May 23, 2018
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Dec. 31 Letters to the Editor

Israel’s evil agenda

To many observers, short of some kind of miracle, the Palestinian cause is lost in the desert sands. It’s only a question of time, perhaps another 30 or 40 years until their lands are completely swallowed up by Israel and the people either killed off, driven away or integrated into Israeli society as second-class subjects.

Israel has never wanted to find peace with the Palestinians. At least not a just peace, since it wouldn’t have served its purposes for land acquisition and dominance over the entire Holy Land. Had any peace been on the horizon, Israel would have had to curtail its settlement expansion, give up its check points, deal with refugees, all in conflict with its evil agenda.

Israel’s cause, and America’s misguided support of it ranks high on the list of all misbegotten enterprises in modern history. No reasonable argument can support Israel’s brutal military, cunning political and inexcusable human rights actions against the Palestinians from 1967 forward.

And why America continues to deem Israel as having a “special” relationship with the U.S. defies all sensibilities. Future generations will remember America and Israel in the same chapter of history when it comes to this period of time in the Holy Land. Attempts will be made to whitewash the story, but the truth will shine through, with Israel and America bearing the infamy together.

We can only hope for the miracle.

Roger Greene



Back off LePage

It is a sad state of affairs to read of the opposition to the Republican Paul LePage and his appointments to his cabinet. Choosing relatives has gone on since this country’s beginning. It is called nepotism.

I don’t recall hearing a lot of hoopla over the so-called Camelot in this country, of Kennedys being in one office or another at the top of our country’s politics. I believe that I read that a Kennedy has been in politics, from the presidency, to the attorney general, down to state and local politics almost forever.

Hey, LePage won the election. Back off and let him do what he was elected to do.

Isabel Morse Maresh



Thanks, Snowe, Collins

Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins have done Maine and supporters of Israel proud once more by voting to ratify the New START. In shrinking Russian nuclear stockpiles and re-establishing critical verification procedures, the agreement reduces the chances of nuclear materials falling into the hands of terrorists who target the United States and our allies.

Of similar importance to Israel’s American friends, the passage of the treaty further enhances our improving relations with Russia, which were key to achieving the strongest international sanctions to date against Iran’s nuclear program and will likely prove essential again in the effort to prevent Tehran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

We thank Sens. Snowe and Collins for taking another bold step to make America and Israel more secure.

Todd Miller

co-chair, J Street Eastern Maine



Headline poetry

Please pass along my thanks to the person who prepares the BDN news update that comes to me by e-mail every morning.

It has enriched my life for a year or so now, but was so exceptional today that I had to write and ask that you thank them for me.

This morning, each headline transcended commentary. I read: “Delusional man set Christmas fire, officials say”; “Woman booted from hotel returns wielding stun gun”; “Police: MMA coach was intoxicated in fatal accident”; “Chairlift fails at Sugarloaf, sending 8 to nearby hospital”; “Stolen stone back in Hampden cemetery.”

Never in my wildest dreams would I ever hope to see five BDN headlines in a row that so cried out for amplification. Like a child who awakes to find himself locked in a candy store, I’m going to have to take some time to sort this out.

Robert Skoglund

St. George


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