will cover high school boys and girls basketball contests.